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Richard Kadrey Killing Pretty by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Richard Kadrey Killing Pretty

Happiness is getting something in for review that I actually really want and am excited to read. I’ve been a fan of Richard Kadrey‘s writing since Metrophage came out approximately two point five zillion years ago. I’ve been really enjoying his Sandman Slim series. Even if I…( Read more )

Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

Fedora for BlueBlood.com #fedora #blueblood #tattoos #beautiful #girl

Fedora Soft Mohawk (PICS)

For the past two years, Fedora has been tripping around the country, shooting pictures and having pictures shot of her. On one of her jaunts through Los Angeles, Forrest Black and I had the pleasure of shooting this fun series with her. I feel like this shoot really shows off both her playful fun personality and her impressive flexibility. Whole series in the Blue Blood VIP or Barely Evil!

fedora el morro mohawk

Fedora Bunks in Blue (PICS)

Fedora is adorable in blue. Adoration commencing in T-minus . . .

Fedora photographed by Amelia G & Forrest Black

Fedora photographed by Amelia G & Forrest Black

Whole set in the Blue Blood VIP. Forrest Black and I had such a good time working with Fedora. This set is most likely the second of many.

Leather and Smokes

Fedora just introduced herself in the main forum and the first update (of bunches to come I’m sure) featuring her just posted to the Blue Blood VIP.

Fedora and I shot this smoke break series in the garden of her hotel. There was a tipsy gentleman who really wanted to hang out with us and he told us that he was going to smoke a cigarette with us and there was nothing we could do about it. He did not end up getting to smoke a cig with us. Fedora and I are not so easy to tell there are things we can do nothing about. Fedora got to have her smoke in peace and the set turned out totally hot. Whole series, as always, on BlueBlood.com.

I also heart Fedora’s leather jacket. I know too few people these days who wear decorated leather.

Fedora Blue Blood