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Erotic Fandom! by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Erotic Fandom!

Seeing the cantina scene in Star Wars was a watershed moment for me. I looked at the motley crew of freaks and degenerates and weirdos and heroes having fun and looking to be productive and I wanted to go to there. I love really over-the-top clothing and I’ve been really enjoying all the…( Read more )

Erotic Fandom! by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Erotic Fandom!

Seeing the cantina scene in Star Wars was a watershed moment for me. I looked at the motley crew of freaks and degenerates and weirdos and heroes having fun and looking to be productive and I wanted to go to there. I love really over-the-top clothing and I’ve been really enjoying all the…( Read more )

Dana Dark on Blue Blood VIP

Dana Dark posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called Silver Sequins.

dana dark blueblood sequin goth

dana dark blueblood sequin goth

via BlueBlood.com

Blue Blood Beauties Do Frontline Assembly

Blue Blood Beauties Do Frontline Assembly

by Amelia G : July 30th, 2010

The new video for Frontline Assembly’s Shifting through the Lens is the fetish video industrial bands always flirt with but almost never do. The Shifting Through the Lens vid stars Julie Simone. In the music video, she plays a hot latex-clad video vixen, a domina, a cameraman, and a fetish director. In real life, Julie Simone plays a hot latex-clad video vixen, a domina, a cameraman, and a fetish director. Julie Simone appears in ten Blue Blood VIP updates to date and she has shot, rigged, or directed dozens more Blue Blood VIP updates. So she was pretty perfectly cast in this Frontline Assembly video and does her performance so very deliciously well.

Shifting Through the Lens is actually . . .
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Alt- vs. Fetish

Kumi posted a blog entry where she talks about not viewing fetish and alt-modeling as related at all. I both agree and don’t. I guess in theory, I disagree, but, in practice, what she observes is often dead-on how this currently goes in the real world. I wanted to share a quick thought of mine on the topic and also direct folks to what she wrote: Alt- vs. Fetish

I discussed this with Michelle Olley years ago, when she was at Skin Two, and we were both trying to promote having models with unusual haircuts and tattoos and dramatic makeup and such in fetish areas. And meeting with resistance. Looking punk or goth-industrial or whatever and showing up to the BDSM party was not always the way to elicit the friendliest welcome in those days. The handcuffs on my leather jacket at the time were fully functional and one of the reasons I founded Blue Blood was precisely to celebrate an aesthetic which resonated with me sexually. 17 years later, I am less impressed by a daring hairstyle than I once was, partly because it takes less courage to rock one in a post-internet world, but I’m still enough of a fetishist there that I will look at two people with the same basic level of appeal and think the one with the mohawk is way hotter.

Something which troubles me deeply is that a lot of people have reinterpreted alt to be where girls (not women) who do not make the grade can put on wigs and LARP like they are modeling. These are generally girls who do not want to have to develop their minds or even their cooking skills, but they do not want to hit the gym either. So they call themselves altmodels and you are supposed to like them for their looks alone, without requiring them to look good.

Certain corporate players in the marketplace have aggressively attempted to de-sexualize alt. But a few more loathsome humans in the overall society doesn’t make liking music and subculture-influenced looks not a fetish.

Nina Sin Fetish Nurse (PICS)

It is that rare time of year in Los Angeles where I actually get to wear my fuzzy tiger paw slippers. For my friends in colder climes, here is just what the doctor ordered: A naughty fetish nurse in the form of Nina Sin photographed by yours truly and Forrest Black for Blue Blood.

Gasmask Chic

[info]forrestblack and I always have fun shooting Lori the Gory. With her evil ink, she looks especially dangerously sexy in this shiny slick rubber gasmask. Forrest Black picked up the gasmask when he and Szandora went shopping at Fry’s. I’m not sure if this was the usage the Fry’s people had in mind, but what better intention could they have had for consumer gasmasks? Full series in the Blue Blood VIP.

Want to be in glossy full color fetish magazine? Tears, content, $.

I’m looking to shoot this week for European fetish magazine placement. As usual, I could finish the job with work I have on hand, but I’d kind of like to shoot some folks I have not shot for fetish magazines before or folks I have not shot in a while. I would ideally like to shoot in Los Angeles, but San Francisco would be possible with enough good models and locations.

The magazine generally gets the images first, but you should expect to ultimately most likely get tears and promo for your personal projects and web-ready content. You will receive a copy of the magazine when Forrest Black and I get copies in and you will receive content for download within two weeks of each set being published on BlueBlood.com/RubberDollies.com/etc. Cash money is possible if you are bringing something deeply exceptional to the table, are extremely fit and/or busty, really know how to wear fetish clothes, are very comfortable nude, and you are 100% headache-free.


