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Twilight New Moon Trailer

Twilight New Moon Trailer

by Amelia G : June 1st, 2009

The most anticipated moment of the MTV Movie Awards was when they premiered the Twilight New Moon trailer for the movie which comes out in November. Taylor Lautner, whose martial arts moves in a My Own Worst Enemy scene Nixon Sixx appeared in looked aesthetically pleasing, has his shirtless appearance on camera showcased in the trailer. Twilight fan sites have been showing pictures of Robert Pattinson shirtless as well and looking quite a bit more buff and defined than I would have expected.

It kind of looks like the werewolf and the vampire have been passing around steroid precursors instead of blood, but I’m . . .

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Twilight Vampires (PICS)

Twilight Vampires

by Amelia G : March 29th, 2009

Twilight vampiresTwilight is out on DVD this week and, if you enjoy the tropes of cool sexy vampires, then Twilight is a fun watch. If you were just wondering whether or not to catch it on DVD or On Demand, then all you really need to know is that the movie has a pleasing cold color palette, nice-looking cast, interesting styling, creative quality directing, and a solid storyline with no plot holes and a satisfying ending. If vampires or lack of promiscuity or overwrought sexuality fill you with rage, then pass on Twilight, but otherwise it is enjoyable and hotter than I would have expected.

I admit that I would have enjoyed Twilight most between the ages of fourteen and fourteen. Yes, I know I said fourteen twice, but the target demographic for the movie is pretty specific. Realistically, the Twilight movie is probably aimed at girls aged twelve to nineteen, but it is just well enough done that it reaches beyond its core target demo. Not to put too fine a point on it, I think one of the reasons that vampires are so alluring to teen girls is that they are dangerously seductive, but they don’t put out particularly often. There is the aura of sexual excitement without the necessity to know precisely what to do with someone else’s private parts.

I wrote my thesis on Cross-cultural and Historical Vampire Legends as a Paradigm for Aggressive . . .

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