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Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

Lil fuzzy after how tight I had to crop this in fot SFW. Penny Poison for #blueblood #pennypoison #redhead #tattoogirl #tattoos #noir

Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

Arabelle Raphael for #blueblood #arabelleraphael #noir

Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

Stillwell Hotel always looks so noir to me #noir #Stillwell #hotel

Los Angeles Noir (PICS)

These palm trees and city lights, under a menacing sky, are the view from my balcony in Hollywood right now. This shot only begins to show the roiling black clouds, like a powerful wizard is about to do something unusual to Los Angeles. Went hiking earlier today with Forrest Black and got totally soaked. The park was so empty and beautiful. There was one rugged soul out there with a camera on tripod trying to shoot the fog. And one woman in really nice boots, not shoes for walking in mud at all, much better suited for neon-lit and preferably not rain-soaked streets. My own personal, delightfully damp Los Angeles noir.

los angeles noir rain soaked streets and palm trees

An Experiment in Using the Internet for Real Life Socialization

Tonight, Friday, May 14, 2010, Forrest Black and I and possibly Trent Hahn will be going to see film noir at the New Bev and then most likely eat Thai food at Torung. Pertinent info below. If you plan to come please tweet me or, if you have my cell number, please text me (no voice thanks) and let me know. If you, like many of my compatriots are morally opposed to planning, that’s cool too. Come say howdy if you happen to swing by.

ace in the hole billy wilder noir

Directions to New Bev

Ace in the Hole:
Fri: 7:30

The Harder They Fall:
Fri: 9:40

You can buy advance tickets for the double feature for $7.99 here. Seats are only $7 at the theatre, but that is cash only.

harder they fall noir bogart

Directions to Torung

Fri: 11:30/midnightish

Torung is also cash only.

Doing It Like a Rabbit – A Really Big Rabbit with a Cartoon Girlfriend

Doing It Like a Rabbit – A Really Big Rabbit with a Cartoon Girlfriend

by Amelia G : April 30th, 2010

annette edwards jessica rabbit giantThe Inquisitr reports that one Annette Edwards of Worcester, UK is the world record holder for breeding the largest bunny rabbit, a Continental Giant named Darius. This would be more newsworthy if Annette Edwards had not also bred Alice, the rabbit Darius took the title from now that he is longer than four foot three inches. This would be less newsworthy if rabbit breeder extraordinaire Annette Edwards had not also undergone plastic surgery to look as much like Jessica Rabbit as possible.

For those of you wondering who Jessica Rabbit is, she was the va-va-voom girlfriend of the accused cartoon bunny in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was ground-breaking in its mix of live action from human actors and animation from Toon Town. Director Robert Zemeckis has made extensive pioneering use of special effects technology in a spectrum of movies including Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, Death Becomes Her, Polar Express, and Beowulf. In Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Roger’s honey Jessica is a curvy redhead who claims she is not bad; she is just drawn that way. Jessica has a sexy smoky voice, probably voiced by an oddly uncredited Kathleen Turner, and exactly what you’d expect from a dame in a noir frame-up. So anyway, that is who Annette Edwards is channeling with her plastic . . .

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