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Stéfan le Dû is a Genius by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Stéfan le Dû is a Genius

The internet is generally, as Dave Chapelle called it, intolerable. But every once in a while, I come across something marvelous, which the internet has made possible. Photographer Stéfan le Dû spent a year photographing his action figures in entertaining tableaux. There is a smattering of I…( Read more )

SLC Punk Sequel Indie Go Go by Amelia G on Blue Blood

SLC Punk Sequel Indie Go Go

Okay, this could easily be one more thing destroying pop culture touchstones of my childhood. Like that Star Wars sequel with Jar Jar Binks and cutesy young Darth Vader or whoever etc. (I’d like to point out that I somewhat presciently said at the time that it looked like George Lucas was…( Read more )

Erotic Fandom!

Erotic Fandom!

by Amelia G : May 31st, 2010

erotic fandom science fiction fantasy horror erotica fetish vampire  mad sophieSeeing the cantina scene in Star Wars was a watershed moment for me. I looked at the motley crew of freaks and degenerates and weirdos and heroes having fun and looking to be productive and I wanted to go to there. I love really over-the-top clothing and I’ve been really enjoying all the great costuming this site lends itself to. People always ask me if I personally own more leather or more latex, but the answer is I own more metal; I love armor.

Blue Blood VIP members have had access to a lot of hot costume content and fiction by top genre writers for years, but, with the launch of, there is a place to really highlight this aspect of Blue Blood. The first conventions Blue Blood exhibited at were all SF&F ones. I’m not 100% sure whether my first published fiction work was science fiction or nightclub lit, so I suppose I’ll have to organize my filing cabinets if I want to know the answer to that, but I digress.

Erotic Fandom is a site where goth-industrial punk and science fiction fantasy horror converge to give you super sexy chicks in chainmail, steampunk vixens, ray gun seductresses, vampire beauties, hot cosplay, cool cyberpunk . . .

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