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Shamrocks and Leprechauns and Green Beer by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Shamrocks and Leprechauns and Green Beer

As a holiday, St Patrick’s Day has dubious origins but fabulous iconography.
Although the holiday tends to serve as both an expression of Irish pride and an excuse to get thoroughly blotto (Hi Funkatron), the origins of Saint Paddy’s are neither in drunkenness nor Ireland. Although…( Read more )

Work Attire: XBiz Winter Wonderland by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Work Attire: XBiz Winter Wonderland

I bet lots of people need to ask themselves this question: “So red satin or leopard PJs for work party?” While the XBiz convention this month was mostly business, they did have some parties. One of them was the Winter Wonderland party at the top of the storied Andaz hotel. The dress…( Read more )

Shamrocks and Leprechauns and Green Beer by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Shamrocks and Leprechauns and Green Beer

As a holiday, St Patrick’s Day has dubious origins but fabulous iconography.
Although the holiday tends to serve as both an expression of Irish pride and an excuse to get thoroughly blotto (Hi Funkatron), the origins of Saint Paddy’s are neither in drunkenness nor Ireland. Although…( Read more )

Party Apocalypse

If the world doesn’t end by midnight in Los Angeles, I am heading over to celebrate Speedy Tomato’s birthday at David J. Schow’s place. Then tomorrow, I go to San Francisco. If the world ends, at least I won’t have to put on pants.

Facebook’s Algorithm

Facebook’s algorithm is truly terrible as figuring out which posts I want to read.

Facebook seems to be certain that my totally favorite thing in the world is when people — who I otherwise think are fine humans — spout high school sports team style, un-nuanced, and poorly-considered, contentious political opinions. Facebook thinks I am totally uninterested in good food, exciting concerts, Los Angeles travel plans, or anything which might be in any way pertinent to actual human connections.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

by Amelia G : July 4th, 2011

I hope our American readers have all necessary barbeque, beer, and fireworks plans in place. I’m going to have a chill Independence Day I think. Regular work day, followed by roof party with view of fireworks all over Hollywood.

In the spirit of the holiday, here is a Pinup Glam shot of beautiful busty Dahlia Dark, as a precursor to explosive fun.

dahlia dark independence day Party Red Carpet Pics

From — lots more pics at the site . . . Party Red Carpet Pics

Monday, March 21st, 2011 | Filed under Events,Headline,Horror,Images | Posted by

Everyone at HQ West Coast Division is still recovering from Saturday night. The party to celebrate the newest site design was a smashing success. Luminaries in attendance included writers Maria Alexander, Gram Ponante, and Richard Dean Starr, dark artists Forrest Black, Carlos Batts, and Tim Sin, nightclub impressario Tricia LaBelle, superstar Blue Blood beauty April Flores, Blue Blood costume babe Diana Knight, OG Blue Blood model Daniel Ian Essex of the Astrovamps, media mogul Amelia G, and a rogue’s gallery of other cool creative people. Party-goers enjoyed the giveaways generously provided by BOOM! Studios (including exclusive pre-release copies of their new Clive Barker Hellraiser comic.) The bands The Tragic Tantrum and Mather Louth and Radio Noir and deejays John C & Amanda Jones kept it spooky and fun all night long. Check out the pics from the red carpet, shot by Tim Sin and Amelia G for your viewing pleasure:

( lots more pics after the jump ) Party 18+, Art Show, BOOM! Studios Giveaways Party 18+, Art Show, BOOM! Studios Giveaways

Saturday, March 19th, 2011 | Filed under Books,Events,Headline</span> | Posted by

boom studios party giveaways

Nineteen Eight hour countdown to the party tonight! </p>

A few more kickass things:

The event is 18+ (not 21+), which means you only have to be eighteen-years-old to attend. One of the reasons for holding the party at this venue is that they are extra-cool about this.

Blue Blood’s Forrest Black and Amelia G will be doing a digital gallery show. The artwork projected on the walls will be portraiture of many denizens of the dark and fabulous, some of whom will be in attendance.

