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South Park Creators Killed

South Park Creators Killed

by Amelia G : April 22nd, 2010

south park 200 201 episode towelieAll I really wanted was an Okama Gamesphere, but, instead, the 200th and 201st episodes of South Park were an uneasy mishmash of most of the characters from past shows. The most noticeable absences were Chef and Towelie. No Terrance and Philip either, I think, but no loss there. As Isaac Hayes left over, as I recall, a dispute over Scientology, that probably makes sense, but forgetting Towelie the day after 4/20 seems like a bit of an oversight. Vernon Chatman, who provides the voice of the stoned towel, did work on South Park episode 200 as both a producer and a voice. I have no idea where I’m going with the Towelie tangent.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking South Park really got its mojo back with episodes like the burn-Hot-Topic-down story The Ungroundable and the Facebook send-up You Have 0 Friends. The kinda non-story storyline of marching out pre-used characters for episode 200 and 201 was only made more excruciating with the censored out drawing of Mohammad and being dragged out to two weeks. The idea of a CENSORED block over the Mohammad drawing was kind of humorous, but the 201 edition even bleeped the name Mohammad, as well as the episode wrap-up I-learned-something-today speech. WTF? Matt Stone and Trey Parker explained the . . .

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Country Club Dude Bangs Hos, Gay Guy Gay, Guy Who Stepped Out on Wife Stepped Out on Wife, American

Country Club Dude Bangs Hos, Gay Guy Gay, Guy Who Stepped Out on Wife Stepped Out on Wife, American Idol Has a Couple Appealing Contestants

by Amelia G : March 31st, 2010

janine lindenmulderEveryone in Los Angeles has been getting sick. It is this horrible bug which seems to repeatedly seem to improve and then relapse and tends to turn into pneumonia. It is bad enough that the touring group for this season of American Idol was largely decided on the basis of who could sing best through a sore throat. It seems like almost everyone I know has had this thing. I am no exception and yesterday was my first full day back at work, after like a month. For a workaholic like myself, no matter how much I’ve automated large portions of my business, being too sick to work a full day is pretty much torture.

Today, I have been reviewing what has gone on in the world for the past month. Apparently, the news is all OMG DOG BITES MAN. The “news” that Ricky Martin says he is gay was so blockbuster that it took down his webservers. Unless I get to personally watch Ricky Martin fuck, I’m more interested in the fact that Livin’ La Vida Loca and She Bangs are two of the best songs ever to shake an ass to.

I know I’m late to comment on the Tiger Woods absurdity and South Park has thoroughly and eloquently covered the topic with Sexual Healing, but seriously, that was news? News bulletin: Sometimes rich and powerful country club dudes marry the sorts of women who make good mothers and hostesses and still bang the occasional cocktail waitress or hooker or rebellious college student on the side. This has been the case like since the invention of rich and powerful dudes. The wife or queen or whatever would probably prefer not to have her face rubbed in it or be asked about it by reporters or have everyone know, but, if your partner is a wants-crazy-specific-sex-with-different-people-a-lot person, you just know.

Speaking of which, as a result of the Jesse James “news”, my cell phone messages voicemail got full last week and my email, texts, and various SNS and chat applications all blew up with folks wanting to get photos of girls who banged Jesse James and quotes from me on the topic. It is true that I have a database of probably thousands of tattooed girls willing to get naked and some of them would undoubtedly sleep with a reality show star (like Jesse James) or a paid dude (like Jesse James) or a hot guy with nice tattoos (like Jesse James). I’d like to say that none of the inked up hotties I know would sleep with a married . . .

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Twilight Vampires (PICS)

Twilight Vampires

by Amelia G : March 29th, 2009

Twilight vampiresTwilight is out on DVD this week and, if you enjoy the tropes of cool sexy vampires, then Twilight is a fun watch. If you were just wondering whether or not to catch it on DVD or On Demand, then all you really need to know is that the movie has a pleasing cold color palette, nice-looking cast, interesting styling, creative quality directing, and a solid storyline with no plot holes and a satisfying ending. If vampires or lack of promiscuity or overwrought sexuality fill you with rage, then pass on Twilight, but otherwise it is enjoyable and hotter than I would have expected.

I admit that I would have enjoyed Twilight most between the ages of fourteen and fourteen. Yes, I know I said fourteen twice, but the target demographic for the movie is pretty specific. Realistically, the Twilight movie is probably aimed at girls aged twelve to nineteen, but it is just well enough done that it reaches beyond its core target demo. Not to put too fine a point on it, I think one of the reasons that vampires are so alluring to teen girls is that they are dangerously seductive, but they don’t put out particularly often. There is the aura of sexual excitement without the necessity to know precisely what to do with someone else’s private parts.

I wrote my thesis on Cross-cultural and Historical Vampire Legends as a Paradigm for Aggressive . . .

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