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Backstage Passes Gets Good Press from Erotica Readers Association and is a Dark Delicacies Bestselle

Backstage Passes Gets Good Press from Erotica Readers Association and is a Dark Delicacies Bestseller

by Amelia G : December 31st, 2010

As the year draws to a close, I am pleased to share that Backstage Passes has been a Dark Delicacies Bestseller. Dark Delicacies is perhaps the most famous horror books store in the world. For those of you in Southern California who would rather pick the book up in person, you can stop by the following address for a truly remarkable selection:

Dark Delicacies
3512 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505

Kathleen Bradean, writing for the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, writes:

Stories like these still have the ability to confront and arouse. They may take you beyond your comfort zone. If the erotica you’ve read lately seems a little too safe, this is the anthology for you.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble online both have Backstage Passes on super sale for the end of the year. Check out the book links at Blue Blood Books for some great deals. Thanks everybody and have a great New Years!

backstage passes an anthology of rock and roll erotica from the pages of blue blood

SpookyCash Nominated for XBiz Award

SpookyCash Nominated for XBiz Award

by Amelia G : December 28th, 2010

I’m pleased that Blue Blood’s SpookyCash affiliate program has been nominated for Specialty Affiliate Program of the Year in the 2011 XBiz Awards. SpookyCash is kinda like the Amazon referral programs a lot of folks participate in, only it pays promoters more. If you run a high traffic gothic or punk or tattoo or fetish-oriented web site, SpookyCash is definitely good for more than a little beer money.

SpookyCash is the official affiliate program for, Gothic Sluts, Erotic Fandom, Barely Evil, Rubber Dollies, Erotic BPM, Scar 13, and more alt membership sites for grown-ups.

Because of our love of new technology and strong publication background, SpookyCash was the first affiliate program to utilize a hosted blog and custom-coded affiliate RSS feed syndication in this market space. SpookyCash also still has the only fully hosted TGP of any of the nominees. SpookyCash, of course, has all the expected affiliate webmaster tools, including banners, hosted banner rotation, FHGs, POTDs with customizable preview thumb size, and all that good stuff.

If you are a Blue Blood reader with a busy web site or a personal profile with more than 15,000 friends and fans, please feel free to message me for assistance getting set up to make money with SpookyCash.

spookycash xbiz award

Los Angeles Noir (PICS)

These palm trees and city lights, under a menacing sky, are the view from my balcony in Hollywood right now. This shot only begins to show the roiling black clouds, like a powerful wizard is about to do something unusual to Los Angeles. Went hiking earlier today with Forrest Black and got totally soaked. The park was so empty and beautiful. There was one rugged soul out there with a camera on tripod trying to shoot the fog. And one woman in really nice boots, not shoes for walking in mud at all, much better suited for neon-lit and preferably not rain-soaked streets. My own personal, delightfully damp Los Angeles noir.

los angeles noir rain soaked streets and palm trees

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repealed

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repealed

by Amelia G : December 18th, 2010

It has been a really really really good news week.

First of all, the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, or DADT, was repealed. For those of you who have been living in a cave, because you hate our way of life, DADT was a Clinton-era piece of legislation. DADT was designed to make it comfortable for everyone for homosexuals to serve in the military. The idea was basically that there would be no discrimination, but there would also be no pride parades or other flaunting of sexuality to disturb the sensibilities of the apparently sensitive US troops.

Alexander the Great had sex with both men and women and he managed to conquer Afghanistan. But I digress.

At any rate, the DADT policy tended to be enforced as, if a man of woman didn’t manage to serve in a 100% closeted way, like if anyone could figure out their sexual orientation and it wasn’t 100% straight, then gays and lesbians would get the boot. So it is good news that DADT has been repealed. Ya know, because it was poorly conceived, useless, and immoral. Just that. Otherwise, it was awesome.

i want you for the us army uncle sam poster

I do wish that the coverage of the repeal was less partisan. You can see the precise breakdown, of who voted which way and who blew off voting on . . .

