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Kellie LaPlegua and Szandora on Blue Blood VIP

Kellie LaPlegua and Szandora posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called Spanky.

szandora kellie laplegua spanking


Kellie LaPlegua on Blue Blood VIP

Kellie LaPlegua posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called AMF Tongues with couture by AMF Korsets.

kellie laplegua amf korsets tongues


kellie laplegua amfkorsets leather tongues


Domiana, Malice, Kellie LaPlegua, Stephy Slaughter, Amelia G, Forrest Black in Inkspired Magazine

Domiana, Malice McMunn, Kellie LaPlegua, Stephy Slaughter, and Forrest Black and yours truly are featured in Inkspired Magazine 27. Forrest Black and I are interviewed by Siara Gray in a feature on the California Deathrock coffee table art book.

inkspired 27 california deathrock siara gray interview


Kellie LaPlegua on Blue Blood VIP

Kellie LaPlegua posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called White Fetish with couture by Vesperi.

kellie laplegua blue blood fetish

Kellie LaPlegua on Blue Blood VIP


Kellie LaPlegua AMF Couture Lemon Tree (PICS) Spooky for Halloween

The very talented Louis Fleischauer stayed up all night before this shoot, creating this extravagant piece of wearable art on the theme of tongues speaking from all angles. If you have the most recent issue of Marquis magazine, then you have seen Kellie LaPlegua modeling this and sharing some of her most appalling domination dungeon tales, but Blue Blood VIP members get to see the whole series. The pets belong to Bradical; I had a concept for incorporating them, but Kellie is a way way better model than Bradical’s pets.

kellie laplegua photographed in amf korsets couture by amelia g and forrest black

marquis big in america by amelia g and forrest black

Kellie LaPlegua wearing AMF Korsets in Garden (PICS)

This image I shot of the beautiful, responsible yet fun-loving Kellie LaPlegua is the first in a two-parter on her and Louis Fleischauer for Marquis. You all may recall that I posted an, err, dog-fucking photo from the latter half of this shoot a while ago. Given that Marquis was fine with me posting some of the stuff of Crash from last ish, I’m assuming it is cool to share these with the world now. Hopefully this is the case. This will be like the 31st issue I think of Marquis which features Forrest Black‘s and my Big in America column. Whole series in Blue Blood VIP and on the new Erotic Fandom (which I should really make a post about here too.)

Should goths kill emos and eat their flesh?

Should goths kill emos and eat their flesh?

by Amelia G : April 13th, 2010

goth vs emo cannibalism maxim golovatskikh karina barduchianMaxim Golovatskikh might be hot and in a band, but he is a butcher. Well, actually a year ago that was pretty literally true, on multiple levels, but he has been in jail awaiting trial since then. See Maxim Golovatskikh was a goth boy in a band who worked as a butcher to pay his rent in a gothic group house in St Petersburg.

Unfortunately, it was Maxim Golovatskikh’s misfortune to have a cute emo girl get all hot for him. Cute emo Karina Barduchian was so into Maxim Golovatskikh that she kept right on going over to his place, even afer her mother forbade her to see him. The problem was he and his housemates were all goth-identified, but this Karina Barduchian chick was all emo and hanging out at their party pad, just flaunting her vulnerable cute girl killability. It has also been widely reported that she made fun of really uncute goth boy Yuri Mozhnov for being a florist and she was just really emo, ya know.

So, obviously, the only rational thing for Maxim Golovatskikh and Yuri Mozhnov to do was to wait until the festivities wound down and then drown Karina Barduchian in the bathtub. And cook the tastiest parts of her remains and serve them to their unsuspecting housemate Ekaterina Zinovyeva as a hearty breakfast with potatoes.

Now I’m kind of a foodie, so I used to be curious about cannibalism. Sorta grew out of it. Just a phase I guess. There have been certain warrior tribes who ate portions of fallen foes to gain some of their power, but how much mojo can one get from a cute emo girl with a crush on a gothic boi in a band? Kellie LaPlegua recently did a performance where . . .

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Kellie LaPlegua, AMF Korsets, Dog Fucking, WTF? (PICS)

Okay, so I’m finishing up my Marquis column kinda under the wire on deadline. Louis Fleischauer from AMF Korsets just finished a couple of remarkable pieces late last night, so this afternoon I went over to shoot Kellie LaPlegua showing them off in Bradical’s kindly volunteered backyard. My favorite images from the day will be in the spring Marquis magazine and longer series will run on

Bradical has two adorable doggies. Steve is the tan one and he is the go-to dog. Steve is chill (for a hyper little dog) and agreeable. Dorian, on the other hand, is the gray one and he is kinda twitchy. One of the coolest aspects of Louis’ creations is his work with texture and subtle layered color. So there are sort of grays and fleshtones in this one outfit with a tall mask and a serial killer apron. And I have a fabulous image in my head. An image which requires a dog. So Kellie goes back in the house to get one, but Steve, the tan one, is the dog who lets her pick him up. Only tan totally does not go with the clothing and Dorian is having none of it. So Kellie and I make a number of attempts to get correct dog positioning. Bradical only seems to have one leash and his dogs are oddly into the leash. (Bondage puppies?) The dogs are rowdy and uncooperative and, at some point, Kellie takes off the butcher apron.

The photo below is deeply not what I had in mind. WTF?

I’ve already sent photos without dogs in them in to the magazine. I promise that there is a haunting beauty to the magazine pics, which you might not guess at from the image above. I suppose I better finish the text up now . . .

Preserving Memories or Amelia Ruminates Morbidly on a Funny Picture

With the passing of David Aaron Clark, I have been thinking a lot about the way photography preserves a moment. In many respects, I think my interest in photography initially stemmed largely from having moved so often and wishing I had more photos to remember people with. The reason, when I first picked up a camera, that I initially photographed freaks like me — basically people I viewed as peers — was that I saw it as essentially photographing the family barbecue. Only, ya know, with more varied hair color and sometimes more naked.

This shot is from a Blue Blood VIP set which posted last week. It is of Kellie LaPlegua and Szandora and is sort of a BTS outtake, although it is included in the update. I like this shot because, although I don’t feel today the way I felt that day, this image helps preserve the memory.