You must be able to do an extravagant and impressive look.
You must have access to high end and unique rubber or leather clothing or armor. Corsets and big boots are also a plus.
A minimum of topless nudity is required. Comfort with full nudity is preferred.
You must be in Los Angeles or Orange County this coming week. (Maybe San Francisco, but probably not.)
We are looking to create the most artistic and striking images possible, so we are looking for a select few models who can really bring something extraordinary to the table.

Refer to Forrest Black’s and my work for an idea of what sorts of people we prefer to shoot in general. We have shot for all the important European fetish magazines, including Marquis, Skin Two, and Secret. Although Forrest Black and I have shot dozens of magazine covers, these specific tears are intended for inside pages, although the future can always bring more good things.

A few things to keep in mind: It is highly likely that you and/or the clothing designer will get significant press coverage from this. I don’t really need to do this with any specific person. I can only use local models for this specific gig and that means Los Angeles or an easy drive from Los Angeles. If you are not sure what high end fetish fashion or rubber clothing is all about or if you are unsure of your nudity comfort levels, I’m really only looking for glamourous enthusiasts on this one.

To submit, please message me here or email submit@blueblood.net with the title FETISH FASHION MAGAZINE MODEL. Please indicate where pictures of you can be viewed, what city you are near, what your nudity comfort zone and interests are, what type of fetish fashion you have available, any location suggestions you may have, and whether the designer would like some press coverage as well if possible. If you have any special reasons for wanting to shoot or other information you feel is relevant, please feel free to include it. Please mention if you have already filled out a model app at http://www.bluebloodphoto.com/model.html



Larry Bradby in Marquis 45 and on Blue Blood

Larry Bradby in Marquis 45 and on Blue Blood

by Amelia G : January 26th, 2009

Marquis 45 Big in America Larry BradbyThe new issue of Marquis is hitting European newsstands now. This makes twenty-seven or twenty-eight issues in a row of Marquis, the highest circulation glossy fetish magazine in the world, which have featured work by yours truly and Forrest Black. As you probably know, Forrest Black and I of course do the Big in America column.

For Marquis No. 45, Big in America was a spotlight on fetish photographer Larry Bradby. I first met Larry Bradby at the Richmond, Virginia home of fetish model Mistress Kali. Mistress Kali modeled back when everyone was still shooting film, so her name is perhaps not as known outside of the DC/Baltimore/Richmond corridor, but she was very compelling. In my own personal experience, a photograph Forrest Black and I shot of Mistress Kali ran in Tattoo Savage and readers wrote in to say they were getting our photo of her inked permanently into their flesh. That is how compelling Mistress Kali was. If digital photography and the internet had really been around then, she would definitely be even more well known. Larry says of Mistress Kali, “I owe my fetish photography success to her. She was the one that pushed me into fetish photography. Being a very good friend, I took her advice and put all of her ideas on film with my Pentax ME Super.”

Larry Bradby’s first big photo credit was, poetically enough, when he won the Marquis readers contest back in Marquis No. 11. Blue Blood has just inked a deal with Larry Bradby to run a huge number of erotic sets by him on BlueBlood.com. You all can expect the first one of sexy Nicotine, who you all know from the forums . . .

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Want to do something besides watch inauguration festivities today?

Want to do something besides watch inauguration festivities today?

by Amelia G : January 20th, 2009

mary jane barack obama inaugurationThe $1 BlueBlood.com sale is going to be coming to a close in just a few days.

With the inauguration of Barack Obama and the new administration, the world expects the economy to pick up. He could do nothing different and people’s expectations would help the economy. So much of how paper and digital money works has to do with trust and faith.

So we have faith that, pretty soon, everyone is going to be able to afford more than $1 for a BlueBlood VIP membership. There has never been a Blue Blood sale this discounted before, and there very likely never will be again, and this one is almost over.

The site currently featuring tens of thousands of photographs of 387 hotties and counting. From punks who like to smash things to ethereal gothic beauties to fetish deities, Blue Blood features the most stunningly and uniquely beautiful. A battalion of coffee table book and nightclub photographers have contributed to BlueBlood.com. Not to mention erotic fiction from some of the top names in genre writing and just a dab of video. The BlueBlood.com megasite offers excellent value with all the content from the multigirl gothic, punk, and rubber subsidiary sites produced by Blue Blood, as well as the world famous signature couples content, and the erotic fandom science fiction and fantasy content. And your BlueBlood VIP memberships pay to keep BlueBlood.net free.

And right now, you can check all that out for one dollar. Channel your inner Bixby Snyder and say, “I’d buy that for a dollar!” (Robocop references optional.)