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The Iconography of Alice in Wonderland and Heavy Red by Amelia G on Blue Blood

The Iconography of Alice in Wonderland and Heavy Red

The character of Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is wonderfully iconic. When Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, most literature of the time depicted children in a very mannered, unrealistic, and subservient way. At the…( Read more )

Rubber Bustle Dress Couture (PICS)

This is the 23rd appearance Lydia Ivy West has made in the Blue Blood VIP. Forrest Black and I shot this in San Francisco and latex couturier Polly Pandemonium was kind enough to donate this fabulous bustle dress for the shoot.

I haven’t shot in San Francisco in way too long and haven’t been there since December. I’d really like to spend some time in SF soon. I’d also like a new camera. Some new easier to carry lights. And a pony. Pony optional. I think Ivy has a horse, now that I think about it.

San Francisco wild babes are especially invited to fill out the model app at

Steampunk Nicotine Lady Clankington (PICS)

nicotine with lady clankington little death ray raygun photography by amelia g and forrest black for blue blood

I’m really happy Blue Blood is able to publish this special Erotic Fandom shoot by yours truly and Forrest Black. It stars Nicotine, making her fourth Blue Blood appearance, wearing couture from our long-time friends at Brute Force Studios, and showing off one of the new line of steampunk rayguns from Lady Clankington. Special thanks to The Death Knight for the kickass steampunk location. Whole series available in the Blue Blood VIP and well worth it, if I do say so myself. Watch for an interview with the lovely Nicotine coming up. Forrest Black also shot some video of Nicotine and the raygun’s creator demonstrating proper product, uhm, placement. Check out the photos and you’ll be able to tell where we took a break from shooting them and did the video part and then came back to the photography portion of the show. I think this is a really fabulous shoot and I’m really happy to get to share it with you all.

nicotine with lady clankington little death ray raygun photography by amelia g and forrest black for blue blood

Mathematics (PICS)

Photography by yours truly and Forrest Black + modeling by Crash + couture by Antiseptic Fashion = a really hot and very surreal set for Gothic Sluts. Hope y’all like it.

In the Year of the Pig Fish

In the Year of the Pig Fish

by Amelia G : July 31st, 2009

liz mcgrath in the year of the pig fishI went to a fashion show soiree last night. My friend writer/gadfly Clint Catalyst organized the event for designer Jared Gold. Clint and I are both eclectic individuals and we have kind of a lot of random points of intersection. And we’ve both been doing what we do for a while.

So the most unsettling part of the shindig was trying to place who people were. This is difficult when a person could be someone I photographed nine years ago and haven’t seen in between. Or the person could be someone who did my hair once. Or the person could be someone I’ve only seen in media. There is always a risk when greeting someone on dim non-specific facial-recognition alone because they could turn out to be someone you’ve only watched on television or MySpace or someone you would shoot (not with a camera) if you had a license to kill. But a significant portion of folks there are people I know and like but may not have seen recently. So it was like a real life wetware version of one of those aging programs they use to find missing children.

One person at the event I saw and could not place was artist/designer Elizabeth McGrath. I attended her Broken Dolls fashion show in like . . .

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