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420 California Girls by Amelia G on Blue Blood

420 California Girls

I live in the heart of Hollywood and there is tons of commercial space for rent here right now. I am surprised at how many places have been trying to get a tenant without success for as long as they have. Except that places which have been empty for literally years still have asking prices of…( Read more )

420 Sure Is Economical by Amelia G on Blue Blood

420 Sure Is Economical

In honor of 4/20, I wanted to write something about how the low price of kush in California, even when you factor in doctor visits, demonstrates what happens when the market right-prices healthcare. I’m indifferent to marijuana, on a personal level, but I believe strongly in what it…( Read more )

Superna – The 420 Interview by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Superna - The 420 Interview

So we posted the whole sexy series of Superna serving a couple pounds of weed in the BlueBlood VIP some time ago and, in honor of 4/20, we posted a free 420 photo gallery here. What we have not been able to share with you all, because her and Individual’s case was still pending, is that…( Read more )

Happy 420 from Barely Evil

It is that time of year again. So here is Superna looking might fine.

As most of my friends know, I am not a marijuana smoker, but I am a very big fan of freedom of choice. Here is a shot of Superna from a Blue Blood 420 shoot. Rest of the series at Blue Blood and Barely Evil!

Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

Apparently marijuana is the best growth industry for independent businesses right now. Check out the enormity of this smoke shop. That is a huge amount of prime Hollywood Blvd real estate. #420 #economics

Coffee Versus Pot by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Coffee Versus Pot

If you ingest caffeine and THC at the same time, does this mean the race is on?
As the slow march towards the end of marijuana prohibition continues, Washington state’s Mirth Productions just announced it is releasing a series of fruit-flavored and cannabis-infused coffees. The new chill…( Read more )

420 Juggalo Girl

420 Juggalo Girl

by Amelia G : April 20th, 2011

wickid klowness 420 girl 420 day

I hadn’t recalled that today, April 20th, was 420 Day, but Molly Case at Sexy Fandom posted with this adorable 420 Juggalo cam girl I just had to share. She has a pot leaf drawn on her cheek and somehow manages to combine Juggalette style with something more goth-industrial and have it work. You can check her out live right now and see that I’m not making this up and signing up to chat with Wickid Klowness 420 and others is free as well.

Happy 420 . . .

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Naked Girls Smoking Weed – Best of 420 Girls

Naked Girls Smoking Weed – Best of 420 Girls

by Amelia G : April 20th, 2009

420 girlsNaked Girls Smoking Weed – Best of 420 Girls is a compilation of photographer Rob Griffin’s favorite images from his 420 Girls site. From the site tour, it looks like the 420 Magazine peeps got bored of updating much once they had this coffee table book out. You know how distractable stoners are.

Before the stoner-identified among you all make notes to send me hate mail, so you won’t forget to, allow me to state categorically that I feel strongly that pot should be legal. I think that making something, that most people do illegal, just teaches disrespect for the laws, and makes it a lottery whether someone’s life will be taken entirely off-track in a horrible way over kind of nothing. I am well-aware that caffeine is a drug and I’d be pretty sad if iced lattes got legislated against. I’d probably keep drinking iced lattes too, under those circumstances. We should have reasonable laws and enforce them. I truly believe that, if anti-drug laws on the books were genuinely rigorously enforced against all law-breakers for even a little while, those laws would all be changed. Rob Griffin, the mastermind and photographer behind 420 Girls, got a felony conviction for pot in Maryland in 1992. Being in the DC area, he was politically-aware and upset that this meant he lost his right to vote. In 1993, he . . .

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