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Spiders from Mars (PICS)

With the silver makeup and futuristic glam armor from Retail Slut in this outfit, I like to think of this series Forrest Black and I shot as the Spiders from Mars shoot. I love metal clothing. I decided I kind of liked this image from the nude portion of the shoot as the one shot I could share though, so y’all will have to sign up for Erotic Fandom or Blue Blood VIP to see the metal spider top.

spiders from mars

Does your car need eyelashes?

Does your car need eyelashes?

by Amelia G : September 13th, 2010

car lashes eyelashes

I’m a big fan of flamboyantly gigantic eyelashes. They can be a pain to put on and take off, but they really complete a dramatic makeup look. I love photographing them and I like to wear them from time to time. A downside of the really good fake eyelashes is that they tend to be pricey. </p>

So I don’t know whether I am more disturbed that someone made false eyelashes for car headlights. By the fact that, even with the crystal strip add-on, the carlashes are less pricey than many of the people lashes I and many folks I know would wear. Or the fact that I think you could decorate a car really cute and ridiculous with . . .

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