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Bloody Tattooed Halloween Jen Vixen (PICS)

Forrest Black and I always enjoy shooting gooey sets. I am always a huge fan of making a giant mess. I got vanilla-flavored for this, but Halloween Jen Vixen is one of the few people who doesn’t like the taste of vanilla. It was fun anyway and she looks totally hot. This is her 14th Blue Blood VIP appearance. Whole series, of course, in the Blue Blood VIP.

Blue Blood Aiden Starr Stars in Major Armory Productions (PICS)

Blue Blood Aiden Starr Stars in Major Armory Productions

by Amelia G : October 31st, 2010

The fine folks at Kink caused quite a stir when they purchased The Armory in San Francisco. This is a hundred year old building initially constructed as a San Francisco National Guard Armory and Arsenal. As the building fell into disrepair from a combination of age and neglect and — this being California — earthquakes, it is rumored to have been used for such diverse purposes as local police department efforts to give at-risk youth a place to box safely and George Lucas shooting spaceship interiors for the original Star Wars. Whatever those walls could tell us, the savvy Peter Acworth has the huge Armory building set up now with a combination of offices and multiple film sets for sites which include Divine Bitches, Sex and Submission, and Whipped Ass.

So it was really just a matter of time before some crazy over-the-top vampire porn with high production values started coming out of the Kink machine. On Sex and Submission, Lorelei Lee, James Deen, and Jessie Cox are vampires who bite, fondle, and abduct a speakeasy patron played by Kristina Rose. The vamps take her back to their lair where a ghoulishly made-up Mark Davis takes part in helping them turn their captive into a vampire herself. The methodology includes, of course, a combination of ritualistic mutual blood-drinking and a lot of BDSM sex. It is actually often quite an ordeal to be able to accept credit cards for this sort of material, but, if I may mix metaphors for a moment, sometimes the 800 pound gorilla gets to bite, beat, and make sweet vampire love however he wants to whomever he pleases. So A Fall From Grace is episode 1 of the new Kink Vamp series.

witches coven

The Halloween update on Whipped Ass is a take-off on The Craft. Aiden Starr, Lorelei Lee, and Whipped Ass director Maitresse Madeline are witchy women who wolfpack tender little cheerleader Chloe Camilla in the locker room. They take her captive and have their way with her over and over. Can they convert her into a member of their witches coven via, of course, a combination of ritualistic forced orgasm inside a pentagram and a lot of BDSM sex? Watch La Seduction De Chloe Camilla and find out.

Maitresse Madeline is also the director of Divine Bitches and she says Halloween is her favorite holiday in real life. In real life, Blue Blood’s own lovely Aiden Starr is both an intelligent aficionado of lots of fandom goodness and a delightfully depraved sadistic pervert, so she is a really really great choice for Kink to cast in adding that witches and vampires spice to the BDSM they are best known for. Her cock-chewing scenery-chewing performance as the vampire queen in La Semence Des Vampires is impressive. The head vampiress realizes she needs more than blood to sustain her, so her evil vamp minions, played by the very beautiful Bobbi Starr and Nika Noire, find the hapless lucky John Jammen drinking whiskey alone and bring him back to the castle. The vampires are soon drinking their victim’s blood, coming up with exquisite tortures for him, and making sure their vampire queen Aiden Starr gets every drop of everything she needs. Having such excellent dominant women in this scene really helps provoke a genuinely conflicted eroticism from submissive John Jammen who is very convincingly torn between arousal and terror of what these sadistic women are going to do next. Also, props to the costume department because Aiden Starr’s hat is fabulous.

Blue Blood Aiden Star vampire porn

With any vampire porn movie, just like with an Avatar porn parody, there is the issue of really high quality porn being compared to similar non-sex productions with zillion dollar budgets and actors experienced at acting. It is definitely nice to see that Kink put together plot lines and casts which worked to both present the subject matter their members pay for and push the creativity envelope. To a certain extent, there is perhaps an element of roleplay acting in most dom/sub interactions, so maybe dominatrixes just make better actresses. These scenes are for the most part refreshingly irony-free and the performers just really go for it. Check ‘em out.

We have a little SFW vampire porn gallery for your viewing pleasure here, but you’ll have to head over to Divine Bitches, Sex and Submission, and Whipped Ass to see . . .

