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Anastassia Bear, Amelia G & Forrest Black in SexyFandom’s Bazowie! Magazine

Anastassia Bear and Forrest Black and yours truly are featured in SexyFandom’s Bazowie! Magazine.


Aiden Starr: Rise of the Machines by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Aiden Starr: Rise of the Machines

Also, via Sexy Fandom, is this update from the nice people at Effing Machines (super duper not in the SFW category, like super uper duper not). The always intense Aiden Starr takes on every machine in The Armory arsenal here.
I loathe puns. I really loathe puns. Except for sex puns. I think...( Read more )

Happy Holidays from Blue Blood by Amelia G on Blue Blood

Happy Holidays from Blue Blood

So, SexyFandom was kind enough to point out that there actually is a SFW pic in this deathrock Xmas series which Forrest Black and I shot with our California Deathrock coffee table book covergirl Malice McMunn. The un-postable (well, at least here) portions of the double Malice update are, of...( Read more )

Talking Dirty at SXSW

Talking Dirty at SXSW

by Amelia G : March 12th, 2009 sxsw pornSXSW is upon us once again. This reminds me that I meant to post the podcast of a panel Halcyon and I and this camgirl Seska did at SXSW. Halcyon is the king of coming up with humorous, lurid, and otherwise catchy panel titles. This means that, like me and like most web professionals, he has about a billion funny site domains. His main home on the web is currently CockyBastard, although Pinkgasm is listed in the SXSW credits. I’ll spare you all full bios, but SXSW edited my bio to say “Amelia G holds the titles of editor, writer, and photographer who founded Blue Blood” instead of just saying I’m an editor, writer, and photographer. My title on my business cards says chick-in-charge and writer and photographer are not titles. SXSW is a fun conference and they felt very strongly this particular year that it was vital that they refer to those things as titles, so I rolled with it and who knows what process they used for deciding how to specify site or company for each guest speaker.

At any rate, here is the MP3 podcast of our panel:

Pay Up! Should Publishers Choose the Porn Path? Moderator: John Halcyon Halcyon Styn Digital Explorer, Pinkgasm John Halcyon Styn Digital Explorer, Pinkgasm Amelia G Chick in Charge, Blue Blood
Seska Lee Sajnet
As the public becomes more comfortable paying for premium content and services, what can we learn from the pornographic trailblazers? What billing models and payment systems are working online in porn that would successfully crossover to mainstream? What types of content and services can types of sites are ready for the Porn Path of Pay to Peruse? The panel will include veterans in . . .
( Read more )
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