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BlogDay2010 – 5 Diverse Possibly Alien Blogs

by Amelia G : August 31st, 2010

Blog Day 2010</p>

So today is supposed to be Blog Day 2010. BlogDay founder Nir Ofir has been doing this since 2005. The idea is for bloggers to post links to five disparate blogs which are culturally alien reads. Each BlogDay post August 31, 2010 is supposed to be tagged as BlogDay2010. Bizarrely, this year, Technorati shows not one single post tagged BlogDay2010. But I’m still going to post a few blogs I think are interesting reads and not what I would usually post.

Kanye West has a disturbingly high quality blog. It is mostly a picture blog, but there is a seemingly unending stream of pics of visually interesting things, ranging from concept cars to collectible caskets. Purportedly Kanye West blogs himself. If he does, he is committed to it and he gets the photoblog format, and is good about including links for further info. If he hired someone else to do it, he hired someone extremely qualified.

kanye west pietre dure casket

The Wall Street Journal has a Life and Culture blog, which strikes me as rather surreal. The top story on there today is “In Japan, Men Vacation With Virtual Girlfriends”.

Also somewhat in the business realm is Mark Cuban’s blog BlogMaverick. The name is not a political reference; he owns a basketball team called the Dallas Mavericks. He made his money in the dot com boom by selling to Yahoo for stock and then diversifying before the stock market tanked. Some of his more recent activities include guesting on Entourage and starting BailoutSleuth to cover where our taxpayer money is being funneled to and how it is being (ab)used.

You’ve probably heard of TMZ. They are mostly a blight on society, but they are a hard-working and prolific blight. So, if you hear some random water cooler conversation about Paris Hilton mistaking her friend’s cocaine for chewing gum, you always know you can pop over to the TMZ blog to get the details. You can quickly discover that the gallery of Jesse James and Kat Von D getting in and out of vehicles, riding a motorcycle, holding hands, and swapping spit is one of the most popular. Today, TMZ also helpfully posted a copy Guns n’ Roses guitar player Slash’s divorce papers. Apparently, his address was able to be left “confidential” on the Los Angeles court documents. The Los Angeles form also has checkboxes for reason for dissolution of marriage which include incest and bigamy. Go figure.

tmz jesse james kat von d tattoo kiss

Speaking of guns, The Firearm Blog is . . .

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Country Club Dude Bangs Hos, Gay Guy Gay, Guy Who Stepped Out on Wife Stepped Out on Wife, American

Country Club Dude Bangs Hos, Gay Guy Gay, Guy Who Stepped Out on Wife Stepped Out on Wife, American Idol Has a Couple Appealing Contestants

by Amelia G : March 31st, 2010

janine lindenmulderEveryone in Los Angeles has been getting sick. It is this horrible bug which seems to repeatedly seem to improve and then relapse and tends to turn into pneumonia. It is bad enough that the touring group for this season of American Idol was largely decided on the basis of who could sing best through a sore throat. It seems like almost everyone I know has had this thing. I am no exception and yesterday was my first full day back at work, after like a month. For a workaholic like myself, no matter how much I’ve automated large portions of my business, being too sick to work a full day is pretty much torture.

Today, I have been reviewing what has gone on in the world for the past month. Apparently, the news is all OMG DOG BITES MAN. The “news” that Ricky Martin says he is gay was so blockbuster that it took down his webservers. Unless I get to personally watch Ricky Martin fuck, I’m more interested in the fact that Livin’ La Vida Loca and She Bangs are two of the best songs ever to shake an ass to.

I know I’m late to comment on the Tiger Woods absurdity and South Park has thoroughly and eloquently covered the topic with Sexual Healing, but seriously, that was news? News bulletin: Sometimes rich and powerful country club dudes marry the sorts of women who make good mothers and hostesses and still bang the occasional cocktail waitress or hooker or rebellious college student on the side. This has been the case like since the invention of rich and powerful dudes. The wife or queen or whatever would probably prefer not to have her face rubbed in it or be asked about it by reporters or have everyone know, but, if your partner is a wants-crazy-specific-sex-with-different-people-a-lot person, you just know.

Speaking of which, as a result of the Jesse James “news”, my cell phone messages voicemail got full last week and my email, texts, and various SNS and chat applications all blew up with folks wanting to get photos of girls who banged Jesse James and quotes from me on the topic. It is true that I have a database of probably thousands of tattooed girls willing to get naked and some of them would undoubtedly sleep with a reality show star (like Jesse James) or a paid dude (like Jesse James) or a hot guy with nice tattoos (like Jesse James). I’d like to say that none of the inked up hotties I know would sleep with a married . . .

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