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I’m bored, fluffy, lonely and drunk. What about you? by Amelia G on Blue Blood

I"m bored, fluffy, lonely and drunk. What about you?

Is it wrong that my favorite Twitter account I follow is a possibly fictional, angry and depressed (and probably drunk) teddy named Misery Bear? I love that bear. He is best viewed late at night, although, if you live in the USA, the time difference with Europe can be a bit of a bear. I say…( Read more )

What do you like besides Rik Mayall & The Young Ones? by Amelia G on Blue Blood

What do you like besides Rik Mayall & The Young Ones?

I loved The Young Ones. I actually thought they were an MTV creation and the existence of that show was one of the many reasons MTV was awesome. I rarely saw my people represented in film and, despite its over-the-top comedy, The Young Ones reflected my real life experience far more than most…( Read more )

Nice Getting Back in Touch

A very cool byproduct of working on our California Deathrock book Kickstarter is that it has helped me and Forrest Black get back in touch with a lot of people we had sort of lost track of. When general contact things went from nightclubs and zines and neighborhood punk stores to LJ to MySpace to Twitter to Facebook . . . well, a lot of people have different names on different systems and in different environments and, at a certain point, one gets a bit of SNS fatigue. It just seems so exhausting to have to reconnect over and over.

To make myself a bit easier to find, here are some of my various accounts:!/AmeliaG

Let’s be in touch!

[Blue Blood Newletter] Awards, Holiday Sale, Press

Here’s your BlueBlood Newsletter, 2011 Wrap-Up Edition:
– Happy New Year and a Fabulous Forthcoming 2012
– APN Awards Nominations and Wins
– Re-Design
– Hustler Interviews Amelia G and Nicotine
– Panel of Experts
– Re-Design Red Carpet Event
– Marquis #51
– All Access Pass Call for Submissions
– Picture and Premium magazines
– Blue Blood Megasite 50% Off This Week Only As Little as $4 a Month
More details on this super fab deal at the end of this newsletter.
– Contact Reminder: West Hollywood Snail, Model/Photog Submit

Happy New Year and a Fabulous Forthcoming 2012
Blue Blood has so much going on that it is a good idea to follow the Blue Blood Twitter for up-to-the-minute info. In 2012, Blue Blood has a bunch of cool party sponsorships coming up, some very exciting print projects, and the launch of Blue Blood Fleshlights kicking off with the lovely lady parts of Nicotine and Misti Dawn. As we both gear up for the future and reflect on this past year, here are some of the highlights of 2011: Re-Design
You have probably noticed that got a spiffy new look in 2011. There are lots of new articles and new conversations. Music videos, cool style, and pop culture deconstructions. Come say hello and participate in intelligent counterculture debate and hotness 🙂

2011 APN Awards Nominations and Wins
Blue Blood received a flattering number of nominations and took home half a dozen wins from the APN Awards, including Best Gothic Update for Razor Candi/GothicSluts, Best Nerd Update for Nicotine/EroticFandom, Best Site Re-Design for Forrest Black/GothicSluts, and Best Alternative Photography for Amelia G and Forrest Black. The sites received a number of other nominations for various awards over the course of the year, but it felt extra-good to be recognized in such important wins from awards run by people who really get it. The Blue Blood crew is looking forward to the 2012 awards.

Hustler Interviews Amelia G and Nicotine
Hustler magazine ran an interview with Amelia G and Nicotine in a feature on steampunk. “What the Heck is Steampunk?” was also illustrated with photography by Amelia G and Forrest Black. This is in the February issue, on newsstands now. Panel of Experts began running a series of features with a Panel of Experts interviewed on various horror and gothic-related topics. Blue Blood notables on the Panel include Amelia G, John Shirley, Will Judy, Forrest Black, Cecilia Tan, Thomas S. Roche, Ed Mironiuk, Eric Swartz, and Chad Savage. Re-Design Red Carpet Event
Blue Blood sponsored the red carpet event for’s celebration of its dark new design. Blue Blood notables in attendance included Amelia G, Forrest Black, Carlos Batts, April Flores, Diana Knight, and Daniel Ian Essex of the Astrovamps.

Marquis #51
Marquis #51 hit German newsstands. For this issue, Amelia G and Forrest Black did their Big in America column on the exceedingly flexible Alecia Joy. This makes more than thirty issues in a row of Marquis, the highest circulation glossy fetish magazine in the world, which have featured work by Blue Blood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black.

All Access Pass Call for Submissions
Editrix Amelia G is looking for a pansexual orientation and (ironically perhaps) is still reading for a few more hetero boy/girl stories for this sequel to the critically-acclaimed Backstage Passes.