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Happy Birthday Forrest Black BOOM Holiday Party

Happy Birthday Forrest Black BOOM Holiday Party

by Amelia G : December 13th, 2010

If you are in Los Angeles and looking for something to do tonight (or just interested in stalking me), I plan to be at the BOOM Comics holiday party at Meltdown Comics this evening.

BOOM Holiday Party 2010 Meltdown Comics

Beforehand, I am going to learn to make red velvet cake because it is Forrest Black’s birthday. Red velvet cake has all sorts of weird non-cakelike ingredients. These include, but are not limited to, buttermilk, vinegar, and cream cheese. Everyone wish Forrest Black a happy birthday . . .

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Yolanda Fuzzy Piggies Slippers (PICS)

I'm sitting here wearing fuzzy tiger paw slippers, in honor of the extremely brief winteresque time period in Hollywood. So it seems only fitting to post this series including Yolanda showing off her fuzzy pink piggies slippers. Forrest Black and I had the pleasure of shooting a few sets with Yolanda in her living room, on this particular day. We shot everything standard high saturation film, cross-processed film, and digital. The digital appears to be corrupt, but I'm pleased to share the film with you all. This is the more standard film process and I'll post some crossed stuff later as well, which should be especially interesting for the photographers among y'all. Whole series in the Blue Blood VIP as always.

yolanda fuzzy piggies photography by amelia g and forrest black for blue blood

Rose of No Man’s Land by Michelle Tea

Rose of No Man’s Land by Michelle Tea

by Amelia G : December 3rd, 2010

Michelle Tea is one of those special writers whose work fills you with an aching longing for her character. You can’t help falling in love with them.

Much of what I’ve read of Michelle Tea’s in the past was memoir, but Rose of No Man’s Land is a coming of age novel. For some reason, this book did not come up on my radar when it was released in 2005, although I’ve liked what Michelle Tea does ever since she and I were both presenters at the Firecracker Book Awards and she yelled, “cunt”, really loud from the stage. (It was relevant to what she was presenting an award for, but still.) As the main character Trisha Driscoll is fifteen, I suppose this book is more or less YA, so that is probably why I did not notice its release.

Rose of No Man’s Land is brilliant. A really perfect, elegantly plotted story about a pivotal day in the life of a teenage girl in suburban nowheresville Massachusetts. For some reason, the publishing world puts out gritty realistic bildungsromans for straight boys and queer girls, complete with sexuality, alcohol, and maybe even drugs and disrespect for authority.

michelle tea rose of no man's land

They publishing world seems to just hope straight girls will read Twilight and wait for a man to give them personality. But that is a feminist diatribe for another day.

Rose of No Man’s land is a really enjoyable read. It vividly calls up that combined teenage ennui and lust for adventure, the struggle to parse the alien . . .

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Chachie and Ducky Von Ghoulie Deathrock Horror Punk (PICS)

Forrest Black and I first met Ducky Von Ghoulie from the Fuzzbats and his lovely bride Chachie at the old school deathrock club Release the Bats in California. The setting for this shoot is Ducky and Chachie's real life living room. Ducky says he collects all the horror films and models and posters and other memorabilia in his impressive collection because it turns him on. What better reason! This is some of my favorite sort of work to shoot and Forrest Black and I really enjoyed creating art with Ducky and Chachie. Whole series in the Blue Blood VIP as always.

deathrock by amelia g and forrest black for blue blood

deathrock by amelia g and forrest black for blue blood

Deathrock TJ Van Shock and Secret Sin (PICS)

Forrest Black and I were thrilled to collaborate with two such awesome individuals as TJ Van Shock and Secret Sin for this photo shoot. In our artistic exuberance, we used two different kinds of film and we shot some digital as well. Which means that we shot work of them together with three different color palettes. This is probably a more common approach for magazine work, but, after some contemplation, I feel like Blue Blood VIP members deserve to get that magazine quality, so I'm going to share the variety of formats. I think this first film sequence is really erotic. Blue Blood VIP membes will of course be familiar with Secret Sin. TJ Van Shock you should know from his stints in Fearcult, Radio Scarlet, and other fine deathrock bands. Or you might recognize him from the Christina Aguilera music video for her song "Beautiful". We've got some beautiful for y'all here.

secret sin and tj von shock photographed by forrest black and amelia g for blue blood deathrock 01

Do you think marijuana should be legal?