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Kellie LaPlegua AMF Couture Lemon Tree (PICS) Spooky for Halloween

The very talented Louis Fleischauer stayed up all night before this shoot, creating this extravagant piece of wearable art on the theme of tongues speaking from all angles. If you have the most recent issue of Marquis magazine, then you have seen Kellie LaPlegua modeling this and sharing some of her most appalling domination dungeon tales, but Blue Blood VIP members get to see the whole series. The pets belong to Bradical; I had a concept for incorporating them, but Kellie is a way way better model than Bradical’s pets.

kellie laplegua photographed in amf korsets couture by amelia g and forrest black

marquis big in america by amelia g and forrest black

Homemade Candy with Skull Flair

Homemade Candy with Skull Flair

by Amelia G : September 17th, 2010

Carrie Carolin at Goth Shopaholic just went through the Sur La Table site and selected all the best Halloween cupcake accessories. I would not have even guess that Sur La Table would have spooky kitchenware, but they do.

homemade halloween treat box

So I’m learning how to make a health food version of Rice Krispies Treats this week. This means I’m learning how to make marshmallows from scratch. I always assumed that marshmallows were some kind of scientifically engineered modern food, but all those additives on the store bought ingredients list are basically preservatives. Traditional confectioners have made marshmallows for ages out of mostly just sugar and maybe some corn syrup, corn starch, and vanilla, plus maybe a couple egg whites if you want to get buckwild.

The key to what variety of candy you are going to create is how hot you get the sugar. Traditional confectioners have boiled sugar for a while, then spooned out a bit of boiling sugar water and dropped it in a bowl of cold water. They would then reach a hand in to the bowl of cold water to feel the current consistency of the recently boiling sugar. This was how they would tell when the sugar was hot enough. I assume traditional confectioners all burned off their fingerprints as well.

Another way to test how hot the sugar you are boiling has become is, ya . . .

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Easter at the Harvard Club Leads to Naked Punks with Bunny Ears and Plushes

Easter at the Harvard Club Leads to Naked Punks with Bunny Ears and Plushes

by Amelia G : April 2nd, 2010

kess velocity cosplay naked easter bunny lori mannWhen I was around five-years-old, my father took me to the Easter Egg Hunt at the Harvard Club. Everything was colorful and I loved the puzzle of looking for all the hidden things. It was like hide-and-seek only better. When my father pointed out that I could find more foil-wrapped candies by looking for a glint in the grass, from a distance, when the sunlight hit them, I thought he was pretty much the most brilliant person on the planet. It was awesome. I thought we should go to events like this basically every weekend.

Children weren’t usually allowed to run around and play at the Harvard Club. Heck, I’m not sure what year they even started letting grown female alumni in, much less playful little girls. I don’t think I knew what Easter was at the time. I certainly could not have held forth on how it was a holiday the early Christians copied many Pagan tropes from, in the successful attempt to subvert the rites of spring into a celebration for a slaughtered deity who walked on earth and came back to life vampire zombie style. I’m not sure I even knew what a yearly holiday was at the time. Or a year. I probably really did ask to go do it again every weekend. Eventually I was told that we were not going to do it again.

This is pretty much my childhood in a nutshell: I was privileged to do one or another fabulous thing briefly and then it was taken away with no explanation a child could understand.

I somewhat predictably ended up pioneering erotica where every day could be a holiday, in this case Halloween.

I had intended to . . .

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Why does Candy Corn not taste better?

Why does Candy Corn not taste better?

by Amelia G : October 21st, 2009

gingerdead candy corn halloween

Gingerdead</strong></a>’s Calan Ree asks the important questions. Why is candy corn so emblematic of Halloween and why does candy corn taste so much less . . .

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Happy Halloween

Molly Winters posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by your truly and Forrest Black called Happy Halloween.


Pumpkin Lady

Pumpkin Lady

by Amelia G : October 17th, 2009

free pumpkin carving templates pumpkin ladyMost years, friends of mine have pumpkin carving parties. This year, the economy sucks so hard that spending a bunch of dough on squash abuse seems profligate. So I’ve been getting my jack o’lantern fix from the internet and photos of Halloweens past.

The Pumpkin Lady posts, in addition to her premium templates, free pumpkin carving templates. I admit that watching her pumpkin carving videos is not the same as the real thing, but it is still fun.

One of the supermarkets near me hasn’t been selling their pumpkins at all this year. I so deeply want to buy like a zillion of them, when they are marked down on November 1, and have Halloween late this year. And I just might get me and my unsavory pals some pumpkin carving template designs from Pumpkin Lady and do just that. If every day is Halloween anyway, that is really just . . .

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