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The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game by Amelia G on Blue Blood

The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game

Cyanide & Happiness is doing a Kickstarter for a video game. If you’ve seen antisocially hilarious stick figures comic strips floating around the internet, you are probably familiar with Cyanide & Happiness. Lots of witty ultra violence. Also amusing insights into what people you…( Read more )

Steve Rude Art at La Luz De Jesus Gallery by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Steve Rude Art at La Luz De Jesus Gallery

Comic book legend Steve Rude‘s gallery show opened at La Luz de Jesus gallery last night. La Luz is my favorite art gallery in Los Angeles. They bring in more artists whose work I want to see than anyone else. Gallery Director Matt Kennedy and I have been friends for a quarter century now….( Read more )

Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

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Cartoons are better than breaking into song

I fear feel this cartoon accurately describes how I’ve been feeling all week.

Happy Birthday Forrest Black BOOM Holiday Party

Happy Birthday Forrest Black BOOM Holiday Party

by Amelia G : December 13th, 2010

If you are in Los Angeles and looking for something to do tonight (or just interested in stalking me), I plan to be at the BOOM Comics holiday party at Meltdown Comics this evening.

BOOM Holiday Party 2010 Meltdown Comics

Beforehand, I am going to learn to make red velvet cake because it is Forrest Black’s birthday. Red velvet cake has all sorts of weird non-cakelike ingredients. These include, but are not limited to, buttermilk, vinegar, and cream cheese. Everyone wish Forrest Black a happy birthday . . .

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Unsavory Pals

Unsavory Pals

by Amelia G : October 15th, 2009

sam and max video gamesLong ago, in a land far far from here, I lived in a punk rock group house with a lot of fans of Steve Purcells’ Sam and Max characters and their unsavory pals. Sam and Max was a hilariously antisocial comic strip. Assuming one thinks punk humor is hilarious and freelance talking animal police are a good source of humor.

Some time later, LucasArts decided to make a game based on the Sam and Max comics. The internet tells me that LucasArts was Steve Purcells’ day job and Sam and Max were a long-running LucasArts in-joke, which is the sort of little fun fact to know and share that tended to be unknown pre-internet. I could comment on this more, assuming I read all of the background info (which I haven’t yet), but suffice it to say that LucasArts actually made a pretty pleasingly unsavory game based on Sam and Max. The internet also tells me that the characters were eventually made into a television show which aired on a secondary FOX channel called FOX Kids. Which is weird both because it is simply weird and because I’ve never watched it, despite my affection for Sesame Street and Back at the Barnyard.

I’m excited to report that the awesome old Sam and Max comics are all back in print now. Full disclosure: the source of . . .

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