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GothicSluts.com Nominated for Adult Site of the Year – Niche by Amelia G on Blue Blood

GothicSluts.com Nominated for Adult Site of the Year - Niche

I am super duper excited to share that GothicSluts.com is nominated for Adult Site of the Year – Niche in the XBiz Awards! GothicSluts.com celebrates the darkly seductive style of those pale skinned beauties you find in dark smoky nightclubs with good music, in dominatrix dungeons, at...( Read more )

Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

Yolanda for BlueBlood.com #redhead #babe #yolanda #plush #blueblood #beautiful #girl

Sabrina on Blue Blood VIP

Sabrina posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by yours truly and Forrest Black called Detention with couture by Yolanda courtesy of Retail Slut.

Sabrina Detention by Yolanda Retail Slut Blue Blood

via BlueBlood.com

Yolanda on Blue Blood VIP (PICS)

Yolanda posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by yours truly and Forrest Black called Glass Shower.

Yolanda on Blue Blood VIP

Yolanda on Blue Blood VIP

Yolanda on Blue Blood VIP

via BlueBlood.com

Yolanda Fuzzy Piggies Slippers (PICS)

I'm sitting here wearing fuzzy tiger paw slippers, in honor of the extremely brief winteresque time period in Hollywood. So it seems only fitting to post this series including Yolanda showing off her fuzzy pink piggies slippers. Forrest Black and I had the pleasure of shooting a few sets with Yolanda in her living room, on this particular day. We shot everything standard high saturation film, cross-processed film, and digital. The digital appears to be corrupt, but I'm pleased to share the film with you all. This is the more standard film process and I'll post some crossed stuff later as well, which should be especially interesting for the photographers among y'all. Whole series in the Blue Blood VIP as always.

yolanda fuzzy piggies photography by amelia g and forrest black for blue blood

Yolanda Skull Armor (PICS)

This series Forrest Black and I shot of Yolanda is sort of a companion piece to the most recent Erotic Fandom update. The skull armor Yolanda is wearing here, as well as the chainmail skirt, is also from Retail Slut. Her hair is courtesy of the fine folks at Diva Luxe. I'm happy I feel like we managed to capture Yolanda's sleek elegance well. Whole series of all 33 Yolanda Blue Blood appearances in the Blue Blood VIP.

yolanda skull armor photographed for blue blood by amelia g and forrest black

Gangster Rubber Couture (PICS)

Everyone who knows me knows I have a bit of a gangster fetish and loooooooooove pinstripes. So I was very excited when Yolanda was able to put together enough pinstriped latex for me and [info]forrestblack to shoot both her and Szandora in shiny pinstripes. This is Yolanda's 30th appearance in the Blue Blood VIP and Szandora's 77th.

Raven Sutherland Models Design by Yolanda (PICS)

I have a fondness for shooting people who do more than just model. Although, of course, being a great conversationalist or whatever doesn't mean the camera will love a person. It made it extra cool that Yolanda, whose 29th Blue Blood VIP set recently posted, designed the dress for Raven Sutherland to take off in her lucky 13th Blue Blood VIP appearance. [info]forrestblack and I shot this set of Raven, but she has been photographed for Blue Blood by a bunch of photographers, including Chad Michael Ward, and in multiple cities. Forrest Black and I have shot Raven in both New Orleans and Los Angeles. I haven't been to New Orleans in far too long, now that I think about it.

Red Latex Bondage Tape

[info]forrestblack and I often come up with shoot ideas to justify goofy fun purchases. In this case, we were very amused by the idea of latex bondage tape, which is basically brightly colored Saran Wrap for people. So we figured red hair on Yolanda and red hair on Szandora meant they would color coordinate nicely with red bondage tape. Szandora's flexibility and double-jointed limbs are always a plus for bondage, and her topping from the bottom -- harder, harder, tighter, tighter -- is always entertaining.

Tech tip: Yolanda dyed her hair a slightly different shade of red right before the shoot, but a bit of playing with the hue function in Photoshop keeps it all looking relatively of a piece.

Full series in the Blue Blood VIP.

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