Kellie LaPlegua, AMF Korsets, Dog Fucking, WTF? (PICS)

Okay, so I’m finishing up my Marquis column kinda under the wire on deadline. Louis Fleischauer from AMF Korsets just finished a couple of remarkable pieces late last night, so this afternoon I went over to shoot Kellie LaPlegua showing them off in Bradical’s kindly volunteered backyard. My favorite images from the day will be in the spring Marquis magazine and longer series will run on

Bradical has two adorable doggies. Steve is the tan one and he is the go-to dog. Steve is chill (for a hyper little dog) and agreeable. Dorian, on the other hand, is the gray one and he is kinda twitchy. One of the coolest aspects of Louis’ creations is his work with texture and subtle layered color. So there are sort of grays and fleshtones in this one outfit with a tall mask and a serial killer apron. And I have a fabulous image in my head. An image which requires a dog. So Kellie goes back in the house to get one, but Steve, the tan one, is the dog who lets her pick him up. Only tan totally does not go with the clothing and Dorian is having none of it. So Kellie and I make a number of attempts to get correct dog positioning. Bradical only seems to have one leash and his dogs are oddly into the leash. (Bondage puppies?) The dogs are rowdy and uncooperative and, at some point, Kellie takes off the butcher apron.

The photo below is deeply not what I had in mind. WTF?

I’ve already sent photos without dogs in them in to the magazine. I promise that there is a haunting beauty to the magazine pics, which you might not guess at from the image above. I suppose I better finish the text up now . . .