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Spiders from Mars (PICS)

With the silver makeup and futuristic glam armor from Retail Slut in this outfit, I like to think of this series Forrest Black and I shot as the Spiders from Mars shoot. I love metal clothing. I decided I kind of liked this image from the nude portion of the shoot as the one shot I could share though, so y’all will have to sign up for Erotic Fandom or Blue Blood VIP to see the metal spider top.

spiders from mars

True Blood Stars Nude on Rolling Stone Cover (PICS)

True Blood Stars Nude on Rolling Stone Cover

by Amelia G : August 25th, 2010

alexander skarsgard anna paquin stephen moyer rolling stone nude cover

Rolling Stone is known for its decades of quality photography and occasional envelope-pushing magazine covers. The brilliant Matthew Rolston shot Alexander Skarsgård, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer in a variety of menage-a-trois scenarios. I would say some of the inside photos look surprisingly stiff for someone of Matthew Rolston’s caliber, but, in all fairness, Skarsgård has been surprisingly stiff the current season of True Blood. Alexander Skarsgård is one of my favorite actors, and I usually find him immensely charismatic and believable, no matter what the role is. I think maybe he is just really really really not into doing dudes. On that topic, if True Blood is going to have lots of man-on-man action, I wish Nelsan Ellis, who plays goth fry cook/drug dealer Lafayette on the show, looked like he was enjoying the gay sex scenes. But the Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer sex on that show is still pretty much the best coupling ever shown on television. In the True Blood interviews inside the magazine, show creator Alan Ball is pretty balls out in what he has to say. And that Matthew Rolston . . .

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Blue Blood Hearts Michael Lore’s Tits n’ Ass and Police Fantasy Football

Blue Blood Hearts Michael Lore’s Tits n’ Ass and Police Fantasy Football

by Amelia G : April 5th, 2010

My friend David J. Schow sent me this hilarious article on how a Police Fantasy Football League is the scourge of New Rochelle. Apparently, a bunch of police officers in New Rochelle like to play fantasy football and bet on the games. I’m not intimately familiar with New Rochelle politics, but betting on fantasy football seems like a pretty innocuous way to socialize with co-workers. I would guess the New Rochelle community as a whole would be safer if the local law enforcement folks got to know one another, via a PFFL or something similar, given that most groups work together better if they also have fun together sometimes too.

The outraged peeps at New Rochelle Talk have apparently edited together a Download Page for XXX-Rated Tour of NRPD P.A.C.T. Unit Officers PFFL Web site. According to City of New Rochelle Has “No Comment” on XXX-Rated P.F.F.L. Web Site Published by Current and Former NRPD Officers, if this video delivers as advertised, it will contain, among other things, “an animated image as a “naked” “female” snowman passes by a “male” snowman is aroused, his penis appears and grows so large that he tips over, face first, into the snow” and “A Powerpoint Slide Show of five photos of a transexual.” I tried to watch the video, but it was too boring. Can somebody else please watch it and tell me whether or not this video is a derivative work based in part on some of my photography?

Full disclosure: This is extra-humorous to me because I attended religious school in New Rochelle for a while, when my family lived in Westchester. My brother got in trouble there (at school, not with the law) for doing a successful judo throw on a bully twice his size and age. New Rochelle also had a toy store with Transformers types of toys and a pet store with a cool fish tank section nearby and I liked both of those.

Tits ‘N’ Ass’ Team and the Nude Woman with the Chainsaw Penis

chainsaw.jpgThe single most disturbing team and team web site in the PFFL is Michael Lore’s team Tits ‘N’ Ass which displays an image of a nude woman holding a large chainsaw (right). A Google image search for “nude tattoo chainsaw” returned, as the first result, the same photo on Lore’s team page. The woman in the photo models, acts and performs under the stage name “Spurna” and she is described as a “goth” porn star on several web sites which we will not link to here. The image on Lore’s site were copied from Barely Evil, a goth porn site. They were part of a series of photos taken at the home of David J. Schow a well-known horror writer whose film credits include screenplays for A Nightmare on Elm Street . . .

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Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

by Amelia G : March 17th, 2009

Adam LambertLast week, I started seeing all kinds of links in to Blue Blood from American Idol sites. As I have not been watching American Idol this season and have never covered American Idol on this site before, this seemed peculiar until we started receiving emails with subjects like Adam Lambert Nude, Adam Lambert Gay Kiss, Where can I find naked pics of Adam Lambert? and suchlike. Actually, this still seemed a bit peculiar until People Magazine got in touch with us and emailed us the photos we shot which everyone was talking about.

Now, of course I recall Forrest Black and yours truly shooting American Idol finalist contestant Adam Lambert. He is pretty memorable. I have also photographed guys before. Naked guys even. This does not mean that every single person, out of the thousands I have ever pointed a camera at, has stripped down at some point in the shooting process. In case this is not already blindingly clear, allow me to state categorically that we photographed Adam Lambert and Cheeks at a costume event sponsored by Blue Blood and promoted by Xian. Everybody at the event was clothed and most were even costumed. There was nothing scandalous about Adam Lambert being dressed up glam; he looked great and it was a costume party. So, no, I do not have any naughtier pictures than the portraits in this Adam Lambert gallery.

To all the ignorant prudes who hide their own bigotry behind platitudes about what “other” people in “flyover states” will think, I don’t think a few sexy images have exactly hurt the careers of any modern (like post invention of photography) musicians. Anybody heard of David Bowie, Keith Richards, Marilyn Manson, Twiggy, Madonna, Deborah Harry, Slash, Jeff . . .

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