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Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

This fan given to me by delightful designer Dina D’Argo is pretty. But I’ve had it for nearly 2 decades now and it is starting to shed little pink downy feathers #pink #burlesque #fashion

Pretty Pics of my Surroundings

Raven Le Faye for BlueBlood .com #blueblood #pinkhair #pink #beautiful #girl

Halcyon Gets Ready for the Playa (PICS)

Halcyon Gets Ready for the Playa

by Amelia G : August 25th, 2010

halycon pink blonde mohawk

Watching Halcyon get ready to go to Burning Man is always enough to make me wish they held it at a four star hotel, instead of the insanely hot desert. I’m addicted to hot baths and cool air. Honestly, I pretty much wilt, if my environment gets too hot for too long, although a dry heat is easier. We all have our crosses to bear.</p>

Anyway, despite being on the box for Splat hair dye, I’m pretty sure he still uses Jerome Russell Punky Color (same as me). The blonde sides are just a transitional look, before he goes the full Cupcake Pink distance to go with his Playa outfits.

Halcyon has a philosophical inspirational DVD, called Love More, Fear Less, which he will be giving out (gifting) at the Burn, so . . .

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Halcyon and Tassy Pink

As a lot of you probably know, the original Blue Blood magazine in print was all about real life couples in interactive photo sets. And love and being cool not being mutually exclusive concepts. Halcyon and Tassy are such wonderful examples of this and were so awesome to collaborate with, that we just had to have two sets of them this week on There has never been a better time to either buy a membership in Blue Blood or hit me up with your great idea for punk rock barter.