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Treme Hubig’s New Orleans Pie

Treme Hubig’s New Orleans Pie

by Amelia G : April 12th, 2010

treme  hubigs pie new orleans hbo david simonI love long form cable dramas and The Wire is my favorite of all time. So I’ve been looking forward to HBO’s Treme for quite some time. Treme is a brand new show created by David Simon and Eric Overmyer. David Simon created The Wire and Eric Overmyer wrote a couple episodes. Both of them did some work on it and on Homicide: Life on the Street. Eric Overmyer has also done buckets of work on Law & Order. David Simon is also responsible for Generation Kill, starring bad boy 3000-year-old vampire Alexander Skarsgård. (Okay, I’m a fan of the True Blood long form cable drama as well; like that’s a surprise.)

The first episode of Treme did not disappoint. The show is named after a particularly musically important historic neighborhood in New Orleans and the first episode featured appearances by Elvis Costello and New Orleans native Kermit Ruffins, both playing themselves. I’d probably enjoy the show more if New Orleans music resonated with me more, but the general musical lifestyle does resonate, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in New Orleans, I like the food, and I feel like post-Katrina resilience and during-Katrina failures are really important for the USA to examine as a nation. The folks behind this show are not ones to shy away from difficult or important issues. If Treme is anything like The Wire, and I expect it will be, the show will probably demonstrate a full spectrum of viewpoints on problems and solutions. Just one episode in, they’ve already jumped in with both feet on the issues of corruption on government contracts, the economic peculiarities of New Orleans, and . . .

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Happy Mardi Gras (PICS)

Mardi Gras seemed like a good time for the Blue Blood VIP to post a new set Forrest Black and I shot of Hope from Apocalypse Theatre taking off a New Orleans-themed sexy little black number. Whole series in the Blue Blood VIP for members as always.

Nixon Sixx and Tankboy in New Orleans (PICS)

Forrest Black and I shot the sexy Nixon Sixx and Tankboy in New Orleans. Because it was New Orleans, and a hotel chain I stay at whenever I can, we were able to get this awesome jacuzzi suite for less than a regular room most anywhere else. This kind of real life chemistry between real life lovers is something I feel really artistically inspired by. There is a short free gallery you can check out, just to see our photography, and the whole extended update is of course available in the Blue Blood VIP.

Raven Sutherland Models Design by Yolanda (PICS)

I have a fondness for shooting people who do more than just model. Although, of course, being a great conversationalist or whatever doesn’t mean the camera will love a person. It made it extra cool that Yolanda, whose 29th Blue Blood VIP set recently posted, designed the dress for Raven Sutherland to take off in her lucky 13th Blue Blood VIP appearance. [info]forrestblack and I shot this set of Raven, but she has been photographed for Blue Blood by a bunch of photographers, including Chad Michael Ward, and in multiple cities. Forrest Black and I have shot Raven in both New Orleans and Los Angeles. I haven’t been to New Orleans in far too long, now that I think about it.