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Easter at the Harvard Club Leads to Naked Punks with Bunny Ears and Plushes by Amelia G on Blue Bloo

Easter at the Harvard Club Leads to Naked Punks with Bunny Ears and Plushes

When I was around five-years-old, my father took me to the Easter Egg Hunt at the Harvard Club. Everything was colorful and I loved the puzzle of looking for all the hidden things. It was like hide-and-seek only better. When my father pointed out that I could find more foil-wrapped candies by…( Read more )

Naked Easter (PICS)

A gothic punk deathrock plush bunny keeps the gorgeous Stephy Slaughter company in this naked Easter shoot by yours truly and Forrest Black. You can see more in the free Easter photo gallery and the whole series in the Blue Blood VIP. Here is a teaser for another Blue Blood Easter shoot by my pal Lori Mann.

Country Club Dude Bangs Hos, Gay Guy Gay, Guy Who Stepped Out on Wife Stepped Out on Wife, American

Country Club Dude Bangs Hos, Gay Guy Gay, Guy Who Stepped Out on Wife Stepped Out on Wife, American Idol Has a Couple Appealing Contestants

by Amelia G : March 31st, 2010

janine lindenmulderEveryone in Los Angeles has been getting sick. It is this horrible bug which seems to repeatedly seem to improve and then relapse and tends to turn into pneumonia. It is bad enough that the touring group for this season of American Idol was largely decided on the basis of who could sing best through a sore throat. It seems like almost everyone I know has had this thing. I am no exception and yesterday was my first full day back at work, after like a month. For a workaholic like myself, no matter how much I’ve automated large portions of my business, being too sick to work a full day is pretty much torture.

Today, I have been reviewing what has gone on in the world for the past month. Apparently, the news is all OMG DOG BITES MAN. The “news” that Ricky Martin says he is gay was so blockbuster that it took down his webservers. Unless I get to personally watch Ricky Martin fuck, I’m more interested in the fact that Livin’ La Vida Loca and She Bangs are two of the best songs ever to shake an ass to.

I know I’m late to comment on the Tiger Woods absurdity and South Park has thoroughly and eloquently covered the topic with Sexual Healing, but seriously, that was news? News bulletin: Sometimes rich and powerful country club dudes marry the sorts of women who make good mothers and hostesses and still bang the occasional cocktail waitress or hooker or rebellious college student on the side. This has been the case like since the invention of rich and powerful dudes. The wife or queen or whatever would probably prefer not to have her face rubbed in it or be asked about it by reporters or have everyone know, but, if your partner is a wants-crazy-specific-sex-with-different-people-a-lot person, you just know.

Speaking of which, as a result of the Jesse James “news”, my cell phone messages voicemail got full last week and my email, texts, and various SNS and chat applications all blew up with folks wanting to get photos of girls who banged Jesse James and quotes from me on the topic. It is true that I have a database of probably thousands of tattooed girls willing to get naked and some of them would undoubtedly sleep with a reality show star (like Jesse James) or a paid dude (like Jesse James) or a hot guy with nice tattoos (like Jesse James). I’d like to say that none of the inked up hotties I know would sleep with a married . . .

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Cyberpunk Fetish Honeymoon Hotel (Bruce Willis Naked)

Cyberpunk Fetish Honeymoon Hotel

by Amelia G : June 23rd, 2009

bruce willis w magazines emma

Steven Klein is a photographer best known for his collaborations with Madonna, so it is probably no shock that some people might find his work shocking. I just think it is really beautiful. Bruce Willis and his new bride Emma Heming are featured on the cover of the current issue of W. W is one of those magazines that doesn’t really pay but encourages creativity.

So Steven Klein and stylist Camilla Nickerson were free to really go to town on this Honeymoon Hotel photo shoot. The feel is cyberpunk fetish and the apparent chemistry between Bruce Willis and Emma Willis is really nice to see. There’s the Videodrome style television love, the domination, the leather, the bondage, the nudity, the spikes, and the giant boots. There is even a hint of cyberpunk corporate chic spy intrigue, evil clowns, and medical fetish. The gear is mostly by Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana,Giorgio Armani, Max Azria, Dior, Nicole Miller, Michael Kors, and Givenchy, although, except for Alexander McQueen the big kinky boots are somewhat uncredited. Of those designers, I find Michael Kors is the best for me personally for kinda regular wear. I would definitely wear Alexander McQueen couture if it were free (and probably made in bigger sizes too), but it is easy on the eyes anyway. I wore Dolce & Gabbana when Forrest Black and I were presenters at the Firecracker Alternative Book Awards and presented an award to Steve Diet Goedde. Which I think is why fellow honoree Michael Madsen . . .

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Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

by Amelia G : March 17th, 2009

Adam LambertLast week, I started seeing all kinds of links in to Blue Blood from American Idol sites. As I have not been watching American Idol this season and have never covered American Idol on this site before, this seemed peculiar until we started receiving emails with subjects like Adam Lambert Nude, Adam Lambert Gay Kiss, Where can I find naked pics of Adam Lambert? and suchlike. Actually, this still seemed a bit peculiar until People Magazine got in touch with us and emailed us the photos we shot which everyone was talking about.

Now, of course I recall Forrest Black and yours truly shooting American Idol finalist contestant Adam Lambert. He is pretty memorable. I have also photographed guys before. Naked guys even. This does not mean that every single person, out of the thousands I have ever pointed a camera at, has stripped down at some point in the shooting process. In case this is not already blindingly clear, allow me to state categorically that we photographed Adam Lambert and Cheeks at a costume event sponsored by Blue Blood and promoted by Xian. Everybody at the event was clothed and most were even costumed. There was nothing scandalous about Adam Lambert being dressed up glam; he looked great and it was a costume party. So, no, I do not have any naughtier pictures than the portraits in this Adam Lambert gallery.

To all the ignorant prudes who hide their own bigotry behind platitudes about what “other” people in “flyover states” will think, I don’t think a few sexy images have exactly hurt the careers of any modern (like post invention of photography) musicians. Anybody heard of David Bowie, Keith Richards, Marilyn Manson, Twiggy, Madonna, Deborah Harry, Slash, Jeff . . .

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