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Game of Thrones and the Normal Distribution

Ha, ha, ha. I just logged into YouTube and here are its recommendations for me in the screenshot below. Apparently, YouTube feels my primary interests are edgy Science Fiction & Fantasy shows on HBO and complex MBA business math concepts.

True Blood Stars Nude on Rolling Stone Cover (PICS)

True Blood Stars Nude on Rolling Stone Cover

by Amelia G : August 25th, 2010

alexander skarsgard anna paquin stephen moyer rolling stone nude cover

Rolling Stone is known for its decades of quality photography and occasional envelope-pushing magazine covers. The brilliant Matthew Rolston shot Alexander Skarsgård, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer in a variety of menage-a-trois scenarios. I would say some of the inside photos look surprisingly stiff for someone of Matthew Rolston’s caliber, but, in all fairness, Skarsgård has been surprisingly stiff the current season of True Blood. Alexander Skarsgård is one of my favorite actors, and I usually find him immensely charismatic and believable, no matter what the role is. I think maybe he is just really really really not into doing dudes. On that topic, if True Blood is going to have lots of man-on-man action, I wish Nelsan Ellis, who plays goth fry cook/drug dealer Lafayette on the show, looked like he was enjoying the gay sex scenes. But the Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer sex on that show is still pretty much the best coupling ever shown on television. In the True Blood interviews inside the magazine, show creator Alan Ball is pretty balls out in what he has to say. And that Matthew Rolston . . .

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Are zombies sexy?

Are zombies sexy?

by Amelia G : July 27th, 2009

ivan hidalgo sexy zombieI know that, with Twilight and True Blood and Being Human and the onward march of more and more sexy vampires, nonconformists are hoping for a different monster to idealize. It is always vaguely uncomfortable when the supposedly appalling, unique, and individualistic thing you are into becomes commonplace. For a while, those who loved monsters but did not want to jump on the vampire bandwagon made do with werewolves. The thing is that werewolves represent rage, not sexual rage, just mad-as-hell out-of-control blind rage. And that is ultimately not that hot for most people. Although I confess to having had one or two stories published where I did write some werewolf sex or romance in there, in my defense, one was written on assignment and one was written partly to match accompanying illustrations already selected. At any rate, werewolves just plain don’t have the sexual magnetism of vampires and werewolf costumes are really difficult as heck to put together.

Zombie costumes, on the other hand, are pretty easy to put together. You just need to look decaying and injured and you can even make a sexy zombie costume by distressing your zombie wardrobe. A costume which is easy to do is good for group activities. Getting a bunch of people to dress up as monsters and go out on the town together is fun. Fewer people have sort of cannon . . .

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True Blood Season 2 – Can Vampires Grow or Dye Hair?

True Blood Season 2 - Can Vampires Grow or Dye Hair?

by Amelia G : June 18th, 2009 true blood season 2 teasersAs you all probably know, the HBO series True Blood, based on the Charlaine Harris novels, was one of my favorite new shows this past year, maybe my very favorite. The new season is kicking off with fun altmodel cam boy and local vampire blood dealer Lafayette Reynolds possibly in trouble and more murderous whodunit and more surprisingly well done and extended sex scenes. I’m not sure the first True Blood Season 2 teaser pics and True Blood Season 2 promo photos really do the show justice. I am sure that a bunch of the product placement tie-in billboards and suchlike around Los Angeles are a bit cringe-inducing. There are billboards for motorcycles, cars, automotive insurance, and and Gillette razorblades and other not terribly vampy products. (I don’t necessarily want to give tons of bonus exposure to silly things advertised this way, but I have to give Gillette a shout-out because years ago I worked the product launch for the Gillette Sensor and it was the most awesome and creative technical theatre gig I ever saw.) Pale-skinned dark-haired vampy femme fatale Dita Von Teese says, “I don’t understand this vampire bandwagon. Just saw a billboard advertising razors that “vampires prefer”. Vampires don’t have to shave!” I could get into a dissertation about the necessary equilibrium between enjoying the success of what you love verus avoiding having what you love co-opted. But really . . . ( Read more )
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