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What Sorts of Games do you Play by Forrest Black on Blue Blood

What Sorts of Games do you Play

Different platforms lend themselves to different sorts of games and it’s interesting to me that the games I like on my phone tend to be different from what I enjoy on an iPad or on my computer. Obviously, the former tend to lean towards graphical puzzle games like Soda Crush, but on my…( Read more )

Blue Blood Aiden Starr Stars in Major Armory Productions (PICS)

Blue Blood Aiden Starr Stars in Major Armory Productions

by Amelia G : October 31st, 2010

The fine folks at Kink caused quite a stir when they purchased The Armory in San Francisco. This is a hundred year old building initially constructed as a San Francisco National Guard Armory and Arsenal. As the building fell into disrepair from a combination of age and neglect and — this being California — earthquakes, it is rumored to have been used for such diverse purposes as local police department efforts to give at-risk youth a place to box safely and George Lucas shooting spaceship interiors for the original Star Wars. Whatever those walls could tell us, the savvy Peter Acworth has the huge Armory building set up now with a combination of offices and multiple film sets for sites which include Divine Bitches, Sex and Submission, and Whipped Ass.

So it was really just a matter of time before some crazy over-the-top vampire porn with high production values started coming out of the Kink machine. On Sex and Submission, Lorelei Lee, James Deen, and Jessie Cox are vampires who bite, fondle, and abduct a speakeasy patron played by Kristina Rose. The vamps take her back to their lair where a ghoulishly made-up Mark Davis takes part in helping them turn their captive into a vampire herself. The methodology includes, of course, a combination of ritualistic mutual blood-drinking and a lot of BDSM sex. It is actually often quite an ordeal to be able to accept credit cards for this sort of material, but, if I may mix metaphors for a moment, sometimes the 800 pound gorilla gets to bite, beat, and make sweet vampire love however he wants to whomever he pleases. So A Fall From Grace is episode 1 of the new Kink Vamp series.

witches coven

The Halloween update on Whipped Ass is a take-off on The Craft. Aiden Starr, Lorelei Lee, and Whipped Ass director Maitresse Madeline are witchy women who wolfpack tender little cheerleader Chloe Camilla in the locker room. They take her captive and have their way with her over and over. Can they convert her into a member of their witches coven via, of course, a combination of ritualistic forced orgasm inside a pentagram and a lot of BDSM sex? Watch La Seduction De Chloe Camilla and find out.

Maitresse Madeline is also the director of Divine Bitches and she says Halloween is her favorite holiday in real life. In real life, Blue Blood’s own lovely Aiden Starr is both an intelligent aficionado of lots of fandom goodness and a delightfully depraved sadistic pervert, so she is a really really great choice for Kink to cast in adding that witches and vampires spice to the BDSM they are best known for. Her cock-chewing scenery-chewing performance as the vampire queen in La Semence Des Vampires is impressive. The head vampiress realizes she needs more than blood to sustain her, so her evil vamp minions, played by the very beautiful Bobbi Starr and Nika Noire, find the hapless lucky John Jammen drinking whiskey alone and bring him back to the castle. The vampires are soon drinking their victim’s blood, coming up with exquisite tortures for him, and making sure their vampire queen Aiden Starr gets every drop of everything she needs. Having such excellent dominant women in this scene really helps provoke a genuinely conflicted eroticism from submissive John Jammen who is very convincingly torn between arousal and terror of what these sadistic women are going to do next. Also, props to the costume department because Aiden Starr’s hat is fabulous.

Blue Blood Aiden Star vampire porn

With any vampire porn movie, just like with an Avatar porn parody, there is the issue of really high quality porn being compared to similar non-sex productions with zillion dollar budgets and actors experienced at acting. It is definitely nice to see that Kink put together plot lines and casts which worked to both present the subject matter their members pay for and push the creativity envelope. To a certain extent, there is perhaps an element of roleplay acting in most dom/sub interactions, so maybe dominatrixes just make better actresses. These scenes are for the most part refreshingly irony-free and the performers just really go for it. Check ‘em out.

We have a little SFW vampire porn gallery for your viewing pleasure here, but you’ll have to head over to Divine Bitches, Sex and Submission, and Whipped Ass to see . . .

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Erotic Fandom!

Erotic Fandom!

by Amelia G : May 31st, 2010

erotic fandom science fiction fantasy horror erotica fetish vampire  mad sophieSeeing the cantina scene in Star Wars was a watershed moment for me. I looked at the motley crew of freaks and degenerates and weirdos and heroes having fun and looking to be productive and I wanted to go to there. I love really over-the-top clothing and I’ve been really enjoying all the great costuming this site lends itself to. People always ask me if I personally own more leather or more latex, but the answer is I own more metal; I love armor.

