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Red Wedding: Effing Starks Had It Coming or Duh, a Man-Flayer Always Has Secrets (Warning: Gross Pic

Red Wedding: Effing Starks Had It Coming or Duh, a Man-Flayer Always Has Secrets (Warning: Gross Pics & Spoilers)

I’m just going to say it: BEST GOT EP OF THE SEASON. If you are super sad the Red Wedding went how it did, you might not want to keep reading. Also, if you are one of those pussies whinging about how they killed a wolf and a pregnant chick, HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING THIS SHOW? All the...( Read more )

Summer Fun BLT by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Summer Fun BLT

Forrest Black and I have had to hit Blue Blood’s storage facility as part of working on the BLT Punk Humor Book 25 Year Black Leather Times Zine Omnibus project. We were able to find quite a few vintage issues of BLT where we had enough to be able to give some to our friends and...( Read more )

Gothic.net Panel of Experts – BDSM in Horror (SFW)

Gothic.net Panel of Experts – BDSM in Horror
Posted by Amelia G

bdsm in horror

Gothic.net has posted a new installment of the Panel of Experts and the current question is: Does a storyline seem more or less frightening to you, when BDSM themes are included, such as those in Hellraiser or Ichi the Killer? Besides yours truly, some other Blue Blood notables on the Panel include John Shirley, Will Judy, Forrest Black, Cecilia Tan, Thomas S. Roche, Ed Mironiuk, Eric Swartz, and Chad Savage.

For me, the relatability and familiarity of some of the BDSM aspect . . .

( Read more )

Backstage Passes: An Anthology of Rock and Roll Erotica from the Pages of Blue Blood

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. I was scheduled to announce the release of my fabulous anthology Backstage Passes on Monday. But I was wracked with anxiety and inappropriate affect, so, instead of feeling celebratory about the awesomeness, I just mostly felt nervous and queasy. Excited contributors have all been emailing me for the past day to make sure all is well. Okay, that is probably an overshare. Let me start again.

I am pleased to announce that my book Backstage Passes: An Anthology of Rock and Roll Erotica from the pages of Blue Blood just came out. The stories explore different aspects of the eroticism of music subcultures. It's got sexy literary fiction from all sorts of cool genre authors including Poppy Z. Brite, Nancy A. Collins, John Shirley, Will Judy, Shariann Lewitt, Cecilia Tan, Andrew Greenberg, William Spencer-Hale, Althea Morin, Sèphera Girón, Thomas S. Roche, and more. The book includes a story I wrote too, one of my only published fiction works where I wrote in the third person. I'm fortunate to have been able to work with so many great people.

The book won't be available in stores until September, but you all can buy copies now from the Blue Blood Books site and get yours all early way before the general population can. It will make me feel all warm and gooey inside if you do.

backstage passes an anthology of rock and roll erotica from the pages of blue blood

Dana Dark at the End of the World

Senior Blue Blood writer Will Judy calls Forrest Black's shotgun "the luckiest shotgun in the world". What can I say about beautiful Dana Dark that I haven't said before?

dana dark latex gasmask shotgun
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