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Black Oil Cell Mask (PICS)

Szandora posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called Black Oil Cell Mask. This is the actual mask Jennifer Lopez wore in the movie The Cell. I was going to tell an anecdote about how Forrest and I came to photograph it on Szandora and on Dahlia Dark. But then it seemed boring and trivial to me, so here is a nice photograph we shot anyway.

szandora black cell mask

Gangster Rubber Couture (PICS)

Everyone who knows me knows I have a bit of a gangster fetish and loooooooooove pinstripes. So I was very excited when Yolanda was able to put together enough pinstriped latex for me and [info]forrestblack to shoot both her and Szandora in shiny pinstripes. This is Yolanda's 30th appearance in the Blue Blood VIP and Szandora's 77th.

Preserving Memories or Amelia Ruminates Morbidly on a Funny Picture

With the passing of David Aaron Clark, I have been thinking a lot about the way photography preserves a moment. In many respects, I think my interest in photography initially stemmed largely from having moved so often and wishing I had more photos to remember people with. The reason, when I first picked up a camera, that I initially photographed freaks like me -- basically people I viewed as peers -- was that I saw it as essentially photographing the family barbecue. Only, ya know, with more varied hair color and sometimes more naked.

This shot is from a Blue Blood VIP set which posted last week. It is of Kellie LaPlegua and Szandora and is sort of a BTS outtake, although it is included in the update. I like this shot because, although I don't feel today the way I felt that day, this image helps preserve the memory.

Gasmask Chic

[info]forrestblack and I always have fun shooting Lori the Gory. With her evil ink, she looks especially dangerously sexy in this shiny slick rubber gasmask. Forrest Black picked up the gasmask when he and Szandora went shopping at Fry's. I'm not sure if this was the usage the Fry's people had in mind, but what better intention could they have had for consumer gasmasks? Full series in the Blue Blood VIP.

Red Latex Bondage Tape

[info]forrestblack and I often come up with shoot ideas to justify goofy fun purchases. In this case, we were very amused by the idea of latex bondage tape, which is basically brightly colored Saran Wrap for people. So we figured red hair on Yolanda and red hair on Szandora meant they would color coordinate nicely with red bondage tape. Szandora's flexibility and double-jointed limbs are always a plus for bondage, and her topping from the bottom -- harder, harder, tighter, tighter -- is always entertaining.

Tech tip: Yolanda dyed her hair a slightly different shade of red right before the shoot, but a bit of playing with the hue function in Photoshop keeps it all looking relatively of a piece.

Full series in the Blue Blood VIP.

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