Yolanda Fuzzy Piggies Slippers (PICS)

I’m sitting here wearing fuzzy tiger paw slippers, in honor of the extremely brief winteresque time period in Hollywood. So it seems only fitting to post this series including Yolanda showing off her fuzzy pink piggies slippers. Forrest Black and I had the pleasure of shooting a few sets with Yolanda in her living room, on this particular day. We shot everything standard high saturation film, cross-processed film, and digital. The digital appears to be corrupt, but I’m pleased to share the film with you all. This is the more standard film process and I’ll post some crossed stuff later as well, which should be especially interesting for the photographers among y’all. Whole series in the Blue Blood VIP as always.

yolanda fuzzy piggies photography by amelia g and forrest black for blue blood