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Photographers and Models: Blue Blood VIP Call for Photo Submissions

Blue Blood is currently considering new photographic submissions from now through the end of September 2014. Work will be considered on a rolling basis and deadline for this reading period is September 30, 2014.

While Blue Blood is open to beginners, it is a creative venue for established photographers, artists who have a vision and are committed to their craft. Blue Blood is primarily interested in contributions from those who have a significant body of work. Photographers Blue Blood has published include Justice Howard, Gunter Blum, Carlos Batts, Bodó Janos Attila, Chad Michael Ward, Ashley Fontenot, Christine Kessler, Roman Sluka, Larry Bradby, Julie Simone, Jim Hancock, Jay Allan, and, of course, Amelia G and Forrest Black.

blueblood call for photographic art submissions

Publication process:

(1) Create great work (or find that collection of great work you’ve created.)

(2) Porfolio review: Email samples or a portfolio link to Social media profiles, such as Instagram or even ModelMayhem, are fine for the purpose of a portfolio to show what your work is like. If you are accepted to submit, you will receive an invitation at this stage. Blue Blood considers portfolios from all, but Blue Blood only accepts actual set submissions from invited artists at this time. If you do not hear back within 2 weeks, please feel welcome to contact again to follow up.

(3) Receive a DropBox invite.

(4) Submission: Submit your full completed sets via DropBox.

(5) Get your work accepted and complete final paperwork.

(6) Get published, tell everyone you know, get paid, and celebrate!

(7) Repeat :-)

Themes to consider in selecting what to submit: – gothic girls, the more dark eyeliner/black lips/bats/spiderwebs/fishnets, the better – punk teens, strange insertions and devil themes are plusses – science fiction and fantasy themes, cosplay, comic books, monster makeup, vampires – latex and rubber couture, both on and off altmodels – preference for real life counterculture couples shoots

Models with more than 50 completed shoots, and at least one popular social media profile, are also invited to query about doing a site themed around them.

It is strongly preferred that a number of photo sets be submitted at the same time. Most sets feature a sequence of some sort and tell a bit of a story and thus end up being 60 to 160 images. Rates can be higher, if you do the post-processing, but you do not have to. Less explicit sets are expected to be shorter and more explicit series are usually longer. Work submitted on a piecemeal basis is generally considered long after work submitted in batches. Submissions will be temporarily closed after the September 30, 2014 deadline.


SpookyCash Nominated for XBiz Award

SpookyCash Nominated for XBiz Award

by Amelia G : December 28th, 2010

I’m pleased that Blue Blood’s SpookyCash affiliate program has been nominated for Specialty Affiliate Program of the Year in the 2011 XBiz Awards. SpookyCash is kinda like the Amazon referral programs a lot of folks participate in, only it pays promoters more. If you run a high traffic gothic or punk or tattoo or fetish-oriented web site, SpookyCash is definitely good for more than a little beer money.

SpookyCash is the official affiliate program for, Gothic Sluts, Erotic Fandom, Barely Evil, Rubber Dollies, Erotic BPM, Scar 13, and more alt membership sites for grown-ups.

Because of our love of new technology and strong publication background, SpookyCash was the first affiliate program to utilize a hosted blog and custom-coded affiliate RSS feed syndication in this market space. SpookyCash also still has the only fully hosted TGP of any of the nominees. SpookyCash, of course, has all the expected affiliate webmaster tools, including banners, hosted banner rotation, FHGs, POTDs with customizable preview thumb size, and all that good stuff.

If you are a Blue Blood reader with a busy web site or a personal profile with more than 15,000 friends and fans, please feel free to message me for assistance getting set up to make money with SpookyCash.

spookycash xbiz award