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BlogDay2010 – 5 Diverse Possibly Alien Blogs

by Amelia G : August 31st, 2010

Blog Day 2010</p>

So today is supposed to be Blog Day 2010. BlogDay founder Nir Ofir has been doing this since 2005. The idea is for bloggers to post links to five disparate blogs which are culturally alien reads. Each BlogDay post August 31, 2010 is supposed to be tagged as BlogDay2010. Bizarrely, this year, Technorati shows not one single post tagged BlogDay2010. But I’m still going to post a few blogs I think are interesting reads and not what I would usually post.

Kanye West has a disturbingly high quality blog. It is mostly a picture blog, but there is a seemingly unending stream of pics of visually interesting things, ranging from concept cars to collectible caskets. Purportedly Kanye West blogs himself. If he does, he is committed to it and he gets the photoblog format, and is good about including links for further info. If he hired someone else to do it, he hired someone extremely qualified.

kanye west pietre dure casket

The Wall Street Journal has a Life and Culture blog, which strikes me as rather surreal. The top story on there today is “In Japan, Men Vacation With Virtual Girlfriends”.

Also somewhat in the business realm is Mark Cuban’s blog BlogMaverick. The name is not a political reference; he owns a basketball team called the Dallas Mavericks. He made his money in the dot com boom by selling to Yahoo for stock and then diversifying before the stock market tanked. Some of his more recent activities include guesting on Entourage and starting BailoutSleuth to cover where our taxpayer money is being funneled to and how it is being (ab)used.

You’ve probably heard of TMZ. They are mostly a blight on society, but they are a hard-working and prolific blight. So, if you hear some random water cooler conversation about Paris Hilton mistaking her friend’s cocaine for chewing gum, you always know you can pop over to the TMZ blog to get the details. You can quickly discover that the gallery of Jesse James and Kat Von D getting in and out of vehicles, riding a motorcycle, holding hands, and swapping spit is one of the most popular. Today, TMZ also helpfully posted a copy Guns n’ Roses guitar player Slash’s divorce papers. Apparently, his address was able to be left “confidential” on the Los Angeles court documents. The Los Angeles form also has checkboxes for reason for dissolution of marriage which include incest and bigamy. Go figure.

tmz jesse james kat von d tattoo kiss

Speaking of guns, The Firearm Blog is . . .

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A Little Humanity

A Little Humanity

by Amelia G : March 12th, 2010

corey haim rip man's inhumanity to manSometimes it makes me sad that our society has become more receptive to a kind obituary than to giving props to the living. Then again, I think people who are hostile to the grieving deserve a special place in Hell and I do think it is extremely important to honor the dead when they pass.

I found it surreal how many of my friends recently posted that Corey Haim was their first celebrity crush. He wasn’t my type, but his work obviously touched a lot of people. Yet the main feedback he got, while he was alive, was pretty negative. Somehow the way Corey Haim’s accomplishments peaked early made it acceptable for people to mock him when he was down. TMZ never runs an article about how someone who couldn’t hold down a job as a fry cook looked like death warmed over when they went to the supermarket the other day. But, if someone has a few accomplishments under their belt, then rumors of their marriage failing, details of their special sexual needs, and unflattering photos of them double-parked outside the Pinkberry for a yogurt during their time of the month are all fair game.

I am not a public figure, but maybe I wanted to be . . . before the internet came along and gossip media wildly outpaced more traditional entertainment journalism. I sure as heck have no desire to be a public figure now. I know absolutely nothing about Brad Pitt’s creative process, yet it is a challenge to avoid finding out when he is rumored to . . .

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Brittany Murphy Dark Humor

Brittany Murphy Dark Humor

by Amelia G : December 23rd, 2009

brittany murphy drug addict nikki in spunI’ve been in a bit of a morbid headspace due to recent events. So, when Twitter lit up with Brittany Murphy RIP tweets, I’m not proud of it, but I popped over to TMZ to see what happened. I made the correct assumption that TMZ would have the most up-to-the-minute info on anything really depressing and dismal involving bad things happening to a celebrity.

TMZ in fact was updating every few minutes with stuff like UPDATE 4:07 PM ET — A rep for Murphy tells TMZ, “In this time of sadness, the family thanks you for your love and support. It is their wish that you respect their privacy.” They followed this up with paparazzi photos of Brittany Murphy’s grieving husband coming back home from the hospital, after his wife had been pronounced dead. Here is where it gets kind of hilarious. If you have a very very very dark sense of humor.

The stated cause of death for Brittany Murphy was cardiac arrest. Because she was a talented actress, it was common assumption, after her star turn in the meth addict movie Spun, that she was a big ol’ druggee. See Robert Downey Jr.’s performance in Less Than Zero for the classic example of this phenomenon. I think that, if I managed actors, I would tell only untalented ones to ever . . .

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Jasmine Fiore Playboy Death Photo

Jasmine Fiore Playboy Death Photo

by Amelia G : August 23rd, 2009

muderer ryan alexander jenkins smooches megan hauserman for VH1Is it likely that a bleach blonde with fake tits who worked for Playboy appeared in a Playboy pictorial? Is it likely that a millionaire reality show contestant would murder his bleach blonde girlfriend and think he was going to get away with it by chopping off all her fingers and pulling out all her teeth but not removing her serial numbered breast implants? Is it likely that, if someone were so horribly cruelly disfigured, either just prior to being murdered or post-mortem to incompetently prevent identification, that TMZ would buy a death photo from someone in the coroner’s office and post it on the internet? Well, the only part of the the Jasmine-Fiore-murder-followed-by-death-photo story being reported which is not true is that the victim posed for Playboy. Full disclosure: Jasmine Fiore may have had a bit part in the horror movie The Abandoned which was an advertiser on this site and others I work on, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t bias me on this. I’m pretty sure I would find this story simultaneously ghoulishly hilarious and horrifically tragic regardless.

One Ryan Alexander Jenkins was indeed thwarted when one Jasmine Fiore was identified by the serial number on her breast implants. Apparently Ryan Alexander Jenkins recently finished taping on VH1’s I Love . . .

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