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Seeking Dothraki Wedding Planner or Swords and Sorcery Writer (Paying Market)

BlueBlood.net is looking for a fantasy expert to write about season 2 of Game of Thrones. BlueBlood.net is seeking someone who has access to HBO and is planning on watching the show and would like to write up each episode as it airs. Writer in New York time zone preferred. WordPress and/or Photoshop experience a plus. Having read the books optional, but it is essential that you never ever include spoilers. More features available if you have costuming or other production experience/insight and can write up the behind-the-scenes aspects in additional posts.

Please only apply for this if you will be able to write up every single episode of the season within a couple hours of it airing. This gig pays more than a standard blog entry, but only if you successfully write up every episode on time. Payment will be made the Monday after the last episode of the season. This is work for hire. Byline possible.

To apply, please send an email to submit@blueblood.net (or use the submission form) with information on your affinity for swords, sorcery, royalty, sociology, sex in media, and/or costuming, any speculative fiction criticism/review writing credits you might have, and what your skill levels are in WordPress, Photoshop, and general blogging. Please feel free to include anything additional on why you want to write this column. Possibility of longer term regular blogging work, if your column goes well.

Call for Writers – Adult Bloggers $

I am looking for a few additional writers who can do timely quality blog entries on adult topics.

Your application should include a list of three of your favorite girls who model for what could be considered goth, altporn, or fetish, online or in print, and 100 words or less on what it is you like about them. This is a writing test and not a flattery test, so it is more important that you write something interesting, entertaining, or otherwise engaging about your favorite girls than that they be girls who appear on BlueBlood.com.

Knowledge of Photoshop, WordPress, or other blogging systems a plus. Doesn’t pay a lot, but there is regular work for consistent bloggers and a higher post $ rate for writers proficient in Photoshop and WordPress. Please specify your experience level.

In order to be considered, please post in response to this or use the form at the bottom of the Contact Us page at http://www.blueblood.net/contact/ and select Writer Queries or use the form at http://bluebloodbooks.com/writers-guidelines.html and select Other or email submit [at] blueblood.net please. Carrier pigeon is okay too, but may slow down processing. 😉

Market: All Access Pass Call for Submissions

Blue Blood

I’m reading for a sequel to my anthology Backstage Passes: An Anthology of Rock and Roll Erotica from the Pages of Blue Blood. Backstage Passes features fiction from Poppy Z. Brite, Nancy A. Collins, Yon Von Faust, Amelia G, Sèphera Girón, Andrew Greenberg, Thomas S. Roche, William Spencer-Hale, John Shirley, Shariann Lewitt, Will Judy, Althea Morin, Cecilia Tan, and more. I’m hoping to get a similar mix of kickass emerging talent and established writers for the sequel.

Extended submission guidelines for writing for Blue Blood projects in general are available on the Blue Blood Books site. There is a submission form and submit email listed on the web site.

For this book in specific, music must play a central role in the story. Events could take place at a punk club or an outdoor festival, characters may be musicians, music may just really speak to a particular character, but it needs to be important. Science fiction, horror, fantasy, and similar elements are welcome. All Access Pass is a paying market. When submitting electronically, please make the subject of your email ALL ACCESS PASS SUBMISSION.

Final deadline for submissions to All Access Pass is January 5, 2011.

AmeliaG.com Launches

AmeliaG.com Launches

by Amelia G : July 28th, 2009

amelia g ameliagSo I registered the domain for my name a while back, when the internet still had a bit of that new web smell. I’d been doing work more and more in the digital space for a few years then and I would end up having to pay off a cybersquatter for the BlueBlood.com domain, so it seemed sensible to register everything near and dear to me. Then nine more years went by. Some of my favorite sites have grown out of Forrest Black registering domains while drinking beer and then me feeling that, once it was registered, the domain had to have a site on it. For a long time, I just had a link to a hosted journal on AmeliaG.com, but now seemed like the time to actually put a proper site on there. Today it officially goes live.

The site has the Amelia G bio with just the broad strokes. There is a more detailed sidebar with just 2009 news about press appearances and where my writing and photography has appeared this year. I considered including a page with a gigantic lists of places I’ve been published, but, after doing thousands of pages of editorial, not to mention radio and television stuff, it just seemed like it would be a bit of a laundry list. Plus, oddly enough, when I was doing research for the site, I discovered that some of my work had been reprinted without me even knowing it. I’ve moved less as an adult than I did as a kid, but sometimes it is still possible to lose track of compatriots with moves and all on everyone’s part.

I hope people enjoy the Photography Portfolio section of Forrest Black’s and my work. People always ask to see my online portfolio and I always was reluctant to put one together before. When I say “reluctant”, I mean that the notion of editing together only forty of my favorite images, out of everything we’ve ever shot, made me effing hyperventilate. I forced my brain through its discomfort and editing a selection of images from over such a long time period turned out to be really . . .

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John Updike RIP

John Updike RIP

by Amelia G : January 27th, 2009

john updike simpsonsWriter John Updike passed away this morning. I used to confuse John Updike and John Irving, so I was, as a child, afraid to pick up a John Updike book, for fear someone would get their penis chomped during a blow job. Of course, that was “The World According to Garp”, but I already said I was a kid when this confused me.

Most obituaries today will probably mention the Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom novels which won John Updike two Pulitzers. The series is Rabbit Run, Rabbit Redux, Rabbit Is Rich, Rabbit At Rest, and Rabbit Remembered. I don’t really recall why I confused Rabbit and Garp, other than perhaps just the fact that both participated in somewhat unappealing grown-up sex I was too young to understand. I’ve seen a few obits today which refer to John Updike as a chronicler of small town life”, but only people from Manhattan think Ipswich, Massachusetts is small town America, John Updike wrote about the suburbs during a time when Americans were migrating from the cities to the burbs. On the topic of adulterers from suburban New England, John Updike once famously said, “if I have not exhausted it, it has exhausted me.” (Actually, I’ve seen that quote written a few ways over the years, so he once famously said something kinda like that which expressed that sentiment.)

For a writer, John Updike’s commitment to actually produce writing was inspiring. He was very candid about the fact that his prose writing paid the bills more than his fiction did, and that he liked the security of knowing that something along the lines of a book review would be published . . . and paid for. The Simpsons alluded to this in the episode “Insane Clown Poppy” where . . .

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