Party 18+, Art Show, BOOM! Studios Giveaways Party 18+, Art Show, BOOM! Studios Giveaways

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boom studios party giveaways

Nineteen Eight hour countdown to the party tonight! </p>

A few more kickass things:

The event is 18+ (not 21+), which means you only have to be eighteen-years-old to attend. One of the reasons for holding the party at this venue is that they are extra-cool about this.

Blue Blood’s Forrest Black and Amelia G will be doing a digital gallery show. The artwork projected on the walls will be portraiture of many denizens of the dark and fabulous, some of whom will be in attendance.

BOOM! Studios has given us a ton of great books giveaways. There is stuff from a number of their darker lines, including the 28 Days Later series, the Cthulu Tales series, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, and . . . [drum roll please!] issue #1 of the new Clive Barker Hellraiser comic. That’s right! Clive Barker is doing a new Hellraiser story in comic book form. There are multiple cover designs, one with art by Clive Barker, one with work by Tim Bradstreet, and one by Nick Percival. The Hellraiser comic books are not available in stores until Wednesday, but a couple dozen lucky VIPs are going to get a copy of issue number one at the party. Clive Barker + Hellraiser + issue #1 = a very cool collectible . . .

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