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Be the Change: No More Partisan Politics or Impotent Outrage

I am going to try to be the change I want to see in the world. I am not going to unfriend anyone for their partisan politics. I am not going to blame any of my friends for macro world events beyond any of our control. I aim to avoid engaging in partisan political discourse between now and November 1, 2016. I aim to avoid engaging in discussion of local outrages in faraway places I can't impact. To my American friends, whoever you are voting for or if you are sitting out this election, our relationship was never based on politics and it is not going to start being now. I am available, either online or in person, to discuss literature, art, music, fashion, technology, food, business, and related topics. I am going to try to be the change I want to see in the world.

Easter Egg Castle Fully Re-Opens to Public Today by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Easter Egg Castle Fully Re-Opens to Public Today

The Kelburn Castle and Estate fully opens to the public on Easter and maintains regular hours from Easter until November second. Although Kelburn Castle has many historical and architectural features of interest, the aspect people tend to find most notable is the graffiti-covered portion.
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Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

This fan given to me by delightful designer Dina D'Argo is pretty. But I've had it for nearly 2 decades now and it is starting to shed little pink downy feathers #pink #burlesque #fashion

The Iconography of Alice in Wonderland and Heavy Red by Amelia G on Blue Blood

The Iconography of Alice in Wonderland and Heavy Red

The character of Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is wonderfully iconic. When Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, most literature of the time depicted children in a very mannered, unrealistic, and subservient way. At the...( Read more )

Mathematics (PICS)

Photography by yours truly and Forrest Black + modeling by Crash + couture by Antiseptic Fashion = a really hot and very surreal set for Gothic Sluts. Hope y'all like it.

Crash on Blue Blood VIP (PICS)

Fabulous designer Billy from Antiseptic Fashion always knows the hotties and he knows our tastes. So he introduced me and Forrest Black to the lovely Miss Crash. We had a deadline for our regular column for Marquis and Crash was just driving through Los Angeles on her way from Las Vegas to I think San Diego. (She travels a lot.) We got together for a late night shoot and everything just came together really great. The Marquis magazine article has run, although I wish I had some copies. At any rate, so now we are fixing to post whole series of each exotic erotic couture set-up we shot. Here is a sample image from one of them. Whole sets in the Blue Blood VIP as always.

Project Runway Premiere Party & Foolproof Diet Fitness Plan (PICS)

My new diet fitness plan is 100% foolproof -- put a fashion model on each hip. Okay, it is past my bedtime. More pics from the supa dupa fun Project Runway Premiere Party on

Yes, the camera was set for Tipsyvision (TM) on purpose. That way, Forrest Black and I could concentrate on having fun with our pals and not have to really worry about the pics. The just turned out kind of cool, so I thought I'd post the best ones. Brandise's are way way better than ours.

Blue Blood
(Image Courtesy of Blue Blood)

RIP Alexander McQueen

RIP Alexander McQueen

by Amelia G : February 12th, 2010

alexander mcqueen lady gaga bad romanceAlexander McQueen was such an extremely talented and out-of-the-box designer that even punks who hate the whole concept of fashion could appreciate his work. In keeping with this, Alexander McQueen said that he once used a pen to scrawl the word CUNT into the lining of a coat he worked on for Prince Charles. David Bowie’s coat on the cover of the Earthling CD was by Alexander McQueen. Hopefully, there were no bonus notes in David Bowie’s clothing lining.

As vampires have become more mainstream-acceptable, pockets of the gothic subculture have been inclined to reject the whole vampire thing. Okay, I wrote my thesis on vampire stuff, so maybe this is no surprise, but the whole immortality aspect always got a thumbs-up from me. My family is packed with humans who tend to be both long-lived and kinda dicks about funerals. The way that Alexander McQueen pushed the envelope in life will give him a certain kind of immortality.

I have never met Alexander McQueen, but my own life had a lil too many deaths in it this past year. In case Blue Blood is the only site you’ve looked at in the past day, Alexander McQueen was supposed to attend his mother’s funeral today, but he was reportedly found hanged . . .

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In the Year of the Pig Fish

In the Year of the Pig Fish

by Amelia G : July 31st, 2009

liz mcgrath in the year of the pig fishI went to a fashion show soiree last night. My friend writer/gadfly Clint Catalyst organized the event for designer Jared Gold. Clint and I are both eclectic individuals and we have kind of a lot of random points of intersection. And we’ve both been doing what we do for a while.

So the most unsettling part of the shindig was trying to place who people were. This is difficult when a person could be someone I photographed nine years ago and haven’t seen in between. Or the person could be someone who did my hair once. Or the person could be someone I’ve only seen in media. There is always a risk when greeting someone on dim non-specific facial-recognition alone because they could turn out to be someone you’ve only watched on television or MySpace or someone you would shoot (not with a camera) if you had a license to kill. But a significant portion of folks there are people I know and like but may not have seen recently. So it was like a real life wetware version of one of those aging programs they use to find missing children.

One person at the event I saw and could not place was artist/designer Elizabeth McGrath. I attended her Broken Dolls fashion show in like . . .

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