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Seeking Dothraki Wedding Planner or Swords and Sorcery Writer (Paying Market)

BlueBlood.net is looking for a fantasy expert to write about season 2 of Game of Thrones. BlueBlood.net is seeking someone who has access to HBO and is planning on watching the show and would like to write up each episode as it airs. Writer in New York time zone preferred. WordPress and/or Photoshop experience a plus. Having read the books optional, but it is essential that you never ever include spoilers. More features available if you have costuming or other production experience/insight and can write up the behind-the-scenes aspects in additional posts.

Please only apply for this if you will be able to write up every single episode of the season within a couple hours of it airing. This gig pays more than a standard blog entry, but only if you successfully write up every episode on time. Payment will be made the Monday after the last episode of the season. This is work for hire. Byline possible.

To apply, please send an email to submit@blueblood.net (or use the submission form) with information on your affinity for swords, sorcery, royalty, sociology, sex in media, and/or costuming, any speculative fiction criticism/review writing credits you might have, and what your skill levels are in WordPress, Photoshop, and general blogging. Please feel free to include anything additional on why you want to write this column. Possibility of longer term regular blogging work, if your column goes well.

Gothic.net Panel of Experts – BDSM in Horror (SFW)

Gothic.net Panel of Experts – BDSM in Horror
Posted by Amelia G

bdsm in horror

Gothic.net has posted a new installment of the Panel of Experts and the current question is: Does a storyline seem more or less frightening to you, when BDSM themes are included, such as those in Hellraiser or Ichi the Killer? Besides yours truly, some other Blue Blood notables on the Panel include John Shirley, Will Judy, Forrest Black, Cecilia Tan, Thomas S. Roche, Ed Mironiuk, Eric Swartz, and Chad Savage.

For me, the relatability and familiarity of some of the BDSM aspect . . .

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Call for Writers – Adult Bloggers $

I am looking for a few additional writers who can do timely quality blog entries on adult topics.

Your application should include a list of three of your favorite girls who model for what could be considered goth, altporn, or fetish, online or in print, and 100 words or less on what it is you like about them. This is a writing test and not a flattery test, so it is more important that you write something interesting, entertaining, or otherwise engaging about your favorite girls than that they be girls who appear on BlueBlood.com.

Knowledge of Photoshop, WordPress, or other blogging systems a plus. Doesn’t pay a lot, but there is regular work for consistent bloggers and a higher post $ rate for writers proficient in Photoshop and WordPress. Please specify your experience level.

In order to be considered, please post in response to this or use the form at the bottom of the Contact Us page at http://www.blueblood.net/contact/ and select Writer Queries or use the form at http://bluebloodbooks.com/writers-guidelines.html and select Other or email submit [at] blueblood.net please. Carrier pigeon is okay too, but may slow down processing. 😉