RIP Alexander McQueen

RIP Alexander McQueen

by Amelia G : February 12th, 2010

alexander mcqueen lady gaga bad romanceAlexander McQueen was such an extremely talented and out-of-the-box designer that even punks who hate the whole concept of fashion could appreciate his work. In keeping with this, Alexander McQueen said that he once used a pen to scrawl the word CUNT into the lining of a coat he worked on for Prince Charles. David Bowie’s coat on the cover of the Earthling CD was by Alexander McQueen. Hopefully, there were no bonus notes in David Bowie’s clothing lining.

As vampires have become more mainstream-acceptable, pockets of the gothic subculture have been inclined to reject the whole vampire thing. Okay, I wrote my thesis on vampire stuff, so maybe this is no surprise, but the whole immortality aspect always got a thumbs-up from me. My family is packed with humans who tend to be both long-lived and kinda dicks about funerals. The way that Alexander McQueen pushed the envelope in life will give him a certain kind of immortality.

I have never met Alexander McQueen, but my own life had a lil too many deaths in it this past year. In case Blue Blood is the only site you’ve looked at in the past day, Alexander McQueen was supposed to attend his mother’s funeral today, but he was reportedly found hanged . . .

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