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Superna – The 420 Interview by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Superna - The 420 Interview

So we posted the whole sexy series of Superna serving a couple pounds of weed in the BlueBlood VIP some time ago and, in honor of 4/20, we posted a free 420 photo gallery here. What we have not been able to share with you all, because her and Individual’s case was still pending, is that…( Read more )

Kellie LaPlegua, AMF Korsets, Dog Fucking, WTF? (PICS)

Okay, so I’m finishing up my Marquis column kinda under the wire on deadline. Louis Fleischauer from AMF Korsets just finished a couple of remarkable pieces late last night, so this afternoon I went over to shoot Kellie LaPlegua showing them off in Bradical’s kindly volunteered backyard. My favorite images from the day will be in the spring Marquis magazine and longer series will run on

Bradical has two adorable doggies. Steve is the tan one and he is the go-to dog. Steve is chill (for a hyper little dog) and agreeable. Dorian, on the other hand, is the gray one and he is kinda twitchy. One of the coolest aspects of Louis’ creations is his work with texture and subtle layered color. So there are sort of grays and fleshtones in this one outfit with a tall mask and a serial killer apron. And I have a fabulous image in my head. An image which requires a dog. So Kellie goes back in the house to get one, but Steve, the tan one, is the dog who lets her pick him up. Only tan totally does not go with the clothing and Dorian is having none of it. So Kellie and I make a number of attempts to get correct dog positioning. Bradical only seems to have one leash and his dogs are oddly into the leash. (Bondage puppies?) The dogs are rowdy and uncooperative and, at some point, Kellie takes off the butcher apron.

The photo below is deeply not what I had in mind. WTF?

I’ve already sent photos without dogs in them in to the magazine. I promise that there is a haunting beauty to the magazine pics, which you might not guess at from the image above. I suppose I better finish the text up now . . .

True Blood Season 2 – Can Vampires Grow or Dye Hair?

True Blood Season 2 – Can Vampires Grow or Dye Hair?

by Amelia G : June 18th, 2009

true blood season 2 teasersAs you all probably know, the HBO series True Blood, based on the Charlaine Harris novels, was one of my favorite new shows this past year, maybe my very favorite. The new season is kicking off with fun altmodel cam boy and local vampire blood dealer Lafayette Reynolds possibly in trouble and more murderous whodunit and more surprisingly well done and extended sex scenes. I’m not sure the first True Blood Season 2 teaser pics and True Blood Season 2 promo photos really do the show justice.

I am sure that a bunch of the product placement tie-in billboards and suchlike around Los Angeles are a bit cringe-inducing. There are billboards for motorcycles, cars, automotive insurance, and and Gillette razorblades and other not terribly vampy products. (I don’t necessarily want to give tons of bonus exposure to silly things advertised this way, but I have to give Gillette a shout-out because years ago I worked the product launch for the Gillette Sensor and it was the most awesome and creative technical theatre gig I ever saw.) Pale-skinned dark-haired vampy femme fatale Dita Von Teese says, “I don’t understand this vampire bandwagon. Just saw a billboard advertising razors that “vampires prefer”. Vampires don’t have to shave!” I could get into a dissertation about the necessary equilibrium between enjoying the success of what you love verus avoiding having what you love co-opted. But really . . .

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Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

by Amelia G : March 17th, 2009

Adam LambertLast week, I started seeing all kinds of links in to Blue Blood from American Idol sites. As I have not been watching American Idol this season and have never covered American Idol on this site before, this seemed peculiar until we started receiving emails with subjects like Adam Lambert Nude, Adam Lambert Gay Kiss, Where can I find naked pics of Adam Lambert? and suchlike. Actually, this still seemed a bit peculiar until People Magazine got in touch with us and emailed us the photos we shot which everyone was talking about.

Now, of course I recall Forrest Black and yours truly shooting American Idol finalist contestant Adam Lambert. He is pretty memorable. I have also photographed guys before. Naked guys even. This does not mean that every single person, out of the thousands I have ever pointed a camera at, has stripped down at some point in the shooting process. In case this is not already blindingly clear, allow me to state categorically that we photographed Adam Lambert and Cheeks at a costume event sponsored by Blue Blood and promoted by Xian. Everybody at the event was clothed and most were even costumed. There was nothing scandalous about Adam Lambert being dressed up glam; he looked great and it was a costume party. So, no, I do not have any naughtier pictures than the portraits in this Adam Lambert gallery.

To all the ignorant prudes who hide their own bigotry behind platitudes about what “other” people in “flyover states” will think, I don’t think a few sexy images have exactly hurt the careers of any modern (like post invention of photography) musicians. Anybody heard of David Bowie, Keith Richards, Marilyn Manson, Twiggy, Madonna, Deborah Harry, Slash, Jeff . . .

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Leather and Smokes

Fedora just introduced herself in the main forum and the first update (of bunches to come I’m sure) featuring her just posted to the Blue Blood VIP.

Fedora and I shot this smoke break series in the garden of her hotel. There was a tipsy gentleman who really wanted to hang out with us and he told us that he was going to smoke a cigarette with us and there was nothing we could do about it. He did not end up getting to smoke a cig with us. Fedora and I are not so easy to tell there are things we can do nothing about. Fedora got to have her smoke in peace and the set turned out totally hot. Whole series, as always, on

I also heart Fedora’s leather jacket. I know too few people these days who wear decorated leather.

Fedora Blue Blood