Picture and Premium magazines
Picture and Premium magazines have been running an extensive series of spreads highlighting in their glossy international pages. The Blue Blood crew has not seen the magazines yet, but have been told the layouts look very nice.

Blue Blood Megasite 50% Off This Week Only

The secret sale page is hidden on GS, but that membership gives you access to EVERYTHING from with more than 120,000 high end artistic photographs of 464+ beauties. From ethereal gothic beauties to punks who like to smash things to geeky fandom costume babes to fetish deities, Blue Blood features the most stunningly and uniquely beautiful. A battalion of coffee table book and nightclub photographers have contributed to and it shows. Not to mention erotic fiction from some of the top names in genre writing and just a dab of video.

Recent new additions to the site have included creative works featuring Razor Candi, Misti Dawn and Michael Vegas, Ruby Violence, Krysta Kaos, Sierras, Angel Beau, Scar, Darenzia, Eve, Voltaire and more! At Blue Blood Secret World Headquarters Global, there are some serious fans of bright sparkly things, decorations, plentiful food, and Santa hats. Plus everyone is feeling celebratory as Blue Blood enters its 20th year.

You can sign up for half price for the next week only — as little as $4 a month — and, as an extra bonus, when you sign up, you will be given the option to add a membership to Erotic BPM as well, for only a dollar.

Contact Info Revisited:
You probably all know this by now, but, if you still have any of the e-mails in your address book, delete them as they have been discontinued. Do not attempt to get in touch using Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, or Beverly Hills contact info. All swag, contracts, review materials, requests for interviews, invitations to conventions, contest giveaways, photo submissions, pitches, free clothes, offers to fly the Blue Blood crew to your city, vials of your blood, etc. should be sent to:

Blue Blood
8033 Sunset Blvd #4500
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Press releases about your own projects can be snail-mailed or sent to

Models and photographers can submit via and writers via



The Last Exorcism in Social Media

The Last Exorcism in Social Media

by Amelia G : September 2nd, 2010

I really like Eli Roth as a personality. He has a certain wit and charm and unstoppable DIY willingness to just go for it and stick to it, which I really enjoy. I find him most interesting as a writer and have been following him on Twitter just to read his random thoughts in 140 character installments. As an actor, his parts in Inglorious Basterds were definitely some of the most enjoyable.

One of the things I like about Eli Roth is that he seems to be genuinely a DIY guy. He financed student films by working as a phone sex operator and got private investors to make his first film Cabin Fever. One of the thing Lionsgate probably likes best about him is that he makes movies, which cost less than two million dollars to produce and gross a gajillion dollars in box office. He makes movies people want to see. The Last Exorcism, produced by Eli Roth, opened — as you probably noted from the countdown clock and banners here — on August 27 last week, and it has already grossed over twenty million smackeroos.

But I digress. The fascinating tidbit of the week from Eli Roth’s Twitter is that Ashley Bell, who plays the possibly possessed Nell Sweetzer in The Last Exorcism, did all her creepy contortions without benefit of CGI. The images in the posters and the clips I’ve seen are really striking and I like Eli Roth’s take on the whole thing, which is essentially that CGI has its place, but sometimes less is more. And he is willing to express actual happiness with his accomplishments on the internet, even in the face of people being what I believe (from my vast education on the subject) the DSM IV characterizes as “jerks”.

Blue Blood

I haven’t seen The Last Exorcism, so I’m going to quote Mike McPadden from my Facebook, “THE LAST EXORCISM is my favorite movie of 2010 (so far). PG-13 regardless, I loved it,” Mike McPadden enthused, adding, “The more I ponder THE LAST EXORCISM, the better it becomes. And I loved it immediately. Amidst the affable, thoroughly enjoyable schlock of EXPENDABLES, PIRANHA 3D and (I’m guessing) MACHETE, LAST EXORCISM is a genuine surprise of depth and power—with a socko final wallop right out of a 70s-era 4:30 Movie!”

Speaking of Pirhana 3D, Eli Roth has an acting part in that movie as a wet T-shirt host. Apparently, Joe Francis, of Girls Gone Wild infamy, is really peeved about Pirhana 3D. He says of the character obviously based on him and played by Jerry O’Connell, “I believe Mr. O’Connell may lose more than his penis (i.e., lots of money) if he and the Weinstein Co. choose to release this film and continue to falsely associate me with its questionable content,” Francis . . . I appreciate a good parody as much as the next guy, but to associate me with drugs and the filming of underage girls crosses a definite line.” Jerry O’Connell is probably best known for playing a super-powered teen on My Secret Identity and a time-space continuum traveling dude on Sliders. Joe Francis is probably best known for his legal woes regarding his alleged use of drugs and the alleged filming of underage girls. Also his alleged tax evasion and alleged sexual assaults. I’m digressing again, but I’m just saying Joe Francis should try reading some of his own interviews and not just Jerry O’Connell’s, to find out what he is associated with.

