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Take What is Mine with Fire and Blood (and assistance from a notary) #Wesleyan

I just did the paperwork to order a replacement for the Wesleyan University BA with Honors diploma I threw out many years ago. I tossed it for a few reasons:

(1) It had gotten water damage and was literally growing gross green mold.
(2) Apparently writing an honors thesis and being a TA as an undergrad and all those great grades and being able to handle literally a double courseload my last year, along with lots of extracurriculars . . . well, it didn’t seem like the whole package had turned out to equal anything terribly valuable for what it cost.
(3) The woman at the Wesleyan registrar’s office was a total rude little tyrant when I called to find out about getting it switched up. I told her that, when I made my first million, I was going to start sending the alumni fund copies of my tax returns with her name attached, but, alas, I don’t recall her name. I do remember that she told me she had just refused to help a nun with the same problem, so she surely wasn’t going to help me.
(4) Punk rock.
(5) Seriously, it was growing green mold in the basement of New Cambodia.

Lately, I have felt a bit like I am on a journey to reclaim the existence which should have been mine, should have been my birthright.

So, I’m feeling rather Daenerys Targaryen at the moment. Going to take back what is mine with fire and blood. And a $50 check and some notarized forms.

Daenerys Targaryen Amelia G Wesleyan University Fire and Blood

Bloody Tattooed Halloween Jen Vixen (PICS)

Forrest Black and I always enjoy shooting gooey sets. I am always a huge fan of making a giant mess. I got vanilla-flavored for this, but Halloween Jen Vixen is one of the few people who doesn’t like the taste of vanilla. It was fun anyway and she looks totally hot. This is her 14th Blue Blood VIP appearance. Whole series, of course, in the Blue Blood VIP.

Alecia Joy Icons (PICS)

Alecia Joy posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called Icons. Forrest Black and I had a great time with her shooting and you all should expect to see lots more of her. Readers will be seeing some select images from this shoot in the forthcoming issue of Marquis, but Blue Blood VIP members get to see the whole thing. Here is a great anecdote excerpted from the Marquis #51 feature on Alecia Joy: recently, Alecia Joy got some metal grinding training for GrindKore from Perish, who we covered in Marquis #43. Alecia Joy is a trooper and she has the scars to prove it, because the show must go on. At a recent, “metal grinding performance [she] ended up giving [herself] a grind burn when a drunk person’s head came dangerously close. It was a reflex to pull away when [she] saw the bald head flying by, so [she] pulled the grinder away and consequently missed the metal on [her] outfit and ground two lines into [her] inner thigh. [She] finished the performance and rinsed it out, but metal shards were embedded. Alecia adds that “the owner of the club came by and gave [her] a bunch of drink tickets, but all [she] wanted was for the fire in [her] leg to subside! Part of [her] wanted to sit out the performance [she] was supposed to do after that, but [she] found that the fake blood in the kiddy pool actually soothed the burn.” Best use for a kiddy pool full of blood. Ever.

True Blood Stars Nude on Rolling Stone Cover (PICS)

True Blood Stars Nude on Rolling Stone Cover

by Amelia G : August 25th, 2010

alexander skarsgard anna paquin stephen moyer rolling stone nude cover

Rolling Stone is known for its decades of quality photography and occasional envelope-pushing magazine covers. The brilliant Matthew Rolston shot Alexander Skarsgård, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Moyer in a variety of menage-a-trois scenarios. I would say some of the inside photos look surprisingly stiff for someone of Matthew Rolston’s caliber, but, in all fairness, Skarsgård has been surprisingly stiff the current season of True Blood. Alexander Skarsgård is one of my favorite actors, and I usually find him immensely charismatic and believable, no matter what the role is. I think maybe he is just really really really not into doing dudes. On that topic, if True Blood is going to have lots of man-on-man action, I wish Nelsan Ellis, who plays goth fry cook/drug dealer Lafayette on the show, looked like he was enjoying the gay sex scenes. But the Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer sex on that show is still pretty much the best coupling ever shown on television. In the True Blood interviews inside the magazine, show creator Alan Ball is pretty balls out in what he has to say. And that Matthew Rolston . . .

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Are zombies sexy?

Are zombies sexy?

by Amelia G : July 27th, 2009

ivan hidalgo sexy zombieI know that, with Twilight and True Blood and Being Human and the onward march of more and more sexy vampires, nonconformists are hoping for a different monster to idealize. It is always vaguely uncomfortable when the supposedly appalling, unique, and individualistic thing you are into becomes commonplace. For a while, those who loved monsters but did not want to jump on the vampire bandwagon made do with werewolves. The thing is that werewolves represent rage, not sexual rage, just mad-as-hell out-of-control blind rage. And that is ultimately not that hot for most people. Although I confess to having had one or two stories published where I did write some werewolf sex or romance in there, in my defense, one was written on assignment and one was written partly to match accompanying illustrations already selected. At any rate, werewolves just plain don’t have the sexual magnetism of vampires and werewolf costumes are really difficult as heck to put together.

Zombie costumes, on the other hand, are pretty easy to put together. You just need to look decaying and injured and you can even make a sexy zombie costume by distressing your zombie wardrobe. A costume which is easy to do is good for group activities. Getting a bunch of people to dress up as monsters and go out on the town together is fun. Fewer people have sort of cannon . . .

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