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Mila Kunis and Bourbon by Will Judy on Blue Blood

Mila Kunis and Bourbon

Guys? Guys? Bunch of videos of Mila Kunis and Bourbon.
She actually drinks Bourbon in one of them. It’s a bit intense.
No, I don’t drink Jim Beam usually. But Old Overholt is a Beam brand and it’s a standby. And Beam’s under the Suntory umbrella now, so they’re in…( Read more )

Justin Bieber Penis Pics (NSFW – Obviously)

So Justin Bieber claims that his laptop and camera were stolen during one of his shows. He says it has “a lot of personal footage” on the stolen items. The image below is purportedly of his pop star cock. Is circumcision uncommon in Canada?

Internet sleuths feel that the ridiculous little hip tattoo on the image matches a ridiculous little hip tattoo Justin Bieber apparently actually has. It was reportedly inked at Son of a Gun Tattoo when he was sixteen. Given that I think I could draw that little bird in flight freehand — and I don’t, ya know, draw — I’m thinking the presence of the smudge on his hip is not disproof of Photoshop. The general build looks right. And it is shopped well, if it is a Photochop.

But seriously, I call astroturf, whether or not that is Justin Bieber’s penis. I find it very difficult to believe that the best-managed pop star in the world had a dick slip . . . by accident. Yes, kids, most celebrity sex tapes are presented as stolen because fame-obsessed prudes everywhere disapprove of flashing your junk on purpose. Even though they totally want to see it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am really impressed by the way Justin Bieber is managed. And I am really impressed that, unlike a lot of insecure talent, once he started becoming popular, Justin Bieber didn’t run off with the first smooth talker to whisper in his ear — Justin Bieber continues to dance with the one who brung him. And that has made his popularity enduring and means everyone in the deal is a winner. No point in getting Jesus tattoos and then whipping out your penis and waggling it to the world, if you want to keep your religious audience who like your wholesome image.

But, if you have a nice cock, hey, doesn’t the world need to see that? So, uhm, yeah, it is totally lame that some disrespectful person stole Justin Beiber’s laptop and camera and showed everyone how well-hung he is. That must be, like, totally embarrassing.

Queue Biebis Bienis Benis jokes.

justin bieber penis pics Party Red Carpet Pics

From — lots more pics at the site . . . Party Red Carpet Pics

Monday, March 21st, 2011 | Filed under Events,Headline,Horror,Images | Posted by

Everyone at HQ West Coast Division is still recovering from Saturday night. The party to celebrate the newest site design was a smashing success. Luminaries in attendance included writers Maria Alexander, Gram Ponante, and Richard Dean Starr, dark artists Forrest Black, Carlos Batts, and Tim Sin, nightclub impressario Tricia LaBelle, superstar Blue Blood beauty April Flores, Blue Blood costume babe Diana Knight, OG Blue Blood model Daniel Ian Essex of the Astrovamps, media mogul Amelia G, and a rogue’s gallery of other cool creative people. Party-goers enjoyed the giveaways generously provided by BOOM! Studios (including exclusive pre-release copies of their new Clive Barker Hellraiser comic.) The bands The Tragic Tantrum and Mather Louth and Radio Noir and deejays John C & Amanda Jones kept it spooky and fun all night long. Check out the pics from the red carpet, shot by Tim Sin and Amelia G for your viewing pleasure:

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Project Runway Premiere Party & Foolproof Diet Fitness Plan (PICS)

My new diet fitness plan is 100% foolproof — put a fashion model on each hip. Okay, it is past my bedtime. More pics from the supa dupa fun Project Runway Premiere Party on

Yes, the camera was set for Tipsyvision (TM) on purpose. That way, Forrest Black and I could concentrate on having fun with our pals and not have to really worry about the pics. The just turned out kind of cool, so I thought I’d post the best ones. Brandise’s are way way better than ours.

Blue Blood
(Image Courtesy of Blue Blood)

Sara X Babe Gallery

Sara X Babe Gallery shot by me and Forrest Black

Blue Blood
(Image Courtesy of Blue Blood)

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

by Amelia G : March 17th, 2009

Adam LambertLast week, I started seeing all kinds of links in to Blue Blood from American Idol sites. As I have not been watching American Idol this season and have never covered American Idol on this site before, this seemed peculiar until we started receiving emails with subjects like Adam Lambert Nude, Adam Lambert Gay Kiss, Where can I find naked pics of Adam Lambert? and suchlike. Actually, this still seemed a bit peculiar until People Magazine got in touch with us and emailed us the photos we shot which everyone was talking about.

Now, of course I recall Forrest Black and yours truly shooting American Idol finalist contestant Adam Lambert. He is pretty memorable. I have also photographed guys before. Naked guys even. This does not mean that every single person, out of the thousands I have ever pointed a camera at, has stripped down at some point in the shooting process. In case this is not already blindingly clear, allow me to state categorically that we photographed Adam Lambert and Cheeks at a costume event sponsored by Blue Blood and promoted by Xian. Everybody at the event was clothed and most were even costumed. There was nothing scandalous about Adam Lambert being dressed up glam; he looked great and it was a costume party. So, no, I do not have any naughtier pictures than the portraits in this Adam Lambert gallery.

To all the ignorant prudes who hide their own bigotry behind platitudes about what “other” people in “flyover states” will think, I don’t think a few sexy images have exactly hurt the careers of any modern (like post invention of photography) musicians. Anybody heard of David Bowie, Keith Richards, Marilyn Manson, Twiggy, Madonna, Deborah Harry, Slash, Jeff . . .

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Alternative Careers

In case I need an alternative career:

Blue Blood
(Image Courtesy of Blue Blood)

New season of Breaking Bad good so far.

It is way too early.

Failed to do laundry yesterday, but got a lot of work done.

One iced soy latte and one kamut bagel coming up.

I really need to do laundry.

Blue Blood
(Image Courtesy of Blue Blood)

I really need to do laundry today.

Coffee first.

Then start computer work.

Then start spring cleaning.

Breaking Bad Season Two Starts

Breaking Bad Season Two Starts

by Amelia G : March 8th, 2009

Breaking BadBreaking Bad is about choices, consequences, and regret. Breaking Bad is about the importance of learning and the application of wisdom. The second season of Breaking Bad starts at 10pm Sunday March 8. If you have not seen the first season yet, you’ve still got time to catch it on On Demand. The pilot episode from season one is available on AMCTV. The basic plot line has mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher Walt White, played by Bryan Cranston, getting into the drug trade with an assist from an overgrown juvenile delinquent former student Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, but the clever and beautiful cinematography and the deft characterization and plotting in the writing and the pitch perfect acting all come together to make Breaking Bad so much more than just a fish out of water story. Not that the fish out of water aspect doesn’t get some terrific laughs. Don’t worry because, in addition to ruminations on the meaning of life and self-determination, Breaking Bad also features funny parts, explosions, and fight scenes. Additionally, Emmy winner and CSI alum Michael Slovis does an incredible job as director of photography with the look and feel of the show.

Some of the most entertaining moments are when the expectation is that one character will handle a situation and it turns out that someone else is better suited. But, when you think about, the less obvious character really does have the better skill set. Jesse is charismatic, intelligent, and witty at first glance, but he is weak and having blown off school has limited his options, even as a meth dealer. Walt is retiring and seems more weak and less charismatic at first glance, but he has a more iron core, the sense of responsibility which comes from his loving if overbearing family, and the strength, freedom, and feeling of being on . . .

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