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Alecia Joy Trapeze PICS (SFW)

Alecia Joy‘s formal dance training is evident in this photo series. It was such a pleasure for me and Forrest Black immortalizing someone doing something so well and so beautifully. Alecia is wonderful to work with. I really want to post like a zillion images from this set because it turned out so awesome, but, with the ways Google and Facebook are 900 pound gorillas dictating how others must present things, the internet is becoming so aggressively SFW. So I feel like, if I want anyone to see my personal blogging, I need to keep it pretty SFW (other people’s W that is) if I want anyone to actually see what I create. Trust me, Alecia Joy can do really cool stuff on a trapeze. Anyway, for Blue Blood VIP members, there are 82 photographs in this series.

Alecia Joy photographed for Blue Blood by Amelia G and Forrest Black

Alecia Joy Icons (PICS)

Alecia Joy posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called Icons. Forrest Black and I had a great time with her shooting and you all should expect to see lots more of her. Readers will be seeing some select images from this shoot in the forthcoming issue of Marquis, but Blue Blood VIP members get to see the whole thing. Here is a great anecdote excerpted from the Marquis #51 feature on Alecia Joy: recently, Alecia Joy got some metal grinding training for GrindKore from Perish, who we covered in Marquis #43. Alecia Joy is a trooper and she has the scars to prove it, because the show must go on. At a recent, “metal grinding performance [she] ended up giving [herself] a grind burn when a drunk person’s head came dangerously close. It was a reflex to pull away when [she] saw the bald head flying by, so [she] pulled the grinder away and consequently missed the metal on [her] outfit and ground two lines into [her] inner thigh. [She] finished the performance and rinsed it out, but metal shards were embedded. Alecia adds that “the owner of the club came by and gave [her] a bunch of drink tickets, but all [she] wanted was for the fire in [her] leg to subside! Part of [her] wanted to sit out the performance [she] was supposed to do after that, but [she] found that the fake blood in the kiddy pool actually soothed the burn.” Best use for a kiddy pool full of blood. Ever.

Darenzia Dominates Scar 13 (PICS)

We shot this series of Darenzia, wearing her hot pink rubber dress, dominating Scar 13, on the same balcony I watched the Griffith Park fire from. Please cue all necessary hotness puns. You’ve got fire, how hot Darenzia is, how hot Scar is, the color hot pink, and fire to work with. I know I said fire twice; I like fire.

This set marks Darenzia’s 36th appearance in the Blue Blood VIP and Scar 13’s 97th. That is 1,900 photos of Darenzia and 6,743 of Scar. That is a lot of hot pictures by Forrest Black and yours truly, as well as a who’s who of other cool photographers, including Lori Mann, Kelly Lind, Chad Michael Ward, Christine Kessler, and more.

PS Lots of sample free nude fetish Dareniza pics in the Blue Blood Contributors blog under her tag. Ditto for lots of sample free nude fetish Scar 13 pics.