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Gasmask Flexibility (PICS)

If someone can do a cool unusual trick, I always like to photograph them doing it. Like, if they are good at hanging upside down or twisting into pretzel forms or breathing fire or hanging from hooks or whatever, then I’m down for documenting it. This set, shot by yours truly and [info]forrestblack posted to the Blue Blood VIP today.

Dana Dark at the End of the World

Senior Blue Blood writer Will Judy calls Forrest Black’s shotgun “the luckiest shotgun in the world”. What can I say about beautiful Dana Dark that I haven’t said before?

dana dark latex gasmask shotgun

Gasmask Chic

[info]forrestblack and I always have fun shooting Lori the Gory. With her evil ink, she looks especially dangerously sexy in this shiny slick rubber gasmask. Forrest Black picked up the gasmask when he and Szandora went shopping at Fry’s. I’m not sure if this was the usage the Fry’s people had in mind, but what better intention could they have had for consumer gasmasks? Full series in the Blue Blood VIP.