Do you think marijuana should be legal?

by Amelia G : November 1st, 2010

As America gets ready to vote tomorrow, among the many ballot measures, one of the most bafflingly controversial referendums is California’s Prop 19. Proposition 19 would make marijuana legal and taxed in the state of California.

bored to death ted danson weed hbo

Of course, the Federal government will still be of the opinion that it is illegal. This states’ rights versus Federal control issue has certainly come up with the raiding of state-licensed dispensaries for medical marijuana. I’ve heard some folks question whether businesses which currently receive Federal money may lose it for not having a “drug-free workplace”. I don’t know how many California businesses are staying afloat on Federal money or whether it is fair for whatever businesses they might be to be competing with others just trying to get buy. Surely, though, the state can’t afford the pricey and morally bankrupt private prisons expanding. Although I can see debating the merits of sin taxes, many believe that, not only will there be savings for law enforcement, but there will be significant tax revenues.

In my view, part of the problem with the USA’s drug laws is that the majority of the population has broken them and most of the remaining percentage easily could. I don’t think that otherwise productive lives should be randomly ruined over something as capricious as America’s draconian drug laws. I truly believe the fastest route to fascism is unevenly enforced draconian laws, so those need to go.

Some of the pot growers might want to keep pot illegal because they are worried that RJ Reynolds and their ilk are poised to mass produce weed the moment it is legalized. I buy artisan locally-roasted coffee beans, so I suspect marijuana enthusiasts might do the equivalent. I do see it as likely that growing and distributing pot will become safer revenue with a lower profit margin. That’s just basic business, but I don’t think protecting the illegal economy of Humboldt County is worth ruining the lives of people who just happen to be caught smoking in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once a business becomes legal, it can save a bundle on private security too, by enjoying standard societal protections from violence and deprivation of property.

hbo zach galifianakis pot

On HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher last night, Zach Galifianakis was on the show ostensibly promoting the film Due Date, the latest offering from brilliant Hangover director Todd Phillips. As Bill Maher tends to discuss political topics, the politics of California’s marijuana ballot measure came up. So, in a move which might be more appropriate to promote his work on HBO’s very enjoyable humorous stoner detective series Bored to Death, Zach Galifianakis lit up on the air. Although everyone at Bill Maher’s table looked suitably shocked and another guest, Margaret Hoover — President Herbert Hoover’s politico great-granddaughter — confirmed that the joint was, ya know, a joint:

According to a statement issued to E! News by Maher’s publicist, Cece Yorke, the substance was not pot, but rather an unspecified “prop.”

hbo zach galifianakis bill maher

True confession ahead: I have never smoked pot. Ever. At such point in time as I get cancer and/or glaucoma, I plan to. It probably won’t make much difference whether it is legal or not then, but I’d prefer it be legal. They make coffee illegal and I suspect I’d keep drinking it. I might even do it on national television and then have the show’s publicist explain that it was just a prop iced soy latte.

Blue Blood Aiden Starr Stars in Major Armory Productions (PICS)

Blue Blood Aiden Starr Stars in Major Armory Productions

by Amelia G : October 31st, 2010

The fine folks at Kink caused quite a stir when they purchased The Armory in San Francisco. This is a hundred year old building initially constructed as a San Francisco National Guard Armory and Arsenal. As the building fell into disrepair from a combination of age and neglect and — this being California — earthquakes, it is rumored to have been used for such diverse purposes as local police department efforts to give at-risk youth a place to box safely and George Lucas shooting spaceship interiors for the original Star Wars. Whatever those walls could tell us, the savvy Peter Acworth has the huge Armory building set up now with a combination of offices and multiple film sets for sites which include Divine Bitches, Sex and Submission, and Whipped Ass.

