Alecia Joy Trapeze PICS (SFW)

Alecia Joy‘s formal dance training is evident in this photo series. It was such a pleasure for me and Forrest Black immortalizing someone doing something so well and so beautifully. Alecia is wonderful to work with. I really want to post like a zillion images from this set because it turned out so awesome, but, with the ways Google and Facebook are 900 pound gorillas dictating how others must present things, the internet is becoming so aggressively SFW. So I feel like, if I want anyone to see my personal blogging, I need to keep it pretty SFW (other people’s W that is) if I want anyone to actually see what I create. Trust me, Alecia Joy can do really cool stuff on a trapeze. Anyway, for Blue Blood VIP members, there are 82 photographs in this series.

Alecia Joy photographed for Blue Blood by Amelia G and Forrest Black