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Darenzia & Scar 13, Armor & Swords (PICS) Not SFW

Note to those who like babes with armor and swords: If hypothetically your models are not experienced with swords and armor and hypothetically your lights use electricity and hypothetically one of your models wants a glass of water, for heaven’s sake, have them both PUT THE SWORDS DOWN FIRST. Forrest Black and I did this shoot to promote Tony Swatton’s armor and such to 40,000 Folsom Street Fair revelers. (I am such a dork. I just googled to doublecheck that it is Fair and not Faire. I got it right the first time, but still.) It ended up being a kind of expensive favor, given what it turns out it costs to repair electrocuted pro lighting packs. But, hey, Darenzia and Scar look hot and Scar did a nifty job on both their makeup and now a bunch of cool images exist. Second shot here is goofing around during the light test. Darenzia can look disturbingly good while picking her nose.

Whole series, including much naughtier stuff, is available on Erotic Fandom and the Blue Blood VIP.

scar 13 and darenzia, blue blood, erotic fandom

scar 13 and darenzia, blue blood, erotic fandom

scar 13 and darenzia, blue blood, erotic fandom

scar 13 and darenzia, blue blood, erotic fandom

Delilah in Armor (PICS) SFW

Just posted this update to Blue Blood VIP and Erotic Fandom. This is Delilah‘s 10th appearance in the Blue Blood VIP.

The dollar being weak allowed the lovely Delilah and Morrigan Hel to travel to their hearts content. Forrest Black and I happened to have some armor on hand, in our shooting location, from designer Tony Swatton, when they came through Hollywood, so Delilah put it to good use.

Yolanda Skull Armor (PICS)

This series Forrest Black and I shot of Yolanda is sort of a companion piece to the most recent Erotic Fandom update. The skull armor Yolanda is wearing here, as well as the chainmail skirt, is also from Retail Slut. Her hair is courtesy of the fine folks at Diva Luxe. I’m happy I feel like we managed to capture Yolanda’s sleek elegance well. Whole series of all 33 Yolanda Blue Blood appearances in the Blue Blood VIP.

yolanda skull armor photographed for blue blood by amelia g and forrest black