Mike McPadden and I are both veterans of the Desktop Publishing Revolution and zinesterdom. He did a zine called Happyland, under the name Selwyn Harris. He now writes for Mr. Skin and also posts occasionally missives on his McBeardo site. I have to recommend his August birthday entry, entitled Madonna Boots, about how he lost his virginity. I won’t give away the punchline summary, but the tale has . . .

( Read more )

Demi Moore Mohawk

Demi Moore Mohawk

by Amelia G : July 21st, 2009

demi moore mohawkAshton Kutcher is the pretty much undisputed leading twit on Twitter. As of this moment, he has 2,839,413 followers, outflanking people like Barack Obama, Perez Hilton, Shaquille O’Neal, Britney Spears, and Oprah Winfrey, and even CNN and Twitter itself. He has held the number one spot for quite some time. So, when Ashton Kutcher tweets that his wife Demi Moore has gotten a mohawk, people listen.

I know an awful lot of extremely physically beautiful people, yet, even among celebrities, Ashton Kutcher is so freakishly good-looking that I remember him being in the movie Reindeer Games, even though I don’t think his character had a name. And I think his part was so small it consisted pretty much of stumbling into a bathroom or something at the wrong time. So I stop and think about it and realize that I can’t come up with any other movie Ashton Kutcher has ever been in. I know he was on a TV series called That 70’s Show which ran for a long time, but I don’t even know what network it ran on. So I go and check IMDB and I have actually never seen Ashton Kutcher acting in anything other than Reindeer Games. Yet he is clearly up there at the top of Mount Celebrity. I’ve apparently never really seen him act, yet I know that . . .

( Read more )

Adam Lambert Gives American Idol A Whole Lotta Love

Adam Lambert Gives American Idol A Whole Lotta Love

by Amelia G : May 5th, 2009

Adam Lambert Led ZeppelinAdam Lambert gave American Idol every inch of his love tonight on American Idol. Actually, I have no idea what I mean by that, but it seemed like the appropriate thing to say for Rock Week. After a bout with swine flu, following my bacon-eating tour of southern Arizona, I have been off writing duty for the week, but here is a quick American Idol update.

American Idol front-runner and Blue Blood fave Adam Lambert kicked off the show performing a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. At first, I was not as impressed as I usually am with his performances. When the Studio 57 chick started her judge’s critique by calling Adam Lambert a “rock god”, it clicked for me what the problem was. Partly, Adam Lambert has set his own high score so high for rock numbers after doing such a rocking good job with a classic like Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild”. But it is more that I found myself, while I watched, comparing him to . . . well . . . Robert Plant, rather than the other American Idol contestants.

This points up a problematic career point for all creative people. When you first start getting good at something creative — singing, dancing, photography, writing, sewing plush dolls, putting rivets on leather jackets, whatever — you get a lot of positive feedback. Unfortunately, when people start to really . . .

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MSNBC vs Adam Lambert and Twilight

MSNBC vs Adam Lambert and Twilight

by Amelia G : April 14th, 2009

Adam Lambert Mad WorldSo Linda Holmes of MSNBC just posted an article where she called FOX’s American Idol front-runner Adam Lambert “self-indulgent and not particularly creative”. I know FOX and MSNBC are competitive with one another, but I just think Linda Holmes is way off-base. She goes on to say:

“But what, exactly, is the Adam Lambert constituency of the future? He would be popular with fans of … what? The judges seem to think that the answer is “Twilight,” but what kind of sense does that really make? . . . But before anyone goes anointing him some kind of highly marketable future star, take another look at that performance of “Ring Of Fire,” and ask yourself whether you’d hear that on the radio.”

First off, I feel like Twilight and Adam Lambert are two of the only major mainstream pop culture phenomenons of the new millennium which actually are made for an incredibly underserved demographic. When I look for Blue Blood appropriate subject matter which is new, Twilight and Adam Lambert are two of the only things on the radar there. The Twilight soundtrack has been in the Billboard top 10 for twenty-two weeks now. Carter Burwell’s freaking score for Twilight entered the Billboard charts five weeks ago and is still hanging in there. So, if MSNBC doesn’t see the relation between Adam Lambert and Twilight and what a lot of people would like to . . .

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