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What do you like besides Rik Mayall & The Young Ones? by Amelia G on Blue Blood

What do you like besides Rik Mayall & The Young Ones?

I loved The Young Ones. I actually thought they were an MTV creation and the existence of that show was one of the many reasons MTV was awesome. I rarely saw my people represented in film and, despite its over-the-top comedy, The Young Ones reflected my real life experience far more than most…( Read more )

The Internet’s Most Popular Cats by Amelia G on Blue Blood

The Internet's Most Popular Cats

So I’ve been doing some business research where I get to use all these fancy (expensive) professional databases. One of the databases I have access to is Statista. Here is how Statista describes itself:
The world’s largest statistics portal
We pride ourselves in being the world’s first and …( Read more )

Hollywood Gets a Social Makeover Hosted by Financial Times

This is why I am all awake and lively at 9am Pacific. There seem to be some technical difficulties, but the panel description sounds really cool and interesting, so I hope the Social Media Week folks can get it all streaming.

Hosted by the Financial Times, a global media partner of Social Media Week, this conversation at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills will explore how studios and other global media companies are using digital and social media to advance their businesses and reach new audiences, seizing on opportunities and managing challenges posed by new platforms. 

Matthew Garrahan, Los Angeles Correspondent for the FT, will moderate the discussion, and panelists include:

  • Tom Lesinski, President, Paramount Digital Entertainment
  • Jake Zim, Vice President of Digital Marketing, 20th Century Fox
  • Courtney Holt, President, MySpace Music
  • Ross Levinsohn, Managing Partner, Fuse Capital

Why is MySpace shooting itself in the foot blocking so many sites?

I know social media pundits are all going on about what is causing MySpace to falter and a lot of the blame is being placed on Facebook and a bit on Twitter, but I think the difficulties come from within the way MySpace manages its own FOX Interactive properties. Their biz dev people really ought to be paying less attention to what Facebook and Twitter are up to and more attention to how they themselves are doing business.

For example, why is MySpace blocking so many sites? There is no point to me having 60k+ “friend” on there, if half the sites I might want to post a link to — including my personal site — are blocked and maligned as a matter of some sort of policy. I thought the site concept was a profile which was supposed to be *MY*space, so what the heck is up with MySpace calling lots of links “spam” or “phishing” or some such nonsense, when that’s false to a libelous degree? Sooner or later, someone is probably going to take them to court for this sort of libel and a class action could even be put together. And, really, what is the benefit to MySpace?

And don’t tell me they are blocking mild nudity because I totally see straight up adult sites with *full* nudity posting their actual updates on here, with no impediment.