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Richard Kadrey Killing Pretty by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Richard Kadrey Killing Pretty

Happiness is getting something in for review that I actually really want and am excited to read. I’ve been a fan of Richard Kadrey‘s writing since Metrophage came out approximately two point five zillion years ago. I’ve been really enjoying his Sandman Slim series. Even if I…( Read more )

Game of Thrones; Some Wacky Title by Will by Will Judy on Blue Blood

Game of Thrones; Some Wacky Title by Will

Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 41, The Wars to Come or What Fresh Hell is This?
Slosh out the Dornish and drop your linen, it’s time for season 5 of Game of Thrones. This is the season we run out of book, so I will be retiring the NITB designation. NITB is the new normal folks. Embrace it.
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Game of Thrones S4 E39: The Watchers on the Wall, or Everything Sucks/Ends by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Game of Thrones S4 E39: The Watchers on the Wall, or Everything Sucks/Ends

Can we all agree that George R. R. Martin is bipolar, with a strong emphasis on the depressive side? Most extremely creative people are bipolar. Whether their medium is science, stories, visual arts, or being a really accomplished warlord like Mance, I believe this applies. I don’t meant…( Read more )

RIP Thistle Harlequin, F Animal Skulls in Designer Gear in Heaven

Blue Blood
(Image Courtesy of Blue Blood)

Blue Blood
(Image Courtesy of Blue Blood)

For years and years, the only person I knew who died was my dad’s dad. Now it seems like a more regular ache in the heart.

It is not like I wasn’t expecting to see an obituary for Thistle some time sooner, rather than later. I stopped following him on Twitter and suchlike because helplessly watching him slip away was painful, and he was surely not listening to my suggestions. But somehow expecting it doesn’t make it not suck.

Blue Blood has taken care of Thistle’s site for Putrid Sex Object, (remarkably NSFW) for years. I have no idea what should be done with it now. For those who did not know him, Thistle Harlequin was probably best known for an art film he starred in called Putrid Sex Object. He was also the voice of the Blue Blood MySpace, so, if you ever messaged or commented to Blue Blood on there, it was probably Thistle who answered. Also, I liked him.

I find myself wishing for an afterlife in the hopes that there is someplace Thistle can be fabulous yet serene. I hope you are rocking designer gear and fucking animal skulls in heaven, Thistle.

RIP Alexander McQueen

RIP Alexander McQueen

by Amelia G : February 12th, 2010

alexander mcqueen lady gaga bad romanceAlexander McQueen was such an extremely talented and out-of-the-box designer that even punks who hate the whole concept of fashion could appreciate his work. In keeping with this, Alexander McQueen said that he once used a pen to scrawl the word CUNT into the lining of a coat he worked on for Prince Charles. David Bowie’s coat on the cover of the Earthling CD was by Alexander McQueen. Hopefully, there were no bonus notes in David Bowie’s clothing lining.

As vampires have become more mainstream-acceptable, pockets of the gothic subculture have been inclined to reject the whole vampire thing. Okay, I wrote my thesis on vampire stuff, so maybe this is no surprise, but the whole immortality aspect always got a thumbs-up from me. My family is packed with humans who tend to be both long-lived and kinda dicks about funerals. The way that Alexander McQueen pushed the envelope in life will give him a certain kind of immortality.

I have never met Alexander McQueen, but my own life had a lil too many deaths in it this past year. In case Blue Blood is the only site you’ve looked at in the past day, Alexander McQueen was supposed to attend his mother’s funeral today, but he was reportedly found hanged . . .

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Some Day We Will All Be Forgotten Dust

Woke up thinking about mortality. Couldn’t get back to sleep. Lux Interior dead. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

Also Hellboy II Golden Army sucks even worse than the reviewers said and they said it sucked bad.