BOOM! Studios has given us a ton of great books giveaways. There is stuff from a number of their darker lines, including the 28 Days Later series, the Cthulu Tales series, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, and . . . [drum roll please!] issue #1 of the new Clive Barker Hellraiser comic. That’s right! Clive Barker is doing a new Hellraiser story in comic book form. There are multiple cover designs, one with art by Clive Barker, one with work by Tim Bradstreet, and one by Nick Percival. The Hellraiser comic books are not available in stores until Wednesday, but a couple dozen lucky VIPs are going to get a copy of issue number one at the party. Clive Barker + Hellraiser + issue #1 = a very cool collectible . . .

( Read more ) Party! Party!

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011
Filed under Events,Headline,Horror</span> | PartyYou have no doubt noticed the spiffy new design on, so come on out this Saturday, March 19, and help us celebrate. In’s fifteen years, this is probably the sixth or seventh site design. Mixing things up is good. Here at, we pride ourselves on our combination of horrific literary tradition and bad attitude, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to come out at night sometimes!

The new site design launch party is hosted by Tricia LaBelle and Bar Sinister at Boardners. Boardners is at 1652 Cherokee Ave, just off Hollywood Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood. Boardners is a seventy-year-old historic Hollywood venue. It is rumored to be the last stop for Elizabeth Short, where she drank before her ghoulish murder gave her immortality as the Black Dahlia. At one time, Boardners appeared to be a beauty parlor, but this was really just a front for its true calling as a gambling speakeasy. What a perfect place to celebrate the dark!

After the event, will be publishing photos from the party red carpet. Red carpet arrivals are from 10pm to 11pm. contributors, including fiction writers, artists, and members of the panel of experts, should contact us for guest list. Community members with more than 1,000 posts (who have not been Eyeball SPORKED!) qualify for VIP as well. Blue Blood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black will also be covering the party for magazines and online, with a portrait photo location towards the back door of the nightclub. There will also be performances from two gothic bands on stage, The Tragic Tantrum and Mather Louth And Radio Noir, with DJ John C & DJ Tommy spinning in between and after.

You can use the flyer below for a discount, on . . .

( more details and nightclub discount coupon after the jump )

In the Year of the Pig Fish

In the Year of the Pig Fish

by Amelia G : July 31st, 2009

liz mcgrath in the year of the pig fishI went to a fashion show soiree last night. My friend writer/gadfly Clint Catalyst organized the event for designer Jared Gold. Clint and I are both eclectic individuals and we have kind of a lot of random points of intersection. And we’ve both been doing what we do for a while.

So the most unsettling part of the shindig was trying to place who people were. This is difficult when a person could be someone I photographed nine years ago and haven’t seen in between. Or the person could be someone who did my hair once. Or the person could be someone I’ve only seen in media. There is always a risk when greeting someone on dim non-specific facial-recognition alone because they could turn out to be someone you’ve only watched on television or MySpace or someone you would shoot (not with a camera) if you had a license to kill. But a significant portion of folks there are people I know and like but may not have seen recently. So it was like a real life wetware version of one of those aging programs they use to find missing children.

One person at the event I saw and could not place was artist/designer Elizabeth McGrath. I attended her Broken Dolls fashion show in like . . .

( Read more )

EroticBPM Celebrates Lingerieve with Clix

EroticBPM Celebrates Lingerieve with Clix

by Amelia G : July 26th, 2009

eroticbpm eyecandy lingerieveIn just a few weeks, EroticBPM is going to be having a rave in Arizona and lots of girls who have stripped down sexily for EBPM will be there. We’ve got a little free EroticBPM photo gallery featuring some of the confirmed guests, including Eyecandy, Jamie, Money, River, Lucky, Stevie Neko, Uzi, and Ziggy. The best stuff is in the members area of EroticBPM and there is a party bonus for members. Details below in my exclusive interview with EroticBPM’s Scott Owens about the Lingerieve party.

Amelia G: What festivities are planned for the party?

Scott Owens: It is EroticBPM’s 10 year anniversary and we are having a Lingerie-themed rave in Phoenix, AZ. August 22nd. We just confirmed DJ Swamp for the lineup (Beck’s old DJ)

Amelia G: What was the reason for this event’s choice of locale and venue? Who is involved with putting it together?

Scott Owens: The reason we chose Phoenix is because Ebpm photographer Clix is also a rave promoter in the area. We have a lot of models from Phoenix and he has all the resources to make it happen . . . Clix from clixbagoftricks is doing most of the real work.. Ebpm is of course making sure lots of models will be attending and providing any additional support . . . We *might* also do a dvd of the . . .

( Read more )

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