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Gothic.net Fiction Editor Position

Gothic.net is seeking a new fiction editor. Gothic.net comes from a strong literary tradition, so the fiction editor will need to have exacting standards. The Gothic.net site receives more visitors every month than any other literary genre site on the net. Writers Gothic.net has published in the past include David J. Schow, Thomas S. Roche, Clint Catalyst, Maria Alexander, Poppy Z. Brite, Richard Matheson, Ramsey Campbell, and many more luminaries of the dark writing world.

Fiction editor will initially be responsible for reading all writing submissions and doing coverage on submitted fiction pieces. Fiction editor will then be responsible for contracting and copy-editing final selections and reporting a schedule for writer payouts. Must be proficient in Microsoft Word. WordPress, Excel, and Photoshop skills a plus. Ability to do writer outreach a plus. Please only apply if you are well-versed in literary horror and enjoy the genre. Honorarium pay will be quarterly and more beer money than absinthe money. You will, however, have the ability to put authors in front of a very large readership. Your good taste could break new authors and expose established authors to important audiences.

To apply, please email webmaster@gothic.net with the subject heading FICTION EDITOR. Please provide information on:
–why you want to do this
–three recent books or short stories you enjoyed with a sentence on why for each
–a few writers or publishers you enjoy with a sentence on why for each
–what conventions or other writing events you attend
–any editorial experience you have
–any experience you have contracting writers or other creatives
–any educational background you have
–your level of proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPress, and Photoshop
The idea is to provide a sense of both your qualifications and your taste.

Backstage Passes Gets Good Press from Pop My Cherry and Blog Critic

Backstage Passes Gets Good Press from Pop My Cherry and Blog Critic

by Amelia G : September 24th, 2010

My Backstage Passes anthology has been receiving some more nice press this week, so I thought I’d share.

fc etier ski mask backstage passes blogcritic blog criticBackstage Passes: An Anthology of Rock and Roll Erotica from the Pages of Blue Blood is currently the featured book review on BlogCritic.com. FC Etier, writing for Blog Critic, explains that his Aunt Maude used to describe authors like Irving Wallace as racy and say she had to put her ski mask on to read a particularly juicy book (for modesty’s sake.) I am extremely entertained that the reviewer provided a photograph of himself reading my Backstage Passes book, while wearing a ski mask. And BlogCritic.com offers a ski mask upsell near the write-up. FC Etier also says, “the words paint vivid images in the mind. Think of rainbows of hair coloring, lots of tattoos and piercing, scantily clad punk queens and of course, lots of sex.”

Domina Doll, writing for Pop My Cherry, writes:

. . . this collection of erotica that explores the dark passageways of music subculture has 17 sizzling stories by some of the biggest horror/goth/erotica writers in the genre including Poppy Z. Brite, Nancy A. Collins, Yon Von Faust, Sèphera Girón, Thomas S. Roche, John Shirley, Cecilia Tan, and more . . . What I fucking loved about this anthology. The authors in this collection are amazing story-tellers and the top of their genres. As a writer myself and someone who used to dabble in dark erotica, I have idolized many of these writers for years. While each has their own unique style, they all have a way of sinking their teeth into the meat of the story, fleshing out their often flawed angst-ridden characters and creating hot throbbing scenes that explore the dark and esoteric side of sex. Many different genres are explored from punk/gothic, dark erotica, horror/dark fantasy and every gender represented including creatures other-worldly and indefinable. The stories have diverse themes but are all woven together by the lustful threads of a rock n’ roll subculture featuring musicians, rock stars, groupies, nefarious lovers, occultists and blood-letters . . . Backstage Passes is a superb collection of edgy dark erotica—a sweaty heap of fuck-fiction laced with drug-induced deliriums and rituals of pain and pleasure, with rock star god worshipping goth sluts, leather-clad bad boys and demons who creep into your darkest dreams. Please pick up your copy of “Backstage Passes” at BlueBloodBooks.com and check out the editor at AmeliaG.com.

backstage passes an anthology of rock and roll erotica from the pages of blue blood

Backstage Passes: An Anthology of Rock and Roll Erotica from the Pages of Blue Blood

Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days. I was scheduled to announce the release of my fabulous anthology Backstage Passes on Monday. But I was wracked with anxiety and inappropriate affect, so, instead of feeling celebratory about the awesomeness, I just mostly felt nervous and queasy. Excited contributors have all been emailing me for the past day to make sure all is well. Okay, that is probably an overshare. Let me start again.

I am pleased to announce that my book Backstage Passes: An Anthology of Rock and Roll Erotica from the pages of Blue Blood just came out. The stories explore different aspects of the eroticism of music subcultures. It’s got sexy literary fiction from all sorts of cool genre authors including Poppy Z. Brite, Nancy A. Collins, John Shirley, Will Judy, Shariann Lewitt, Cecilia Tan, Andrew Greenberg, William Spencer-Hale, Althea Morin, Sèphera Girón, Thomas S. Roche, and more. The book includes a story I wrote too, one of my only published fiction works where I wrote in the third person. I’m fortunate to have been able to work with so many great people.

The book won’t be available in stores until September, but you all can buy copies now from the Blue Blood Books site and get yours all early way before the general population can. It will make me feel all warm and gooey inside if you do.

backstage passes an anthology of rock and roll erotica from the pages of blue blood

AmeliaG.com Launches

AmeliaG.com Launches

by Amelia G : July 28th, 2009

amelia g ameliagSo I registered the domain for my name a while back, when the internet still had a bit of that new web smell. I’d been doing work more and more in the digital space for a few years then and I would end up having to pay off a cybersquatter for the BlueBlood.com domain, so it seemed sensible to register everything near and dear to me. Then nine more years went by. Some of my favorite sites have grown out of Forrest Black registering domains while drinking beer and then me feeling that, once it was registered, the domain had to have a site on it. For a long time, I just had a link to a hosted journal on AmeliaG.com, but now seemed like the time to actually put a proper site on there. Today it officially goes live.

The site has the Amelia G bio with just the broad strokes. There is a more detailed sidebar with just 2009 news about press appearances and where my writing and photography has appeared this year. I considered including a page with a gigantic lists of places I’ve been published, but, after doing thousands of pages of editorial, not to mention radio and television stuff, it just seemed like it would be a bit of a laundry list. Plus, oddly enough, when I was doing research for the site, I discovered that some of my work had been reprinted without me even knowing it. I’ve moved less as an adult than I did as a kid, but sometimes it is still possible to lose track of compatriots with moves and all on everyone’s part.

I hope people enjoy the Photography Portfolio section of Forrest Black’s and my work. People always ask to see my online portfolio and I always was reluctant to put one together before. When I say “reluctant”, I mean that the notion of editing together only forty of my favorite images, out of everything we’ve ever shot, made me effing hyperventilate. I forced my brain through its discomfort and editing a selection of images from over such a long time period turned out to be really . . .

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