So it was really just a matter of time before some crazy over-the-top vampire porn with high production values started coming out of the Kink machine. On Sex and Submission, Lorelei Lee, James Deen, and Jessie Cox are vampires who bite, fondle, and abduct a speakeasy patron played by Kristina Rose. The vamps take her back to their lair where a ghoulishly made-up Mark Davis takes part in helping them turn their captive into a vampire herself. The methodology includes, of course, a combination of ritualistic mutual blood-drinking and a lot of BDSM sex. It is actually often quite an ordeal to be able to accept credit cards for this sort of material, but, if I may mix metaphors for a moment, sometimes the 800 pound gorilla gets to bite, beat, and make sweet vampire love however he wants to whomever he pleases. So A Fall From Grace is episode 1 of the new Kink Vamp series.

witches coven

The Halloween update on Whipped Ass is a take-off on The Craft. Aiden Starr, Lorelei Lee, and Whipped Ass director Maitresse Madeline are witchy women who wolfpack tender little cheerleader Chloe Camilla in the locker room. They take her captive and have their way with her over and over. Can they convert her into a member of their witches coven via, of course, a combination of ritualistic forced orgasm inside a pentagram and a lot of BDSM sex? Watch La Seduction De Chloe Camilla and find out.

Maitresse Madeline is also the director of Divine Bitches and she says Halloween is her favorite holiday in real life. In real life, Blue Blood’s own lovely Aiden Starr is both an intelligent aficionado of lots of fandom goodness and a delightfully depraved sadistic pervert, so she is a really really great choice for Kink to cast in adding that witches and vampires spice to the BDSM they are best known for. Her cock-chewing scenery-chewing performance as the vampire queen in La Semence Des Vampires is impressive. The head vampiress realizes she needs more than blood to sustain her, so her evil vamp minions, played by the very beautiful Bobbi Starr and Nika Noire, find the hapless lucky John Jammen drinking whiskey alone and bring him back to the castle. The vampires are soon drinking their victim’s blood, coming up with exquisite tortures for him, and making sure their vampire queen Aiden Starr gets every drop of everything she needs. Having such excellent dominant women in this scene really helps provoke a genuinely conflicted eroticism from submissive John Jammen who is very convincingly torn between arousal and terror of what these sadistic women are going to do next. Also, props to the costume department because Aiden Starr’s hat is fabulous.

Blue Blood Aiden Star vampire porn

With any vampire porn movie, just like with an Avatar porn parody, there is the issue of really high quality porn being compared to similar non-sex productions with zillion dollar budgets and actors experienced at acting. It is definitely nice to see that Kink put together plot lines and casts which worked to both present the subject matter their members pay for and push the creativity envelope. To a certain extent, there is perhaps an element of roleplay acting in most dom/sub interactions, so maybe dominatrixes just make better actresses. These scenes are for the most part refreshingly irony-free and the performers just really go for it. Check ‘em out.

We have a little SFW vampire porn gallery for your viewing pleasure here, but you’ll have to head over to Divine Bitches, Sex and Submission, and Whipped Ass to see . . .

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Do you want to party with Capri Anderson and Charlie Sheen? (PICS)

Do you want to party with Capri Anderson and Charlie Sheen?

by Amelia G : October 29th, 2010

capri anderson charlie sheen date x-art

I’m not exactly a big tabloid reader, although I’m fascinated by the cultural impact of evolving media forms. I did watch the Edward G. Robinson classic Unholy Partners this week on TCM. Unholy Partners is a 1941 movie, a period piece about how WWI spurred sensationalist journalism but America was all done with that by 1919. Ah, to be able to show those movie makers a crystal ball and watch the expression on their faces. But I digress.