Blue Blood VIP members have had access to a lot of hot costume content and fiction by top genre writers for years, but, with the launch of, there is a place to really highlight this aspect of Blue Blood. The first conventions Blue Blood exhibited at were all SF&F ones. I’m not 100% sure whether my first published fiction work was science fiction or nightclub lit, so I suppose I’ll have to organize my filing cabinets if I want to know the answer to that, but I digress.

Erotic Fandom is a site where goth-industrial punk and science fiction fantasy horror converge to give you super sexy chicks in chainmail, steampunk vixens, ray gun seductresses, vampire beauties, hot cosplay, cool cyberpunk . . .

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Classic Vamp Sexiness & Bikini Girls with, err, Shotguns (PICS)

[info]forrestblack and I have photographed Lori the Gory in a number of different lights. To prove it, here are two sample shots from recent Blue Blood VIP updates. The first is a classic vampire sexy image and the second demonstrates that she does not go up in a puff of smoke when struck by the glowing California sun. These images are from her sixth and seventh appearances on

Ashes En Pointe

Los Angeles is covered in ash. Where I am in Hollywood, it is at least a fine layer of ash, as opposed to say a raging inferno or one of the areas where it will costs residents thousands of dollars to clean the ash out of their carpets and ventilation systems. Unfortunately I am kind of a delicate flower when it comes to physical adversity and, even running an air cleaner 24/7, my eyes and throat have been burning all week and I’ve felt sick for days.

Getting ready to post the images [info]forrestblack and I shot during Vampire-Con at Vampirella’s Ball. I need to write a short article to accompany the photography, although I’ll have more coverage of the event on video later, so I don’t need to do the full report with this. I think it is awesome that professional event planners put together what I consider more of a proper fandom event in Los Angeles and that they did it on a topic so near and dear to my heart — vampires.

It is probably mostly just the normal biological response I’m having to the endless fires in Southern California, but I keep thinking about the parts which were difficult. I mean, a lot of what I do is really hard. Not like it might be tough for someone else to do, but like it is really a challenge for me personally. I just like to take challenges as head-on as possible. Always have.

I mostly enjoy this. Today I am just feeling a little bit like a ballerina with bleeding toes. But having our city covered in ash is probably supposed to make all Angelenos gothic.

“However, this was before Inigo’s wound reopened; and Westley relapsed again; and Fezzik took the wrong turn; and Buttercup’s horse threw a shoe. And the night behind them was filled with the crescendoing sound of pursuit.” –William Goldman, The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure; The “Good Parts” Version

Dead Girls Are Easy

Dead Girls Are Easy

by Amelia G : August 6th, 2009

dead girls are easy 69 eyes

69 Eyes have released a video for the debut single off their forthcoming Back in Blood album. The video is called Dead Girls are Easy. It is sort of an 80’s sleaze rock video homage where the 7/11 clerk fantasizes about the hot gothic girls who prance through his store in the midnight hour. In his fantasy, the goth chicks turn out to be vampires who take him for a ride in their black as night car (a 70’s boat style Cadillac), gangbang him, and of course turn him into a vampire. Oh yeah, and the 7/11 clerk turns out to have a slammin’ bod hidden under his horrible orange uniform and he looks much hotter under blue light. Really, everyone looks hotter under blue light (See The Matrix, Underworld, and probably around a quarter to a third of my own photographic body of work.) Then the clerk wakes up and is it a dream or isn’t it? Sort of classic rock video/fairytale storyline.

For some reason, the Dead Girls Are Easy video has been released exclusively for Playboy so far. There is (alas) no nudity in the video, so I assume other outlets would have no problem with it.

Dead Girls Are Easy is directed by Bam Margera. I am embarrassed to say I had to . . .

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Are zombies sexy?

Are zombies sexy?

by Amelia G : July 27th, 2009

ivan hidalgo sexy zombieI know that, with Twilight and True Blood and Being Human and the onward march of more and more sexy vampires, nonconformists are hoping for a different monster to idealize. It is always vaguely uncomfortable when the supposedly appalling, unique, and individualistic thing you are into becomes commonplace. For a while, those who loved monsters but did not want to jump on the vampire bandwagon made do with werewolves. The thing is that werewolves represent rage, not sexual rage, just mad-as-hell out-of-control blind rage. And that is ultimately not that hot for most people. Although I confess to having had one or two stories published where I did write some werewolf sex or romance in there, in my defense, one was written on assignment and one was written partly to match accompanying illustrations already selected. At any rate, werewolves just plain don’t have the sexual magnetism of vampires and werewolf costumes are really difficult as heck to put together.

Zombie costumes, on the other hand, are pretty easy to put together. You just need to look decaying and injured and you can even make a sexy zombie costume by distressing your zombie wardrobe. A costume which is easy to do is good for group activities. Getting a bunch of people to dress up as monsters and go out on the town together is fun. Fewer people have sort of cannon . . .

