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Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

Kellie and Forrest discussing Illuminati and BBQ ing #BBQ #kellielaplegua #Kellie #forrestblack #illuminati

Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

Kellie is making me crab cakes! #kellielaplegua #Kellie #crabcakes

Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

So I'm making it throwback Tuesday today. I should really shoot more bands again, now that I am done with school. #blueblood #bands #Kellie #kellielaplegua #andylaplegua #tattoos #combichrist

Kellie LaPlegua wearing AMF Korsets in Garden (PICS)

This image I shot of the beautiful, responsible yet fun-loving Kellie LaPlegua is the first in a two-parter on her and Louis Fleischauer for Marquis. You all may recall that I posted an, err, dog-fucking photo from the latter half of this shoot a while ago. Given that Marquis was fine with me posting some of the stuff of Crash from last ish, I'm assuming it is cool to share these with the world now. Hopefully this is the case. This will be like the 31st issue I think of Marquis which features Forrest Black's and my Big in America column. Whole series in Blue Blood VIP and on the new Erotic Fandom (which I should really make a post about here too.)

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