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Are ray gun vibrators steampunk? (PICS)

Are ray gun vibrators steampunk?

by Amelia G : September 12th, 2010

Are ray gun vibrators steampunk? This is the sort of question I lie awake at night contemplating.

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction, which builds on the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne. Now H. G. Wells and Jules Verne were both geniuses and can be forgiven for imagining future technology as based on 19th century inventions and future values as growing out of a Victorian sensibility. They both came of age in the 1800’s, so they’d have a reason for this.

Personally I love the steampunk aesthetic. It’s, ya know, really really pretty. When I see all that broken or antique clockwork and gears, though, I admit I think Salvador Dali or William Faulkner. I think of the poetry of broken or past time, the ephemeral nature of humanity’s existence. I don’t think that I wish I were born in a time when American women could not vote and men were supposed to sexually overload at the sight of a table leg without a skirt on it.

Blue Blood steampunk nicotine lady clankington amelia g forrest black raygun vibrator

Blue Blood readers will be familiar with the lovely Nicotine, who portrays Lady Clankington, as part of the tongue-in-cheek history of the little death ray sex toy rayguns line designed by “mad Dr. Visbaun”. Lady Clankington always wears steampunk couture garments from Brute Force Studios. The mad scientist behind . . .

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Steampunk Nicotine Lady Clankington (PICS)

nicotine with lady clankington little death ray raygun photography by amelia g and forrest black for blue blood

I’m really happy Blue Blood is able to publish this special Erotic Fandom shoot by yours truly and Forrest Black. It stars Nicotine, making her fourth Blue Blood appearance, wearing couture from our long-time friends at Brute Force Studios, and showing off one of the new line of steampunk rayguns from Lady Clankington. Special thanks to The Death Knight for the kickass steampunk location. Whole series available in the Blue Blood VIP and well worth it, if I do say so myself. Watch for an interview with the lovely Nicotine coming up. Forrest Black also shot some video of Nicotine and the raygun’s creator demonstrating proper product, uhm, placement. Check out the photos and you’ll be able to tell where we took a break from shooting them and did the video part and then came back to the photography portion of the show. I think this is a really fabulous shoot and I’m really happy to get to share it with you all.

nicotine with lady clankington little death ray raygun photography by amelia g and forrest black for blue blood