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Preserving Memories or Amelia Ruminates Morbidly on a Funny Picture

With the passing of David Aaron Clark, I have been thinking a lot about the way photography preserves a moment. In many respects, I think my interest in photography initially stemmed largely from having moved so often and wishing I had more photos to remember people with. The reason, when I first picked up a camera, that I initially photographed freaks like me — basically people I viewed as peers — was that I saw it as essentially photographing the family barbecue. Only, ya know, with more varied hair color and sometimes more naked.

This shot is from a Blue Blood VIP set which posted last week. It is of Kellie LaPlegua and Szandora and is sort of a BTS outtake, although it is included in the update. I like this shot because, although I don’t feel today the way I felt that day, this image helps preserve the memory.

David Aaron Clark Remembered

David Aaron Clark Remembered

by Amelia G : December 4th, 2009

david aaron clark amelia g boaOne of the many things I liked about David Aaron Clark was that he had eclectic interests and he had an artist’s drive to share his passions. In Korea, BoA is not Bank of America, but a huge pop act with crazy hot music videos. As part of a campaign to launch her in America, she played a special concert at Universal Citywalk. DAC invited me and Forrest Black to go and we had a lot of fun. DAC was too shy to buy the CD and the poster BoA would later autograph, so Forrest went and did it for him. Later DAC treated us to dinner. The shrimp place at Citywalk has wretched food and good drinks, but the important thing was that we enjoyed great conversation. And my glass had flashing lights in it like a mini-rave. David Aaron Clark always claimed he didn’t smile in pictures, but this David Aaron Clark photo gallery demonstrates that he did, under the right circumstances.

A few days ago, I posted my initial personal response to DAC’s passing RIP David Aaron Clark. Here is a list of links to other remembrances by some of the artists, writers, and deviant who mourn him. Los Angeles folks who knew him may be getting together around 7pm tonight in the bar at the ground floor of his former apartment . . .

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RIP David Aaron Clark

David Aaron Clark took me to my first genuine serious BDSM club.

Whether we were checking out a new K-pop singer, attending a medievalist wedding, or standing in line at a book signing, David Aaron Clark was always kind to me. He was not a self-serving fair weather friend or a hater bad weather friend; David Aaron Clark was a real friend to me.

David Aaron Clark is one of the last people still fighting the good fight who really knew me, not my digital persona, not some press, not some rumors, not the guarded self I now present to new people, but the real me. Was one of the last people, not is. Damn it.

David Aaron Clark wrote the first big feature review of Blue Blood magazine in print.

Later, Blue Blood wrote up David Aaron Clark’s first video project which he directed, wrote, acted in, and literally spilled his own blood for.

David Aaron Clark was a brilliant writer. He had a knack for turning even the most mundane video review into something truly entertaining and readable. He was my labelmate at Masquerade/Rhinoceros with his novels The Wet Forever and Sister Radience and the Ritual Sex anthology he and Tristan Taormino co-edited. He and Charles Gatewood collaborated on the blood fetish book True Blood for Last Gasp. DAC was a prolific writer and his talents were seen in many venues from magazines and newspapers to screenplays. A lot of people will probably remember him for his porn video writing and directing, but he created a diverse body of work.

Things were really looking up in 2009 for David Aaron Clark. Evil Angel had actually given him the creative freedom to show some of his true artistry with the Pure movie, produced by Aiden Starr and starring Asa Akira. He used to joke that AVN created a Best Asian Feature category just so they would have an award to give him every year. I think he won for Best Screenplay too and they didn’t invent that award only for him. He was a good person and would really give himself to what he made and I always felt he deserved even more recognition than what he got. David Aaron Clark always deserved an award for his creative work across multiple forms of media because of how much he put in.

David Aaron Clark and I have known each other for approximately sixteen years and ten months. He welcomed me into his home when we lived far apart and I had to travel to see him. We live so close together in Los Angeles, I wish I’d made the time to see him more. Lived so close, not live so close. With the internet, it is so easy to keep up moderate communication and, being an adult, it seems like it just gets harder and harder to make in-person time.

The last thing I said to him was the trivial thought that I wish there was going to be another season of 4400. I wish there was going to be another season of the notorious DAC.

I keep wanting to add details like how he played a non-sex role as a pirate in Joone’s Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge, but I could go on all day listing cool interesting bits and pieces about his life. He lived an adventurous and interesting life, dated wild women, had unusual sex, went cool places, and left behind a significant body of work. That is more and better than a lot of people, and I know this is trite, only I wish he were still here; I feel he got taken way way too soon.

When I can stop crying for any extended period of time, I’m going to look for some photographs Forrest Black and I took of him and post them.

Rest in peace, David Aaron Clark. You are missed.