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SLC Punk #1 Truest Depiction of Punk by Amelia G on Blue Blood

SLC Punk #1 Truest Depiction of Punk

I heading out to see the sold out showing of Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk 2 in Burbank. The original SLC Punk movie is, in my unequivocal opinion, the truest depiction of punk culture ever committed to film. Coming out of the DC scene, this movie set in Salt Lake City spoke to me far more than…( Read more )

Easter at the Harvard Club Leads to Naked Punks with Bunny Ears and Plushes

Easter at the Harvard Club Leads to Naked Punks with Bunny Ears and Plushes

by Amelia G : April 2nd, 2010

kess velocity cosplay naked easter bunny lori mannWhen I was around five-years-old, my father took me to the Easter Egg Hunt at the Harvard Club. Everything was colorful and I loved the puzzle of looking for all the hidden things. It was like hide-and-seek only better. When my father pointed out that I could find more foil-wrapped candies by looking for a glint in the grass, from a distance, when the sunlight hit them, I thought he was pretty much the most brilliant person on the planet. It was awesome. I thought we should go to events like this basically every weekend.

Children weren’t usually allowed to run around and play at the Harvard Club. Heck, I’m not sure what year they even started letting grown female alumni in, much less playful little girls. I don’t think I knew what Easter was at the time. I certainly could not have held forth on how it was a holiday the early Christians copied many Pagan tropes from, in the successful attempt to subvert the rites of spring into a celebration for a slaughtered deity who walked on earth and came back to life vampire zombie style. I’m not sure I even knew what a yearly holiday was at the time. Or a year. I probably really did ask to go do it again every weekend. Eventually I was told that we were not going to do it again.

This is pretty much my childhood in a nutshell: I was privileged to do one or another fabulous thing briefly and then it was taken away with no explanation a child could understand.

I somewhat predictably ended up pioneering erotica where every day could be a holiday, in this case Halloween.

I had intended to . . .

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