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True Blood Season 2 – Can Vampires Grow or Dye Hair?

True Blood Season 2 – Can Vampires Grow or Dye Hair?

by Amelia G : June 18th, 2009

true blood season 2 teasersAs you all probably know, the HBO series True Blood, based on the Charlaine Harris novels, was one of my favorite new shows this past year, maybe my very favorite. The new season is kicking off with fun altmodel cam boy and local vampire blood dealer Lafayette Reynolds possibly in trouble and more murderous whodunit and more surprisingly well done and extended sex scenes. I’m not sure the first True Blood Season 2 teaser pics and True Blood Season 2 promo photos really do the show justice.

I am sure that a bunch of the product placement tie-in billboards and suchlike around Los Angeles are a bit cringe-inducing. There are billboards for motorcycles, cars, automotive insurance, and and Gillette razorblades and other not terribly vampy products. (I don’t necessarily want to give tons of bonus exposure to silly things advertised this way, but I have to give Gillette a shout-out because years ago I worked the product launch for the Gillette Sensor and it was the most awesome and creative technical theatre gig I ever saw.) Pale-skinned dark-haired vampy femme fatale Dita Von Teese says, “I don’t understand this vampire bandwagon. Just saw a billboard advertising razors that “vampires prefer”. Vampires don’t have to shave!” I could get into a dissertation about the necessary equilibrium between enjoying the success of what you love verus avoiding having what you love co-opted. But really . . .

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Twilight New Moon Trailer

Twilight New Moon Trailer

by Amelia G : June 1st, 2009

The most anticipated moment of the MTV Movie Awards was when they premiered the Twilight New Moon trailer for the movie which comes out in November. Taylor Lautner, whose martial arts moves in a My Own Worst Enemy scene Nixon Sixx appeared in looked aesthetically pleasing, has his shirtless appearance on camera showcased in the trailer. Twilight fan sites have been showing pictures of Robert Pattinson shirtless as well and looking quite a bit more buff and defined than I would have expected.

It kind of looks like the werewolf and the vampire have been passing around steroid precursors instead of blood, but I’m . . .

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MSNBC vs Adam Lambert and Twilight

MSNBC vs Adam Lambert and Twilight

by Amelia G : April 14th, 2009

Adam Lambert Mad WorldSo Linda Holmes of MSNBC just posted an article where she called FOX’s American Idol front-runner Adam Lambert “self-indulgent and not particularly creative”. I know FOX and MSNBC are competitive with one another, but I just think Linda Holmes is way off-base. She goes on to say:

“But what, exactly, is the Adam Lambert constituency of the future? He would be popular with fans of … what? The judges seem to think that the answer is “Twilight,” but what kind of sense does that really make? . . . But before anyone goes anointing him some kind of highly marketable future star, take another look at that performance of “Ring Of Fire,” and ask yourself whether you’d hear that on the radio.”

First off, I feel like Twilight and Adam Lambert are two of the only major mainstream pop culture phenomenons of the new millennium which actually are made for an incredibly underserved demographic. When I look for Blue Blood appropriate subject matter which is new, Twilight and Adam Lambert are two of the only things on the radar there. The Twilight soundtrack has been in the Billboard top 10 for twenty-two weeks now. Carter Burwell’s freaking score for Twilight entered the Billboard charts five weeks ago and is still hanging in there. So, if MSNBC doesn’t see the relation between Adam Lambert and Twilight and what a lot of people would like to . . .

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Twilight Vampires (PICS)

Twilight Vampires

by Amelia G : March 29th, 2009

Twilight vampiresTwilight is out on DVD this week and, if you enjoy the tropes of cool sexy vampires, then Twilight is a fun watch. If you were just wondering whether or not to catch it on DVD or On Demand, then all you really need to know is that the movie has a pleasing cold color palette, nice-looking cast, interesting styling, creative quality directing, and a solid storyline with no plot holes and a satisfying ending. If vampires or lack of promiscuity or overwrought sexuality fill you with rage, then pass on Twilight, but otherwise it is enjoyable and hotter than I would have expected.

I admit that I would have enjoyed Twilight most between the ages of fourteen and fourteen. Yes, I know I said fourteen twice, but the target demographic for the movie is pretty specific. Realistically, the Twilight movie is probably aimed at girls aged twelve to nineteen, but it is just well enough done that it reaches beyond its core target demo. Not to put too fine a point on it, I think one of the reasons that vampires are so alluring to teen girls is that they are dangerously seductive, but they don’t put out particularly often. There is the aura of sexual excitement without the necessity to know precisely what to do with someone else’s private parts.

I wrote my thesis on Cross-cultural and Historical Vampire Legends as a Paradigm for Aggressive . . .

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