In an era where TMZ and company will make a huge big deal out of the most minor behaviors, you have to give it up for a movie star who can get headlines like Charlie Sheen found naked with cocaine on face in restaurant bathroom before bizarre hotel meltdown or Charlie Sheen: Porn star Christina Walsh joined him and ex-wife Denise Richards at dinner table hours before his cocaine hotel rampage or Charlie Sheen’s porn star date says he owes her 12k. Some speculate that Charlie Sheen’s date pocketed his $100,000+ collectible watch as collateral for the $12,000 he was supposed to pay for their date. Hey, if you are going to do something, you should do it up right. So hats off to Charlie Sheen for going for the gusto.

I’ve seen her work as Capri Anderson and she is a very pretty girl, but her legal name (or perhaps her escort name) is apparently Christina Walsh. You can check out the Capri Anderson website or click the pics to see her work with X-Art and Kink.

capri anderson charlie sheen hotel

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Avatar Porn (This Ain’t James Cameron … Or is it?)

How to screen a movie and porn parody – Avatar and Avatar XXX Double Feature Funtime

by Amelia G : October 21st, 2010

avatar porn

A long time ago, in a land far from here, my punk rock group house Cambodia held a screening of a double feature of Edward Scissorhands and Edward Penishands. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Edward Scissorhands was in fact the better movie, but it was still a really fun night. With Hustler releasing This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D, this came to mind. If you show your own fabulous double feature, always play the original movie first and then the porn parody or the adult video won’t make sense to viewers who haven’t seen the first one.

Having personally participated in painting up a lot of red devil girls for Barely Evil and even a science fiction green creature from the sexy lagoon for Erotic Fandom, I have extra admiration for the job head makeup artist Lee Garland did on the Avatar creatures. One of the difficulties in shooting anything really explicit with body paint is that the paint tends to come off. Apparently, leader actor Chris Johnson, who played the XXX porn parody Jake Sully from Avatar, was blue for days, during the production of This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D. Lee Garland explains, “We used an alcohol-based paint so that it wouldn’t sweat or rub off during the film’s most important scenes. In fact, I believe we used over forty bottles during the whole production. At more than fifty dollars a bottle, you can imagine what kind of finances went in to airbrushing the actors blue.”

Okay, I was probably still more turned on by the original Avatar. (Yeah, I’m a dork and I thought Avatar was hot, only movie I bothered to see in the theatre last year.) But the porn version is a cut above what porn parodies usually bring to the table and it is so convenient to view on the Hustler site now. The blue substance is not unobtainium but viagratanium. You know you have to check it out. We have a SFW free Avatar porn gallery here on for your safe viewing pleasure and I recommend checking out the Hustler XXX version of Avatar when you are either safely alone or in a living room full of degenerate punk . . .

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Crash Bad Girl Tattoo (PICS)

Crash and Antiseptic Fashion have a new dungeon set-up. Forrest Black and I and a number of Blue Blood hotties, including Julie Simone and Rubber Necro, went to a party there this week. So I thought we'd post this set of Crash shot next door to the dungeon. Pretty soon this floor is going to be pink to match a forthcoming Antiseptic line, so this is an ephemeral moment in time immortalized in photography.

crash photographed in antiseptic couture by amelia g and forrest black

Kellie LaPlegua AMF Couture Lemon Tree (PICS) Spooky for Halloween

The very talented Louis Fleischauer stayed up all night before this shoot, creating this extravagant piece of wearable art on the theme of tongues speaking from all angles. If you have the most recent issue of Marquis magazine, then you have seen Kellie LaPlegua modeling this and sharing some of her most appalling domination dungeon tales, but Blue Blood VIP members get to see the whole series. The pets belong to Bradical; I had a concept for incorporating them, but Kellie is a way way better model than Bradical's pets.

kellie laplegua photographed in amf korsets couture by amelia g and forrest black

marquis big in america by amelia g and forrest black
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