Deathrock TJ Van Shock and Secret Sin (PICS)

Forrest Black and I were thrilled to collaborate with two such awesome individuals as TJ Van Shock and Secret Sin for this photo shoot. In our artistic exuberance, we used two different kinds of film and we shot some digital as well. Which means that we shot work of them together with three different color palettes. This is probably a more common approach for magazine work, but, after some contemplation, I feel like Blue Blood VIP members deserve to get that magazine quality, so I’m going to share the variety of formats. I think this first film sequence is really erotic. Blue Blood VIP membes will of course be familiar with Secret Sin. TJ Van Shock you should know from his stints in Fearcult, Radio Scarlet, and other fine deathrock bands. Or you might recognize him from the Christina Aguilera music video for her song “Beautiful”. We’ve got some beautiful for y’all here.

secret sin and tj von shock photographed by forrest black and amelia g for blue blood deathrock 01